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Dr. Seema Goel17 Years of Experience

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Location University(Patiala) S.O, Patiala

My name is Dr SEEMA Goel. I live in patiala and runs an ayurvedic clinic with the name of N.Y.A Chaitanya Ayurvedashala. Is this centre we treat people with ayurveda, yoga ,naturopathy and panchkarama. We treat patients specially suffering from Obesity, Hypertension,Dibeties,Urucacid,Jointpain,Sexual Disease,coronary artery disease,kidney disorder,stress ,depression .As in modern world the immunity of people is very bad condition due to lifestyle . BEFORE THIS I W9RK WITH AYURVEDIC PHYSICIAN WITH GAYATRI SHAKTEEPEWTH SHANTI KUNJ HARIDWAR , I ALSO WORKED WITH PATANJALI YOGPEETH HARIDWAR . IN 2016 I WORK FOR A PANCHKARMA PROJECT IN ARYA VAIDAYASHALA KOTTAKAL . .


BAMS 2001