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Myself Vaid Inder Pal Goel working as an ayurvedacharya and lifestyle expert in patiala.I start ayurvedic practice in 2002 with RASHTRIYA AYURVED VIDYAPEETH as an ayurveda research scholar after this work with GAYATRI SHAKTEEPEETH SHANTIKUNJ HARIDWAR,since 2004to 2015 work with PATANJALI YOGPEETHARIDWAR as ayurvedic physician .From2015 to 2017 as NADI VAID with SRI SRI AYURVEDA TRUST BENGALORE.At present I am working an ayurvedacharya and lifestyle expert in patial with N.Y.A CHAITANYA AYURVEDASHALA.Here we treat OBESITY,HYPERTENSION ,DIABETES ,FATTY LIVER,PILES,URIC ACID ,SEXUAL DISEASE,JOINT PAIN, DEPRESSION ,with ayurveda ,Yoga ,Naturopathy.We also treat healthy people to boost them with RASAYAN CHIKITSA.

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BAMS 2001