Menorrhagia is a condition characterised by excessive menstrual bleeding that lasts for more than seven days. Women with menorrhagia have a heavy menstrual flow and pass large blood clots, which necessitates the change of pads or tampons every two hours. The heavy blood loss may lead to fatigue, tiredness and other health problems like anaemia. Menorrhagia generally occurs due to the following factors:

The commonly experienced symptoms of menorrhagia include:

  • Heavy bleeding during periods that soaks one or more pads or tampons every hour for many consecutive hours
  • Requirement of more than one pad at a time to control the flow
  • Need to change the tampon or pad during the night 
  • Heavy bleeding for more than seven days 
  • Fatigue
  • Lack of energy
  • Breathlessness
  • Heavy bleeding that interferes with the routine 
  • Passage of large blood clots

Conventionally, the condition is treated through medicines, contraceptives and hormone therapy. Surgery is one suggested when all other options fail.

Homeopathic treatment includes the administration of individualised remedies that are given as per the age, health and physical and mental characteristics of a person. Trillium pendulum, stannum metallicum, ferrum phosphoricum, erigeron canadense, crocus sativus, chamomilla, cannabis indica, calcarea carbonica, belladonna, arsenicum album, phosphorus, cimicifuga racemosa, ammonium carbonicum and aletris farinosa are some of the medications that are given for the treatment of menorrhagia.

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The following are some homeopathic remedies that are used for the management of menorrhagia:

  • Trillium Pendulum 
    Common Name:
    White beth-root
    Symptoms: White beth-root is a general remedy used to treat bleeding and prevent blood loss. It can also manage symptoms like faintness and dizziness. The other symptoms managed by this remedy are:
  • Stannum Metallicum
    Common Name:
    Symptoms: It is primarily used to treat paralytic weakness and spasms. It can also treat the following symptoms:
    • Profuse and early periods
    • Vaginal pain that radiates to the spine
    • Weakness 
    • Excessive yellowish or whitish discharge from the vagina
    • Cramp-like pain around the navel

The symptoms worsen while lying on the right side and on drinking warm beverages. Symptoms improve by applying firm pressure on the painful regions and on coughing.

  • Ferrum Phosphoricum
    Common Name:
    Phosphate of iron
    Symptoms: Phosphate of iron is useful in the management of weakness and can manage anaemia by increasing the levels of haemoglobin in the body. It also helps manage the following symptoms:
    • Periods every three weeks
    • Blood loss from any orifice in the body
    • Headache on top of the head
    • Painful vaginal contractions
    • Night sweats due to anaemia
    • Restlessness and sleeplessness

The symptoms worsen by movement, at night and from 4 pm to 6 pm. The symptoms get better by cold applications.

  • Erigeron Canadense 
    Common Name:
    Symptoms: Fleabane is one of the most suitable remedies to treat blood loss from the uterus and bladder. It can also help manage the following symptoms:
    • Prolonged periods with excessive bleeding
    • Profuse yellowish or whitish discharge from the vagina
    • Excessive blood loss after childbirth
    • Weakness of the uterus
    • Abnormal bright red flow from the uterus
    • Bleeding from the vagina even with the slightest movement

The symptoms worsen while lying on the left side.

  • Crocus Sativus 
    Common Name:
    Symptoms: Saffron is useful in treating blood loss. A few other symptoms that can be treated using this remedy are:
    • Frequent, dark, thick, black and slimy menstrual flow
    • Thin, long and thread-like menstrual blood
    • Sudden feeling of coldness in the back
    • Cracking pain in the hip and knee joint

The symptoms worsen in the morning, before breakfast, while lying down, and in hot weather. Symptoms get better in the open air.

  • Chamomilla
    Common Name:
    German chamomile
    Symptoms: German chamomile is primarily used in providing relief from unbearable pain and numbness. It can also be used to manage symptoms like:
    • Pain in the lower back
    • Bleeding from the uterus
    • Labour-like pain
    • Profuse discharge of clotted blood from the vagina
    • Thick yellowish discharge from the vagina

The symptoms worsen at night, in open air, and with heat and emotions like anger. The patient feels better in warm wet weather.

  • Cannabis Indica
    Common Name:
    Symptoms: This homeopathic medicine is useful in the management of the following symptoms:
    • Period pain
    • Profuse menstrual bleeding without clots
    • Backache during periods
    • Sleeplessness
    • Exhaustion after a short walk

The symptoms worsen in the morning, on laying on the right side, consuming coffee, liquor or tobacco. The patient feels better after resting, and on exposure to fresh air.

  • Calcarea Carbonica
    Common Name:
    Carbonate of lime
    Symptoms: Carbonate of lime is an effective remedy in the management of menorrhagia and helps in the management of the following symptoms:
    • Vertigo
    • Headache, abdominal pain and white vaginal discharge before periods
    • Cold, damp feet
    • Cutting pain in the uterus during periods
    • Inability to conceive
    • Early and prolonged periods with profuse bleeding
    • Burning and itching of genitals before and after periods

The symptoms worsen while standing, at high altitudes, from mental and physical exertion, in wet weather and cold in any form. The symptoms get better in a dry climate and by lying on the painful side.

  • Belladonna 
    Common Name: Deadly nightshade
    Symptoms: Deadly nightshade is useful in treating pain and restless sleep. It also helps in the management of the following symptoms:
    • Early periods with excessive bleeding
    • Discharge of mucus and blood from the vagina after delivery
    • Offensive odour in menstrual blood
    • Cutting pain in hips
    • Sudden labour pain

The symptoms worsen in the afternoon, on touching the painful area, and after lying down while they improve when the patient sits in a semi-erect position.

  • Arsenicum Album
    Common Name:
    Arsenious acid
    Symptoms: This remedy acts on every organ of the body and is helpful in relieving burning pains, restlessness and weakness. It also helps relieve the following symptoms:
    • Anaemia
    • Early periods with profuse bleeding
    • Fatigue
    • Weakness, heaviness and uneasiness in the limbs
    • Stitching pain in the pelvis which radiates to the thigh
    • Excessive yellowish or whitish discharge from the vagina

The symptoms worsen after midnight, in wet weather, at the seashore and from cold drinks and food. They get better from warm drinks and heat.

  • Phosphorus
    Common Name:
    Symptoms: Phosphorus is an effective remedy to treat individuals with weakness and sudden shooting pains. It can also help treat:
    • Iron deficiency anaemia
    • Excessive white discharge from the vagina
    • Weeping before periods
    • Early and prolonged periods
    • Burning pain in the back

The symptoms worsen in the evening, on touching the painful area and by physical and mental exertion. Warm foods and drinks, lying on the painful side and climbing stairs also aggravate the symptoms. The patient feels better in the dark, after sleeping, spending some time in open air, lying on the right side, and consumption of cold foods and drinks.

  • Cimicifuga Racemosa 
    Common Name:
    Black snake-root
    Symptoms: Black snake-root is primarily used in treating pain and symptoms associated with the pelvic organs. It can also relieve the following symptoms:
    • Profuse periods
    • Severe backache during periods
    • Irregular periods
    • Pain in the pelvis
    • Pain in the lower abdomen
    • Ovarian pain that radiates upwards and downwards to the thighs
    • Sleeplessness

The symptoms worsen in the morning and with cold. The symptoms get better after eating and with warmth.

  • Ammonium Carbonicum
    Common Name:
    Carbonate of ammonia
    Symptoms: Ammonium carbonicum is an effective remedy for frequent and profuse periods. It can also help treat the following symptoms:
    • Fatigue
    • Watery discharge from the vagina
    • Frequent and profuse periods
    • Abdominal pain
    • Itching, burning and swelling of the external genitals 

The symptoms worsen in the evening, from 3 am to 4 am, and from cold and wet weather. The condition gets better in dry weather and while lying on the painful side or on the stomach.

  • Aletris Farinosa
    Common Name:
    Symptoms: Aletris farinosa is an effective remedy for treating the following symptoms of menorrhagia:
    • Iron deficiency
    • Excessive white discharge from the vagina
    • Weakness
    • Anaemia
    • Early and heavy periods
    • Labour-like pain
    • Muscular pains during pregnancy

To get best results from the treatment, homeopathic physicians advise certain lifestyle and diet modifications along with the medicines. Let's have a look at some of them.


  • Eat nutritious and healthy foods that are compatible with the treatment.
  • Stay in a clean and hygienic environment.
  • Include physical exercise in your daily routine.
  • Maintain personal hygiene.


  • Do not consume foods and drinks which possess medicinal properties.
  • Do not drink beverages containing caffeine and drinks with strong odours.
  • Do not use perfumes with a strong odour.
  • Avoid extreme emotions like anger and grief that may lead to overexertion of mind.
  • Avoid staying in unclean rooms.
  • Avoid all excesses in foods, including excess salt, sugar and spices.

There are many remedies in homeopathy that can be used in the management of menorrhagia. These medicines treat excessive bleeding and its associated symptoms. Many clinical studies and trials have been conducted to evaluate the efficacy and safety of these remedies.

A study was conducted to evaluate the efficacy of homeopathic medicines in 30 women above 35 years with abnormal uterine bleeding without any underlying cause. These women had periods with a gap of less than 21 days, more than seven days of bleeding, more than 80 mL of blood loss during each period or frequent and irregular bleeding between periods. The women were divided into groups, and different remedies were prescribed. It was found that sabina, thalaspi bursa and cimicifuga showed improvement in 90%, 84% and 80% of the participants, respectively, within 72 hours.

However, more studies are still needed to confirm the effects of homeopathic medicines for menorrhagia.

Homeopathic remedies are diluted natural products. The dilution renders them free of side effects but does not affect their medicinal properties. Although safe and effective in a vast population, these remedies should be taken only after consulting a registered homeopathic practitioner. An experienced homeopathic doctor has the best knowledge about the composition of these remedies and will prescribe the most suitable medication based on the symptoms and modalities.

Excessive bleeding during periods and irregular bleeding between periods are concerns that are generally downplayed or neglected. However, menorrhagia can lead to other health problems if not treated on time. In addition, the pain, fatigue, weakness and discomfort associated with excessive bleeding can disrupt a person’s routine and affect her self-confidence. Conventionally, the condition is treated through medications and hormone therapy or surgery. Homeopathic medicines not only help in the management of menorrhagia and its associated symptoms but also helps restore overall health. Every remedy is chosen on the basis of individual symptoms and mental and physical health, hence, it is best to consult a qualified physician before taking any remedy.

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