It is often believed that women should not consume alcohol. This may affect their fertility. They may find it difficult to get pregnant and even if they do get pregnant, they have to face many problems during pregnancy. On the other hand, if men are talked about, then less is talked about in this regard while drinking alcohol can also affect the fertility of men.

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Today in this article, you will know how drinking alcohol affects the fertility of men -

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According to research, drinking alcohol harms the sperm quality of men. Come, let us know in detail about this -

Low testosterone

Testosterone is a type of male hormone, which is associated with sex drive. It plays an important role in the formation of sperm in men. If a man consumes alcohol, the level of testosterone can decrease, which can lead to low sex drive and low sperm quality.

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Testicular contraction

Consumption of alcohol can compress the testicles of men. This can be considered the main cause of infertility in men. This is because sperm is produced in the testicle itself. Due to the narrowing of the testicles, the process of sperm formation can be interrupted.

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Early or low ejaculations

Consumption of alcohol can cause ejaculation problems in men. Consumption of alcohol can cause early or less ejaculation, due to which it can be difficult for a woman to conceive.

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Changes in sperm shape and movement

Consumption of alcohol can reduce the formation of sperm as well as change the shape and movement of healthy sperm, which is considered a major cause of infertility in men.

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Drinking less or more alcohol can affect the fertility of men in every respect. Due to this, the testosterone level may decrease and there may also be a problem of premature ejaculation. Therefore, if a man wants to become a father, then first he should completely stop the consumption of alcohol and do regular exercise and yoga. If even then the condition does not improve, then the doctor should be contacted and treated.

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