Blood pressure is defined as the force exerted by circulating blood on arterial walls. Blood pressure levels of 120/80 mmHg are considered to be normal. Long-standing blood pressure of more than 140/90 mmHg is considered as high blood pressure and is injurious to the vital organs such as kidneys, brain, and heat stress, lack of exercise, obesity, cigarette smoking, excessive intake of salt and excess of alcohol are the commonly observed causes of high blood pressure.

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Some of the symptoms of high blood pressure include headache, vision problems, bleeding from nose, and difficulty in breathing. Treatment is essential to manage blood pressure levels and prevent sudden changes in blood pressure in order to avoid damage to the vital body organs.

Homeopathic medicine is selected on the basis of individual symptoms, lifestyle and dietary habits. It not only helps in keeping the blood pressure stable but also prevents fluctuations in the blood pressure. It also helps in reducing stress which is the most common cause of high blood pressure.

Common medicines used to treat high blood pressure in homoeopathy include rauwolfia, phosphorus, Crataegus, belladonna, and aurum met.  A homoeopathic physician will select the most appropriate remedy for you based on the severity of the disease, your specific symptoms and the underlying miasmatic tendency.

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Doctors for Homeopathic medicine, treatment and remedies for High Blood Pressure

A qualified homoeopathic physician treats high blood pressure effectively with medicine that is selected on the basis of characteristic symptoms of the patient and the common symptoms of the condition. Such medicine is called constitutional medicine and is decided after taking a detailed history of symptoms, physical examination and various diagnostic tests. Few homeopathic medicines that are commonly used to treat high blood pressure include baryta muriaticum, Glonoine, aurum metallicum, Viscum album, Crataegus, Lachesis, natrum muriaticum, veratrum album, Belladonna, Arsenicum album, and phosphorus.

  • Baryta Muriaticum
    Common name: Barium chloride
    Symptoms: This remedy is helpful for high blood pressure resulting from narrowed arteries occurring due to cholesterol deposits (atherosclerosis).Persons who benefit from this remedy generally exhibit the following symptoms:
    • High systolic pressure (upper value) in comparison to the diastolic pressure (lower value).
    • Associated symptoms of the head such as headache, heaviness in head, dizziness, etc.
    • This remedy is generally more useful for older people suffering from hypertension.
  • Glonoine
    Common name: Nitroglycerine or Spirits of Glycerinus Nitrates
    Symptoms: This remedy is suitable to persons who report symptoms such as:
    • Sudden increase in blood pressure resulting in a severe headache with throbbing of blood vessels in the head that are visible to the naked eye.
    • Throbbing sensation all over the body.
    • Rush of blood towards the head with a feeling as if the brain is full of blood.
    • Pain in the head which gets aggravated while lying down on the pillow and due to heat. Slightest movement increases headache significantly.
    • Experiencing complaints resulting from sunstroke
    • Headache which causes confusion with a tendency to forget familiar places
    • Such people feel better by uncovering their head and after taking brandy.
  • Viscum Album
    Common name: Mistletoe
    Symptoms: This homoeopathic medicine is used to treat high blood pressure resulting from thickening of the muscles of heart (hypertrophy of heart) and defect in the valves of heart. Individuals who experience the following symptoms:
    • Difficulty in breathing, especially while sleeping on the left side, and during movements.
    • A sensation of weight in the region of heart. 
    • Swelling over the legs.
  • Belladonna
    Common Name: Deadly nightshade
    Symptoms: High blood pressure associated intense throbbing of blood vessels in the neck (carotids) can be treated with this remedy. Patients that benefit from this remedy have the following symptoms:
    • A red and flushed face and eyes.
    • Severe throbbing headache which increases with the slightest movement, from light, lying down, and exertion
    • Improvement in symptoms is observed by applying pressure to the head (tight bandaging), and while sitting or standing.
  • Aurum Metalliicum
    Common name: Metallic gold
    Symptoms: This is a homoeopathic medicine for high blood pressure resulting from damage to the arterial walls causing narrowing of the passage for blood flow. This makes the pulse weak, rapid and irregular. This remedy is suitable for patients who experience symptoms such as:
    • Pain in the chest while lying down at night.
    • A sensation as if the heart stopped beating and then started beating suddenly with a hard blow.  
    • Severe pain in head at night that sometimes radiates towards the face. Occasionally, the throbbing of blood vessels is visible in temples and neck.  
    • Congestion in the head which increases after exertion.
    • These people generally feel better with warmth.
    • Usually over-sensitive and depressed with a desire to commit suicide.
  • Crataegus
    Common name: Hawthorn Berries
    Symptoms: This remedy is indicated in cases of high blood pressure resulting from irregular beating of heart. The pulse of the patient is fast and irregular. Patients who are advised this remedy also have other symptoms, which include:
    • Severe weakness and a weak pulse with weak functioning of heart.
    • Weakness with the slightest exertion, which leads to difficulty in breathing.
    • Pain in the left side of the chest and sometimes at the backside of the head.
    • Swelling and chilly feeling all over the body.
    • Improvement is noted on exposure to fresh air, after taking rest and by staying calm, while anxiety and excitement worsen the symptoms.
  • Phosphorus
    Common name: Phosphorus
    Symptoms: This remedy is useful in the treatment of high blood pressure occurring due to fat deposition in the heart. This medicine helps in remedying patients with the following symptoms:
    • A long-standing headache resulting from chronic high blood pressure.
    • Sudden increase in blood pressure which results in bleeding from the nose.
    • Damage to the blood vessels of eye (retina) due to long-standing hypertension.
    • Increased sensitivity to the surrounding environment such as lightning, thunderstorm, emotional stress, etc.
    • Frequent desire to drink aerated drinks.
    • Aggravation of symptoms from exertion like climbing stairs, mental stress, lying on left side, and thunderstorms. Rest, lying on the right side, and open air. bring general improvement in symptoms.
  • Natrum Muriaticum
    Common name: Common salt
    Symptoms: Headache due to high blood pressure is the chief indication of this remedy. It is a severe throbbing headache with sensation as if thousand hammers are hitting in the head. Along with this, the remedy is suitable for patients who have the following associated symptoms:
    • An increased heartbeat with an irregular pulse. Heart beats are extremely severe and they cause shaking of the entire body.
    • Anaemia
    • A strong desire for salt.
    • Tongue coated white in the shape resembling a map.
    • Extreme sensitivity, high sense of responsibility towards one’s duties, being offended easily and a feeling of depression or sadness.

All the symptoms are aggravated from exposure to sun, warmth, lying down and noise. Open air, skipping meals, application of pressure and lying on the right side gives relief.

  • Arsenicum Album
    Common name: White oxide of arsenic
    Symptoms: Arsenic album is useful in the treatment of high blood pressure resulting from chronic mental stress, anxiety and worries. Other associated symptoms for this remedy include:
    • Excessive fear, anxiety and depression.
    • Extreme restlessness of mind to the extent that the person cannot rest in one place
    • Panic attacks, especially at night.
    • Pain in the head witha burning sensation and excessive restlessness.
    • Extreme weakness with an inability to move in a degree significantly higher than the severity of the disease.
    • The habit of tobacco chewing and drinking alcohol.
    • A desire to drink cold water in small frequent sips.
    • Aggravation from heat, lying down (due fear of suffocation and death), cold food and drinks. Heat gives general relief except in the headache, which is better with cold application for some time.

Some of the other homeopathic medicines include rauwolfia serpentina, amyl nitrosum, passiflora , veratrum viride, etc.

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In homoeopathy, medicines that are used for the treatment of high blood pressure are administered in very minute doses. The action of these minute doses is prone to get disturbed with different substances like camphor, medicinal herbs or dietary habits. Hence it is necessary to follow certain dietary and lifestyle modifications for an effective treatment.


  • Engage in activities like reading or listening to music that keep the mind calm and peaceful.
  • Involve in regular moderate exercises in fresh air such as walking, etc.
  • Consume a healthy nutritious diet that is free from medicinal elements and preservatives. (Read more: Balanced diet benefits)


  • Avoid substances such as coffee, drinks made from medicinal herbs and spices, strong beer, strongly flavoured water, etc.
  • Avoid highly spiced food items, sauces, raw vegetable soup with medicinal properties, stale vegetables and meat.
  • Avoid excessive intake of food, sugar, salt and alcohol.
  • Avoid strong perfumes, and room fresheners
  • Avoid inactivity, living in closed and humid places
  • Avoid overexertion of mind and body.

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Homoeopathy is a system of medicine based on the Law of Similars, which means, a substance that has the ability to produce symptoms in a healthy human being can cure similar symptoms in a sick person. Minute to very small doses of homoeopathic medicines can help in treating high blood pressure without producing any unnecessary symptoms or side effects. 

While treating high blood pressure, a qualified homoeopathic practitioner selects the remedy based on the miasm along with the symptoms of the condition. According to homoeopathy, high blood pressure occurs due to chronic mental stress, anxiety, anger, and increased salt intake (psora miasm). Obesity, lack of exercise, increased cholesterol or tumours of the adrenal gland (sychotic miasm) are also common risk factors of high blood pressure. In extreme conditions, high blood pressure causes damage to vital organs such as eyes, kidneys, brain, etc. (syphilitic miasm).

Homoeopathic medicines assist in reducing and maintaining stable blood pressure and establishing improvement in general health. They also help in reducing the dosage of conventional medicine and preventing damage to vital organs.

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Since homoeopathic medicines used for treating high blood pressure are in very small doses, there are rarely any risks or side effects associated with them. Nonetheless, the intensity of action of these medicines is enough to promote healing.

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Homoeopathy is a safe, gentle and an effective way of treating high blood pressure. When used along with conventional blood pressure lowering medicines, homoeopathic medicines help in stabilising and preventing frequent variations in blood pressure levels.

Though there are no side effects associated with homoeopathic medicines, it is essential to take them under the strict supervision of a qualified homoeopathic physician. A homoeopathic physician carefully selects the dose that is best suited for you and which helps in preventing undesired symptoms.

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