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What is Mania?

Mania is a state in which you feel extremely energetic, physically and mentally, that causes a significant impact on everyday life activities. Mania or a manic episode usually lasts for a week or more and is a severe form of hypomania. It is a symptom usually seen in people with a bipolar disorder, postpartum psychosis, and other such disorders where there are extremes of moods (feeling too high or too low). Mania often alternates with depression in such persons.

The prevalence of bipolar disorder in India was found to be 0.1% with a higher rate of occurrence in men. According to the National Mental Health Survey of India 2015-16, individuals in the age group 40-49 years were reported to have a higher incidence of bipolar disorder.

What are its main associated signs and symptoms?

While having a manic episode you will act or feel:

  • Extremely happy, unable to contain the excitement.
  • Highly energetic.
  • Talk and think very fast.
  • Not to sleep or eat.
  • Easily distracted.
  • Easily irritated and angered.
  • As if you possess special powers.
  • Have a lack of insight.
  • Have thoughts and ideas which do not make sense.

After an episode, you will hardly remember what had happened and feel embarrassed about your actions or words. You will also feel tired and sleepy.

What are the main causes?

The possible causes of mania are:

  • Bipolar disorder.
  • Stress.
  • Genetics.
  • Change in season.
  • Use of certain medicines or alcohol.
  • Abnormality in nerve functioning.
  • An end-stage manifestation of certain disease conditions.
  • Childbirth.
  • Events like loss of a loved one, divorce, violence, abuse, unemployment, financial difficulties.

How is it diagnosed and treated?

Your doctor (psychiatrist) can be a great help in treating mania. He/she will take your medical and personal history to rule out other conditions that can cause mania. History taking will also help to identify any recent tragic events and assess your mental health.

Anti-psychotics are usually prescribed in the management of mania. In the case of bipolar disorder-associated mania, mood stabilisers are given. Regular blood tests are required (or some mood stabiliser medicines) to prevent harmful side effects. Along with the medication, psychotherapy (which helps to identify patterns, encourages living in the present or solves the problems) and support from family and friends can be a great help.

  1. Medicines for Mania

Medicines for Mania

Medicines listed below are available for Mania. Please note that you should not take any medicines without doctor consultation. Taking any medicine without doctor's consultation can cause serious problems.

Medicine NamePack SizePrice (Rs.)
AcodacAcodac 20 Mg Capsule36.0
DawnexDawnex 20 Mg Capsule39.0
FloatinFloatin 10 Mg Tablet30.0
FludacFludac 10 Mg Capsule37.0
FlumodFlumod 10 Mg Capsule26.0
FlumusaFlumusa 20 Mg Tablet39.0
FlunilFlunil 10 Mg Capsule29.0
FluteeFlutee 20 Mg Capsule39.0
ProdepProdep 10 Mg Capsule29.0
VetodepVetodep 20 Mg Capsule40.0
ArkadepArkadep 20 Mg Tablet24.0
BarozacBarozac 10 Mg Capsule28.0
CoolCool 20 Mg Capsule25.0
CozacCozac 20 Mg Capsule27.0
CyclotinCyclotin 10 Mg Tablet27.0
DedepDedep 20 Mg Tablet21.0
DepextineDepextine 20 Mg Capsule21.0
DepnilDepnil 25 Mg Tablet13.0
DimridDimrid 20 Mg Capsule20.0
ElemodElemod 20 Mg Capsule23.0
Estil (Synokem)Estil 20 Mg Tablet117.0
ExidepExidep 20 Mg Tablet54.0
ExitenExiten 20 Mg Tablet38.0
FadepFadep 20 Mg Capsule29.0
FastgenFastgen 20 Mg Tablet27.0
FlameFlame 20 Mg Tablet40.0
Zenith Flonol CapsulesZenith Flonol Capsules 20 mg25.0
FloodFlood 10 Mg Capsule24.0
Flox (Vgr)Flox 60 Mg Capsule35.0
Floxin (Dd Pharma)Floxin 20 Mg Tablet32.0
FloxinFloxin 40 Mg Tablet41.0
FloxiwaveFloxiwave 20 Mg Tablet36.0
Fludep (Cipla)Fludep 20 Mg Capsule35.0
Flugen (La Pharma)Flugen 20 Mg Capsule40.0
Flumusa ForteFlumusa Forte 0.25 Mg Tablet42.0
FlunamFlunam 20 Mg Capsule36.0
FlunatFlunat 10 Mg Capsule33.0
FluonFluon Cream36.0
Fluon (Parry)Fluon Lotion40.0
FluoxFluox 20 Mg Capsule6.0
FluoxetFluoxet 10 Mg Tablet18.0
FlutinFlutin 20 Mg Capsule36.0
FlutineFlutine 10 Mg Capsule36.0
FlutopFlutop 10 Mg Capsule32.0
Flux (Aarpik)Flux 20 Mg Capsule34.0
FluxaterFluxater 20 Mg Capsule25.0
FluzeFluze 20 Mg Capsule38.0
F TinF Tin 10 Mg Tablet29.0
HidacHidac 20 Mg Capsule139.0
InadayInaday 20 Mg Capsule36.0
LauxineLauxine 20 Mg Tablet29.0
LuxetLuxet 20 Mg Tablet30.0
MentolMentol 20 Mg Tablet45.0
NeurozacNeurozac 10 Mg Capsule21.0
NocNoc 10 Mg Capsule14.0
NodepNodep 20 Mg Capsule14.0
OxefilOxefil 20 Mg Capsule23.0
PersonaPersona Capsule10.0
SalidepSalidep 40 Mg Tablet47.0
SerraflamSerraflam 10 Mg Tablet57.0
S.R.B.S.R.B. 20 Mg Tablet30.0
TheoxetinTheoxetin 20 Mg Tablet38.0
TritinTritin 10 Mg Tablet18.0
ZedepZedep 20 Mg Capsule38.0
ZextoZexto 20 Mg Tablet32.0
Zotin (Prescription)Zotin Tablet47.0
DepcureDepcure 20 Mg Capsule29.0
DepzacDepzac 20 Mg Capsule28.0
EndepEndep 20 Mg Capsule1076.0
FaxtinFaxtin 20 Mg Capsule6.0
FlucerFlucer 20 Mg Tablet28.0
Flucon (Lincoln)Flucon 20 Mg Capsule25.0
FludawnFludawn 20 Mg Capsule39.0
FludenFluden Tablet39.0
FlumegFlumeg 20 Mg Tablet26.0
Fluoxetine 20 Mg CapsuleFluoxetine 20 Mg Capsule7.0
FluronFluron 20 Mg Tablet48.0
FluxozamFluxozam Tablet35.0
FluzinFluzin 20 Mg Capsule5.0
Fluz OdFluz Od Tablet4.0
FudisFudis 20 Mg Capsule8.0
GrilocGriloc 20 Mg Capsule29.0
NuzacNuzac 20 Mg Capsule20.0
Platin (Wockhardt)Platin 20 Mg Capsule52.0
Prodep LaProdep La 90 Mg Tablet59.0
PronilPronil 20 Mg Capsule4.0
SerodepSerodep 20 Mg Capsule21.0
TrizacTrizac 20 Mg Capsule68.0
AdequetAdequet 100 Mg Tablet52.0
Q MindQ Mind 100 Mg Tablet65.0
Q PinQ Pin 100 Mg Tablet Sr65.0
QuelQuel 100 Mg Tablet63.0
QuserQuser 50 Mg Tablet49.0
Quser (Icon)Quser 25 Mg Tablet39.0
Quser XlQuser Xl 100 Mg Tablet67.0
QutanQutan 100 Mg Tablet71.0
QutipinQutipin 100 Mg Tablet73.0
SocalmSocalm 100 Mg Tablet59.0
AquitiAquiti 100 Mg Tablet Sr69.0
PsynilPsynil 100 Mg Tablet57.0
PsyquitPsyquit 200 Mg Tablet90.0
QpenQpen 100 Mg Tablet54.0
Q SizQ Siz 100 Mg Tablet68.0
QtaQta 100 Mg Tablet Sr80.0
QtripilQtripil 100 Mg Tablet54.0
QtriprilQtripril 200 Mg Tablet59.0
QuetiaQuetia 100 Mg Tablet Sr55.0
QuetigressQuetigress 100 Mg Tablet59.0
Quetigress SrQuetigress Sr 200 Mg Tablet116.0
QuitalQuital 100 Mg Tablet56.0
QupexQupex 100 Mg Tablet52.0
QupinQupin 100 Mg Tablet71.0
QutaceQutace 100 Mg Tablet56.0
QuticadQuticad 100 Mg Tablet Sr50.0
QuticoolQuticool 100 Mg Tablet54.0
QutinQutin 100 Mg Tablet56.0
QutiwelQutiwel 100 Mg Tablet Sr59.0
QwebQweb 50 Mg Tablet23.0
SeropaxSeropax 100 Mg Tablet62.0
SeropinSeropin 100 Mg Tablet Sr60.0
SeroquinSeroquin 200 Mg Tablet86.0
PlacidinPlacidin 25 Mg Tablet22.0
QtQt 100 Mg Tablet45.0
ArifineArifine 15 Mg Tablet106.0
AriphrenzAriphrenz 10 Mg Tablet87.0
AripicadAripicad 10 Mg Tablet65.0
Arip MtArip Mt 10 Mg Tablet96.0
ArpitArpit 10 Mg Tablet76.0
ArpizolArpizol 10 Mg Tablet95.0
ArzuArzu 10 Mg Tablet98.0
AspritoAsprito 10 Mg Tablet101.0
NuletNulet 10 Mg Tablet76.0
RizotalRizotal 10 Mg Tablet71.0
ApizApiz 10 Mg Tablet53.0
Apz(D.D Pharma)Apz 10 Mg Tablet70.0
ArerepArerep 10 Mg Tablet62.0
AriaAria 10 Mg Tablet58.0
AridusAridus 10 Mg Tablet66.0
ArifrilArifril 10 Mg Tablet80.0
ArijoyArijoy 10 Mg Tablet110.0
ArimeltArimelt 15 Mg Tablet72.0
AripArip 5 Mg Tablet47.0
AripraAripra 10 Mg Tablet57.0
Aripra MtAripra Mt 10 Mg Tablet60.0
ArzaArza 10 Mg Tablet55.0
Asprito MtAsprito Mt 10 Mg Tablet65.0
BilifBilif 10 Mg Tablet57.0
Pipra APipra A 10 Mg Tablet61.0
Real OneReal One 10 Mg Tablet59.0
RpzRpz 20 Mg Tablet64.0
SchizopraSchizopra 10 Mg Tablet59.0
ArilanArilan 10 Mg Tablet58.0
ChlorotameChlorotame 100 Mg Tablet18.0
ChlorproChlorpro 100 Mg Tablet7.0
Cpz (A.N.Pharmacia)Cpz 10 Mg Tablet5.0
Cpz (Sun)Cpz 200 Mg Tablet9.0
ProzineProzine 100 Mg Tablet6.0
RelitilRelitil 100 Mg Tablet6.0
Sun PrazinSun Prazin 100 Mg Tablet6.0
TalentilTalentil 100 Mg Tablet13.0
TrytilTrytil 25 Mg Tablet2.0
ZinetilZinetil 100 Mg Tablet6.0
ChloproChlopro 100 Mg Tablet6.0
ChloropamazineChloropamazine 100 Mg Tablet6.0
Chlorpromazine (Sun Pharma)Chlorpromazine 100 Mg Tablet7.0
ClozineClozine 50 Mg Tablet3.0
EmetilEmetil 100 Mg Tablet7.0
LargactilLargactil 10 Mg Tablet1.0
Chlorpromazine Hcl (Medo)Chlorpromazine Hcl Injection4.0
SalichlorSalichlor Injection3.0
DepakoteDepakote 1000 Mg Tablet135.0
DesvalDesval 1000 Mg Tablet Er142.0
DicorateDicorate 1000 Mg Tablet Er140.0
DiproexDiproex 125 Mg Tablet80.0
DivaaDivaa 125 Mg Tablet29.0
TikoprexTikoprex 1000 Mg Tablet116.0
TrendTrend 250 Mg Tablet86.0
ValanceValance 125 Mg Tablet25.0
Valkem OdValkem Od 250 Mg Tablet61.0
AnteleptinAnteleptin 500 Mg Tablet95.0
Dilpra OdDilpra Od 1000 Mg Tablet118.0
DiprateDiprate Od 1000 Mg Tablet110.0
Dipro (Dd Pharma)Dipro 1000 Mg Tablet97.0
Dipro OdDipro Od 250 Mg Tablet57.0
DirestaDiresta 250 Mg Tablet44.0
DiscernDiscern 125 Mg Tablet89.0
DivacidDivacid 250 Mg Tablet Er58.0
Divacon (Maf)Divacon 125 Mg Tablet20.0
DivakonDivakon 500 Mg Tablet74.0
DivalcadDivalcad 250 Mg Tablet Er52.0
DivalepDivalep 250 Mg Tablet Er38.0
DivalexDivalex Od 1000 Mg Capsule120.0
DivalgressDivalgress 1000 Mg Tablet113.0
DivalidDivalid 1000 Mg Tablet Er100.0
DivalinDivalin 750 Mg Tablet120.0
DivalopDivalop 250 Mg Tablet38.0
DivaloxDivalox 1000 Mg Tablet Er114.0
Divalox DrDivalox Dr 1000 Mg Tablet96.0
DivalpridDivalprid Od 100 Mg Tablet43.0
DivalproDivalpro 250 Mg Tablet63.0
Di ValpDi Valp Valp 1000 Mg Tablet131.0
DivalrateDivalrate 125 Mg Tablet Er22.0
DivaltecDivaltec 250 Mg Tablet Er42.0
DivaxeeDivaxee Od 250 Mg Tablet49.0
DivellaDivella 250 Mg Tablet Er40.0
Divotek DrDivotek Dr 250 Mg Tablet45.0
DivoxDivox 1000 Mg Tablet16.0
DixvalDixval 250 Mg Tablet40.0
DvalDval 250 Mg Tablet36.0
MedovalMedoval 250 Mg Tablet62.0
ProvalProval 1000 Mg Tablet Er68.0
ProvalexProvalex 250 Er Tablet52.0
SeizpressSeizpress 250 Mg Tablet Er38.0
Soval DvxSoval Dvx 1000 Mg Tablet80.0
Spikalon DvSpikalon Dv 250 Mg Tablet Er72.0
TrivalTrival Cr 100 Mg Tablet29.0
Trival CrTrival Cr 500 Mg Tablet115.0
ValexValex 1000 Mg Tablet Er118.0
ValpValp 250 Mg Tablet Er58.0
Valrope ChronoValrope Chrono 200 Mg Tablet36.0
Vat Cr (Pulse)Vat Cr 200 Mg Tablet25.0
DevotDevot 500 Mg Tablet Xl75.0
DilpraDilpra 250 Mg Tablet44.0
DiporexDiporex Er 250 Mg Tablet54.0
DisorateDisorate 500 Mg Tablet72.0
Genval OdGenval Od 250 Mg Tablet45.0
TrudivalTrudival 500 Mg Tablet95.0
Valpret CrValpret Cr 500 Mg Tablet599.0
RespidonRespidon 1 Mg Tablet19.0
RisconRiscon 1 Mg Tablet27.0
RisdoneRisdone 1 Mg Liquid112.0
Risdone MtRisdone Mt 0.5 Mg Tablet18.0
RisniaRisnia 1 Mg Syrup112.0
Risnia MdRisnia Md 1 Mg Tablet14.0
RisperdalRisperdal 1 Tablet29.0
Risperdal Consta(J&Amp;J)Risperdal Consta 25 Mg Injection4690.0
RispondRispond 1 Mg Tablet29.0
SizodonSizodon 1 Mg Tablet26.0
DonDon 1 Mg Tablet24.0
EaurisEauris 1 Mg Tablet13.0
ImitabImitab 25 Mg Tablet10.0
PeridonPeridon 1 Mg Tablet17.0
PsydonPsydon 1 Mg Tablet9.0
PsyoridPsyorid 1 Mg Tablet24.0
RegraceRegrace 1 Mg Tablet18.0
RelivonRelivon 1 Mg Tablet9.0
RepadoneRepadone 1 Mg Tablet23.0
RepidRepid Forte 1 Mg Tablet28.0
Respin LsRespin Ls 2 Mg Tablet28.0
ResqueResque 1 Mg Tablet15.0
Restek PlusRestek Plus Tablet33.0
RestonormRestonorm 0.5 Mg Tablet9.0
RiRi 2 Mg Tablet20.0
RidonRidon 1 Mg Tablet274.0
RidoneRidone 1 Mg Tablet21.0
RionRion 1 Mg Tablet9.0
RisRis 2 Mg Tablet29.0
RiscalmRiscalm 1 Mg Tablet16.0
RischroRischro 1 Mg Tablet23.0
RiscureRiscure 1 Tablet21.0
RisollaRisolla 2 Mg Tablet20.0
RispRisp 1 Mg Tablet19.0
RispibelRispibel 1 Mg Tablet11.0
RistabRistab 1 Mg Tabcap9.0
RiswelRiswel 2 Mg Tablet21.0
Riswel MdRiswel Md 0.5 Mg Tablet18.0
RospitrilRospitril 0.5 Mg Tablet18.0
RpnRpn 2 Mg Tablet20.0
SizomaxSizomax 2 Mg Tablet24.0
Speridon(Mkl)Speridon 1 Mg Tablet24.0
SperidonSperidon 3 Mg Tablet44.0
SycodoneSycodone 1 Mg Tablet7.0
ZepidZepid 1 Mg Tablet11.0
ZesperZesper 20 Mg Tablet44.0
ZisperZisper 1 Mg Tablet Md16.0
GenrestGenrest 2 Mg Tablet35.0
RespikRespik 2 Mg Tablet19.0
Respik PlusRespik Plus 2 Tablet22.0
Resque LsResque Ls Tablet46.0
RisdoviaRisdovia 1 Mg Tablet80.0
RisperRisper 3 Mg Tablet33.0
RistopRistop Tablet30.0
Ristop PlusRistop Plus Tablet41.0
RiszesRiszes 1 Mg Tablet13.0
RozidalRozidal 1 Mg Tablet11.0
IntalithIntalith 300 Mg Tablet15.0
LicabLicab 300 Mg Tablet15.0
LithexLithex 300 Mg Tablet16.0
LithicLithic 300 Mg Tablet14.0
LithocentLithocent 300 Mg Tablet20.0
LitholentLitholent 300 Mg Tablet15.0
LithonexLithonex 300 Mg Tablet14.0
LithosunLithosun 250 Mg Tablet144.0
ManicarbManicarb 300 Mg Tablet18.0
UnicarbUnicarb 150 Mg Injection1485.0
CarbolithCarbolith 300 Mg Tablet11.0
ElcabElcab 300 Mg Tablet14.0
Hethium (Mkp)Hethium 400 Mg Tablet24.0
LalithiumLalithium 300 Mg Tablet9.0
LiLi 450 Mg Tablet Sr30.0
LisaltLisalt 300 Mg Tablet17.0
LitcaLitca 300 Mg Tablet16.0
LithicabLithicab 300 Mg Tablet16.0
LithochikLithochik 300 Mg Tablet14.0
Litholite (Dig)Litholite 300 Mg Tablet11.0
LithonLithon 300 Mg Tablet9.0
LithopikLithopik 300 Mg Tablet18.0
LithorilLithoril 300 Mg Tablet14.0
LithowelLithowel Cr 450 Mg Tablet22.0
LithoxLithox 300 Mg Tablet10.0
LitmanLitman Sr 400 Mg Tablet25.0
MonolithMonolith 300 Mg Tablet12.0
MovalithMovalith 400 Mg Tablet31.0
OlithOlith 300 Mg Tablet13.0
T LithT Lith 300 Mg Tablet15.0
T Lith CrT Lith Cr 450 Mg Tablet23.0
TricabTricab 300 Mg Tablet15.0
TrilithTrilith 300 Mg Tablet11.0
Trilith (Ttn)Trilith 450 Mg Tablet28.0
Zecarb SrZecarb Sr 450 Mg Tablet17.0
AlkalithAlkalith 450 Mg Tablet Cr16.0
ZecarbZecarb 300 Mg Tablet10.0
Invega SustennaInvega Sustenna 100 Mg Injection10300.0
PalicalmPalicalm Er 3 Mg Tablet39.05
Palica OdPalica Od 3 Mg Tablet48.0
Palido OdPalido Od 1.5 Mg Tablet33.5
PalipPalip 1.5 Mg Tablet Xr31.5
PalirisPaliris 3 Mg Tablet70.0
PalivegaPalivega 3 Mg Tablet34.52
PsycodonPsycodon 3 Mg Tablet34.32
MacorateMacorate 200 Mg Tablet Cr49.0
MagvalMagval 500 Mg Tablet Cr67.62
AlbumedAlbumed Infusion2200.0
AminofusionAminofusion Infusion138.63
AminosterilAminosteril Infusion689.0
Aminoven InfantAminoven Infant Infusion460.0
AminowelAminowel Infusion359.52
KanzominKanzomin Infusion836.5
BlonitasBlonitas 2 Mg Tablet42.0
EliciaElicia 2 Mg Tablet42.2
AsenaptAsenapt 10 Mg Tablet89.0
WelenufWelenuf 10 Mg Tablet85.0
TiaprexTiaprex 100 Mg Tablet82.0
AflusAflus 0.25 Mg/20 Mg Tablet27.66
Alzonex PlusAlzonex Plus 0.25 Mg/20 Mg Tablet45.0
ElefluEleflu 0.25 Mg/20 Mg Tablet31.2
ElfluElflu 0.25 Mg/20 Mg Tablet28.01
Exiten PlusExiten Plus 0.25 Mg/20 Mg Tablet50.8
F &Amp; AF &Amp; A 0.25 Mg/20 Mg Tablet42.0
FluwelFluwel 0.25 Mg/20 Mg Tablet57.27
TizadepTizadep 0.25 Mg/20 Mg Tablet40.0
Zedep AZedep A 0.25 Mg/20 Mg Tablet39.9
Zexto PlusZexto Plus 0.25 Mg/20 Mg Tablet35.23
Zomark FxZomark Fx 0.25 Mg/20 Mg Tablet38.0
AnxifluAnxiflu 0.25 Mg/20 Mg Tablet47.87
Cnl PlusCnl Plus 0.25 Mg/20 Mg Tablet42.5
Daycalm FDaycalm F 0.25 Mg/20 Mg Tablet25.61
Faa PlusFaa Plus 0.25 Mg/20 Mg Tablet68.57
Fax AFax A Tablet30.0
Floxin PlusFloxin Plus Tablet40.96
Flutax AlFlutax Al Tablet45.0
FluzolamFluzolam 0.25 Mg/20 Mg Tablet29.8
Relax FRelax F Tablet47.0
Restin FRestin F 0.25 Mg/10 Mg Tablet65.0
ChlordylChlordyl 100 Mg/2 Mg Tablet0.0
Chlorotame ForteChlorotame Forte Tablet0.0
Clozine PlusClozine Plus 100 Mg/2 Mg Tablet0.0
Emetil PlusEmetil Plus 100 Mg/2 Mg Tablet0.0
Promexy HfPromexy Hf 50 Mg/2 Mg Tablet0.0
Prozine PlusProzine Plus 100 Mg/2 Mg Tablet0.0
Quietal PlusQuietal Plus 100 Mg/2 Mg Tablet23.21
Relitil ForteRelitil Forte 200 Mg/2 Mg Tablet0.0
Relitil PlusRelitil Plus 100 Mg/2 Mg Tablet0.0
Talentil PlusTalentil Plus 100 Mg/2 Mg Tablet0.0
Talentil TTalentil T 100 Mg/2 Mg Tablet0.0
Trichlor PlusTrichlor Plus 100 Mg/2 Mg Tablet0.0
Chlordyl HChlordyl H 50 Mg/2 Mg Tablet12.0
Clozine ForteClozine Forte 200 Mg/2 Mg Tablet65.68
Normazine ForteNormazine Forte 200 Mg/2 Mg Tablet33.33
Normazine HNormazine H 50 Mg/2 Mg Tablet13.45
Normazine PlusNormazine Plus 50 Mg/2 Mg Tablet21.86
Talentil ForteTalentil Forte 200 Mg/2 Mg Tablet31.2
ChlorfluhexChlorfluhex 50 Mg/2 Mg/5 Mg Tablet24.0
Egret PlusEgret Plus 50 Mg/2 Mg/5 Mg Tablet26.0
Lacalm ForteLacalm Forte 50 Mg/2 Mg/5 Mg Tablet20.3
Psycolam FortePsycolam Forte Tablet13.75
Reliclam SfReliclam Sf 50 Mg/2 Mg/5 Mg Tablet8.55
Schizonil FSchizonil F 50 Mg/2 Mg/5 Mg Tablet6.4
SerSer Tablet11.22
Syco ForteSyco Forte 50 Mg/2 Mg/5 Mg Tablet19.9
Trinex CTrinex C Tablet26.75
Trycalm ForteTrycalm Forte 50 Mg/2 Mg/5 Mg Tablet19.25
Trycalm SfTrycalm Sf 25 Mg/2 Mg/5 Mg Tablet19.23
Manocalm ForteManocalm Forte 50 Mg/2 Mg/5 Mg Tablet4.65
Normacalm ForteNormacalm Forte 50 Mg/2 Mg/5 Mg Tablet3.9
Psyzine FortePsyzine Forte 50 Mg/2 Mg/5 Mg Tablet16.0
Relicalm SfRelicalm Sf 50 Mg/2 Mg/5 Mg Tablet8.55
Reliclam ForteReliclam Forte 25 Mg/2 Mg/5 Mg Tablet14.0
Reset ForteReset Forte Tablet16.0
Ser DpSer Dp 50 Mg/2 Mg/5 Mg Tablet70.0
Ser ForteSer Forte 50 Mg/2 Mg/5 Mg Tablet47.68
ShicalmShicalm 50 Mg/2 Mg/5 Mg Tablet9.18
Shicalm ForteShicalm Forte 50 Mg/2 Mg/5 Mg Tablet4.23
Talecalm ForteTalecalm Forte 50 Mg/2 Mg/5 Mg Tablet17.3
Concern FConcern F 5 Mg/20 Mg Tablet50.0
Depten OzDepten Oz 20 Mg/5 Mg Tablet39.87
Elanza PlusElanza Plus Tablet65.0
Kolzep PlusKolzep Plus 5 Mg/20 Mg Tablet48.0
Olaford PlusOlaford Plus 20 Mg/5 Mg Tablet48.0
Olaped PlusOlaped Plus 5 Mg/20 Mg Tablet46.66
Olapin ForteOlapin Forte 10 Mg/20 Mg Tablet82.4
Olapin PlusOlapin Plus 5 Mg/20 Mg Tablet61.0
Olaweb FlOlaweb Fl 5 Mg/20 Mg Tablet39.03
Olet PlusOlet Plus 5 Mg/20 Mg Tablet70.4
Oline ForteOline Forte 10 Mg/20 Mg Tablet65.0
Oline PlusOline Plus 5 Mg/20 Mg Tablet47.62
Olitabs FOlitabs F 5 Mg/20 Mg Tablet45.17
FosteraFostera 20 Mg/10 Mg Tablet82.0
Olanex FOlanex F 20 Mg/5 Mg Tablet89.2
Olanzotic ForteOlanzotic Forte 20 Mg/20 Mg Tablet62.5
Olanzotic PlusOlanzotic Plus 5 Mg/20 Mg Tablet40.21
Oleanz ForteOleanz Forte 20 Mg/10 Mg Tablet119.0
Oleanz PlusOleanz Plus 20 Mg/5 Mg Tablet75.0
Olipar PlusOlipar Plus 20 Mg/5 Mg Tablet75.0
Oltha PlusOltha Plus Tablet67.62
Don ForteDon Forte 4 Mg/2 Mg Tablet50.0
Don LsDon Ls 2 Mg/2 Mg Tablet33.5
Don PlusDon Plus 3 Mg/2 Mg Tablet45.0
RapitryRapitry 3 Mg/2 Mg Tablet26.5
Regrace ForteRegrace Forte 4 Mg/2 Mg Tablet51.7
Regrace LsRegrace Ls 2 Mg/2 Mg Tablet31.0
Regrace PlusRegrace Plus 3 Mg/2 Mg Tablet41.8
Respin ForteRespin Forte 2 Mg/4 Mg Tablet46.66
Respin PlusRespin Plus 2 Mg/3 Mg Tablet40.95
Restek HRestek H 2 Mg/2 Mg Tablet24.77
Restonorm FRestonorm F Tablet38.1
Restonorm LsRestonorm Ls Tablet22.0
Riscon LsRiscon Ls Tablet46.0
Riscure ForteRiscure Forte 4 Mg/2 Mg Tablet56.0
Riscure PlusRiscure Plus 3 Mg/2 Mg Tablet44.0
Risdone ForteRisdone Forte 4 Mg/2 Mg Tablet61.5
Risdone PlusRisdone Plus 3 Mg/2 Mg Tablet46.0
Risen ForteRisen Forte Tablet36.75
Risen PlusRisen Plus Tablet32.58
RisenRisen Tablet14.5
Risnia PlusRisnia Plus 3 Mg/2 Mg Tablet44.5
Risp ForteRisp Forte 4 Mg/2 Mg Tablet33.33
Rispond ForteRispond Forte 4 Mg/2 Mg Tablet52.5
Risp PlusRisp Plus 3 Mg/2 Mg Tablet50.0
Ristab LsRistab Ls 2 Mg/2 Mg Tabcap33.17
Riswel LsRiswel Ls 2 Mg/2 Mg Tablet32.86
Riswel PlusRiswel Plus 3 Mg/2 Mg Tablet43.81
RitexRitex 2 Mg/2 Mg Tablet38.67
RixonRixon Tablet35.0
Riz LsRiz Ls 2 Mg/2 Mg Tablet30.5
Rospitril PlusRospitril Plus 2 Mg/2 Mg Tablet43.0
Roze LsRoze Ls Tablet26.95
Roze PlusRoze Plus Tablet29.83
Sizodon LsSizodon Ls Tablet50.0
Sizodon PlusSizodon Plus Tablet64.0
Sycodone PlusSycodone Plus 3 Mg/2 Mg Tablet36.25
Zisper ForteZisper Forte 4 Mg/2 Mg Tablet Md13.33
Halodone PlusHalodone Plus 2 Mg/2 Mg Tablet40.0
Isodin PlusIsodin Plus Tablet31.2
Peridon PlusPeridon Plus 2 Mg/2 Mg Tablet35.0
PsydylPsydyl 2 Mg/2 Mg Tablet32.0
Psyorid PlusPsyorid Plus 3 Mg/2 Mg Tablet55.0
Relivon PlusRelivon Plus Tablet25.62
Repadone ForteRepadone Forte 4 Mg/2 Mg Tablet54.0
Repadone PlusRepadone Plus 3 Mg/2 Mg Tablet45.0
Repid PlusRepid Plus Tablet23.81
Resque ForteResque Forte 4 Mg/2 Mg Tablet54.38
Resque PlusResque Plus 3 Mg/2 Mg Tablet54.0
Ridone PlusRidone Plus 2 Mg/2 Mg Tablet36.7
Riscalm ForteRiscalm Forte 4 Mg/2 Mg Tablet50.33
Riscalm LsRiscalm Ls 2 Mg/2 Mg Tablet34.95
Riscalm PlusRiscalm Plus 3 Mg/2 Mg Tablet49.4
Rischro PlusRischro Plus Tablet52.28
Riscon ForteRiscon Forte Tablet65.0
Riscon PlusRiscon Plus Tablet59.0
Risdil PlusRisdil Plus Tablet52.0
Risfrenia Plus Md TabletRisfrenia Plus Md Tablet51.42
Risnia ForteRisnia Forte 4 Mg/2 Mg Tablet46.5
Rispibel PlusRispibel Plus 3 Mg/2 Mg Tablet25.96
Rispond PlusRispond Plus 3 Mg/2 Mg Tablet72.5
Ristab PlusRistab Plus 3 Mg/2 Mg Tablet47.4
Riszes ForteRiszes Forte 4 Mg/2 Mg Tablet43.12
Riszes PlusRiszes Plus 3 Mg/2 Mg Tablet40.0
Sizodon ForteSizodon Forte Tablet73.0
Speridon PlusSperidon Plus 3 Mg/2 Mg Tablet45.0
Zepid PlusZepid Plus 3 Mg/2 Mg Tablet36.63

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