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What is iron deficiency?

The iron levels in the body are usually within the normal range of 13.5 to 17.5 g/dL of blood for men and 12.0 to 15.5 g/dL for women. Below these levels, a person is said to have iron deficiency. Apart from its other functions, iron forms a major component of haemoglobin in the blood.

What are its main signs and symptoms?

Iron deficiency often presents as:

  • Anaemia due to low haemoglobin and as the blood cells can be malformed due to iron deficiency
  • Fatigue and tiredness
  • Lowered immunity, making the person susceptible to infections
  • Pale skin
  • Hair loss
  • Red, inflamed tongue

What are its main causes?

One of the major causes of iron deficiency is malabsorption of iron. Iron is usually lacking in the diet of vegans and vegetarians. Calcium can interfere with iron absorption as well; therefore, iron-rich food must not be taken with milk or milk products. Certain conditions require a greater amount of iron intake, for example, pregnancy. Any trauma or surgery that results in blood loss in large amounts may leave a person iron deficient. Thus iron deficiency can also be observed in women after childbirth. Menstrual blood loss is another factor that contributes to the high prevalence of iron deficiency in women.

How is it diagnosed and treated?

Diagnosis of iron deficiency begins with a clinical examination. A blood examination and haemoglobin and haematocrit testing are usually enough for diagnosing iron deficiency. Treatment includes iron supplementation and intake of iron-rich foods. Iron tablets are available as over-the-counter drugs; however, a person should be careful while taking them as they may lead to constipation. Avoid taking iron supplements with milk as it can hamper the absorption of iron. If iron deficiency is caused due to severe blood loss, a blood transfusion may be required.

  1. Medicines for Iron Deficiency
  2. Doctors for Iron Deficiency
Dr. B.P Yadav

Dr. B.P Yadav

एंडोक्राइन ग्रंथियों और होर्मोनेस सम्बन्धी विज्ञान

Dr. Vineet Saboo

Dr. Vineet Saboo

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एंडोक्राइन ग्रंथियों और होर्मोनेस सम्बन्धी विज्ञान

Medicines for Iron Deficiency

Medicines listed below are available for Iron Deficiency. Please note that you should not take any medicines without doctor consultation. Taking any medicine without doctor's consultation can cause serious problems.

Medicine NamePack SizePrice (Rs.)
DocoferDocofer 20 Mg Injection235.0
Elferri SElferri S 20 Mg Injection250.0
EncicarbEncicarb 100 Mg Injection387.0
EnciferEncifer 100 Mg Injection261.0
Hb 29Hb 29 100 Mg Injection195.0
Orofer FcmOrofer Fcm 50 Mg/Ml Injection2225.0
FerogenFerogen 20 Mg Injection250.0
Gefer InjectionGefer Forte Injection266.0
BioferBiofer S 100 Injection249.0
Rubired SRubired S 100 Mg Injection218.0
FemiupFemiup Xt 100 Mg Injection195.23
FeroniaFeronia 100 Mg Injection261.8
HaemadayHaemaday 100 Mg Injection249.0
IkeyIkey 100 Mg Injection179.0
IvcrosIvcros 100 Mg Injection280.0
OvercomOvercom 100 Mg Injection260.03
RoseusRoseus 100 Mg Injection249.0
SufecientSufecient 20 Mg Injection251.25
ZemciferZemcifer 100 Mg Injection264.0
Anofer SAnofer S 100 Mg Injection260.0
Ferikind SFerikind S 100 Mg Injection242.0
FeriseFerise 2.5 Mg Injection116.18
FerixymFerixym 100 Mg Injection323.81
Feroluv SFeroluv S Injection 20 Mg163.61
Ferri D InjectionFerri D 100 Mg Injection169.0
FerriFerri 100 Mg Injection261.8
Herfem SHerfem S 100 Mg Injection276.0
Imferon SImferon S Injection 20 Mg230.26
Irozorb SIrozorb S 50 Mg Injection218.5
IsoferIsofer 100 Mg Injection2900.0
LivogenLivogen 5 Ml Injection1309.0
MicroferMicrofer 100 Mg Injection325.0
NexironNexiron 100 Mg Injection274.5
R.B ToneR.B Tone 100 Mg Injection235.0
RoselinaRoselina 100 Mg Injection275.0
SuezSuez 20 Mg/Ml Injection238.31
FejetFejet 20 Mg Injection40.0
FerizestFerizest 100 Mg Injection199.65
Haem UpHaem Up 20 Mg Injection273.9
ImferonImferon 50 Mg Injection33.75
Haem Up FastHaem Up Fast Tablet81.5
Iron + Folic Acid SyrupIron + Folic Acid Syrup28.97
Zifol XtZifol Xt Suspension136.5

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