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What are penis disorders?

Penis is the male copulatory organ, which is part of the male reproductive system. Penis disorders not only cause discomfort and pain, but also, affect a person’s sexual functions and may lead to fertility concerns. Some common penis conditions include erectile dysfunction, balanitis, priapism, Peyronie's disease, and rarely, penile cancer.

What are its main signs and symptoms?

The symptoms correspond to the underlying condition and hence, can be described accordingly.

  • Erectile dysfunction- This is the most common condition wherein there is difficulty or inability to keep a sustained erection.
  • Priapism is a painful condition in which the penis is erect for more than 4 hours.
  • Phimosis- In this condition, the foreskin of the penis gets too tight and is not able to retract manually leading to severe pain.
  • Peyronie's disease- In this disease, the inner lining of the penis develops hard lumps of scar tissue which leads to bending of the penis on one side while it is erect. Superficial skin disorders lead to rashes, itching, skin discolouration and ulcers of the penis.

What are the main causes?

  • Cause of priapism include certain medications, alcohol, injuries, spinal cord conditions.
  • Premature ejaculations are caused mainly due to performance anxiety, stress, and history of sexual suppression.
  • Phimosis is commonly seen in males who haven't undergone circumcision.
  • The exact cause of Peyronie’s disease is not known, but vasculitis, injuries, and hereditary causes are some linked factors.
  • Smoking and HPV (human papilloma virus) are important causes of penis cancer.

How is it diagnosed and treated?

Diagnosis is generally made by examining the penis and testes. To ensure that the person’s fertility is preserved, a routine sperm count and local sonography is done. Treatment depends on the cause.

  • Priapism is treated by draining the blood from the penis using a needle.
  • Phimosis often requires surgery.  
  • Peyronie's disease, if mild, heals by itself without any treatment within 15 months.
  • Penis cancer is treated with surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.

Dealing with penis disorders can be traumatic and it can affect one’s emotional well- being.

Certain self-care tips help in preventing penile disorders and thereby, letting one live a healthy sexual life. These tips include

  • Keeping the penis clean
  • Getting genitals checked on a routine basis
  • Not having multiple sexual partners
  • Not wearing tight undergarments
  • Protecting the penis from extreme heat exposure
  • Quitting smoking

For timely diagnosis and treatment, a person should see the doctor immediately if there are any unusual changes on the penis.

  1. Medicines for Penis Disorders

Medicines for Penis Disorders

Medicines listed below are available for Penis Disorders. Please note that you should not take any medicines without doctor consultation. Taking any medicine without doctor's consultation can cause serious problems.

Medicine NamePack SizePrice (Rs.)
Acicet TabletAcicet 200 Mg Tablet Dt49.0
AciherpinAciherpin 200 Mg Tablet57.0
AcivexAcivex 200 Mg Tablet Dt78.0
AxovirAxovir 250 Mg Injection258.0
Lovir (Eli Lilly)Lovir 400 Mg Tablet124.0
NeoclovirNeoclovir 250 Mg Injection218.0
TriclovirTriclovir 400 Mg Tablet120.0
TrikaseTrikase 800 Mg Tablet233.0
VazovirVazovir 500 Mg Injection670.0
Vir InjectionVir 250 Mg Injection471.0
AcivAciv 400 Mg Tablet110.0
AcivirAcivir 200 Mg Tablet Dt66.0
AclovirAclovir 200 Mg Tablet55.0
AtcAtc 800 Mg Capsule38.0
CyclopizCyclopiz 200 Mg Tablet55.0
DocvirDocvir 400 Mg Tablet Dt51.0
GlenviraxGlenvirax 200 Mg Tablet18.0
HerperaxHerperax 200 Mg Tablet36.0
HerpesafeHerpesafe 400 Mg Tablet Dt66.0
HerpexHerpex 100 Mg Tablet81.0
HerpikindHerpikind 200 Mg Tablet72.0
HerzovirHerzovir 250 Mg Injection465.0
LovirLovir 200 Mg Tablet365.0
NorbitaNorbita 400 Mg Tablet12.0
OcuvirOcuvir 120 Mg Suspension128.0
OptiviralOptiviral 200 Mg Tablet51.0
PsyvirPsyvir 400 Mg Tablet137.0
RivolRivol 200 Mg Tablet60.0
ViraxVirax 800 Mg Tablet211.0
ZosterZoster 5%W/W Cream15.0
ZoviraxZovirax 200 Mg Tablet33.0
ZovistarZovistar 200 Mg Tablet56.0
ZoylexZoylex 500 Mg Injection670.0
Zoylex RdZoylex Rd 250 Mg Injection529.0
RhovirRhovir 800 Mg Tablet204.0
ZovirZovir 400 Mg Tablet129.0
AlpostinAlpostin 500 Mcg Injection6372.0
BioglandinBioglandin 500 Mcg Injection5850.0
Prostin VrProstin Vr 500 Y Injection106.0
Adams DelightAdams Delight 100 Mg Tablet13.0
AlsigraAlsigra 100 Mg Tablet121.0
AnytimeAnytime 100 Mg Jelly47.0
AssuransAssurans 20 Mg Tablet173.0
BigfunBigfun 100 Mg Jelly10.0
BisonBison 50 Mg Capsule88.0
CavertaCaverta 100 Mg Tablet235.0
DilkhushDilkhush 100 Mg Tablet11.0
DrxDrx 100 Mg Tablet58.0
DuragaDuraga 100 Mg Tablet120.0
EdegraEdegra 100 Mg Tablet117.0
ErecErec 50 Mg Tablet37.0
ErixErix 100 Mg Tablet27.0
EuniceEunice 100 Mg Tablet11.0
ExgraExgra 100 Mg Tablet108.0
ExigraExigra 100 Mg Tablet12.0
ExygraExygra 100 Mg Tablet8.0
IntagraIntagra 100 Mg Tablet8.0
Jean SiagraJean Siagra 100 Mg Tablet100.0
JoshilaJoshila 100 Mg Tablet35.0
JuanJuan 100 Mg Tablet222.0
Manforce TabletManforce 100 Mg Tablet232.0
ManpilManpil 100 Mg Tablet11.0
NyteNyte 50 Mg Tablet75.0
PahPah 20 Mg Tablet110.0
Powerman (Psychotropics)Powerman 100 Mg Tablet10.0
Power VegraPower Vegra 100 Mg Tablet54.0
SatisfactionSatisfaction 100 Mg Tablet150.0
SatisfilSatisfil 50 Mg Tablet68.0
SdfSdf 100 Mg Tablet10.0
SelegSeleg 25 Mg Tablet145.0
S FilmS Film 50 Mg Tablet885.0
SildaprepSildaprep 25 Mg Tablet165.0
Tuf N TightTuf N Tight 100 Mg Tablet14.0
Viagra TabletViagra 100 Mg Tablet1055.0
VigreksVigreks 100 Mg Tablet120.0
VigronVigron 50 Mg Tablet11.0
VistagraVistagra 100 Mg Tablet12.0
VygexVygex 100 Mg Tablet37.0
WavegraWavegra 100 Mg Tablet12.0
WingoraWingora 100 Mg Tablet10.0
ZeagraZeagra 100 Mg Tablet125.0
ZestograZestogra 100 Mg Tablet11.0
1 2 31 2 3 100 Mg Tablet12.0
AgraAgra 100 Mg Tablet10.0
AlivherAlivher 25 Mg Tablet149.0
AndrozAndroz 100 Mg Tablet124.0
Double ForceDouble Force Tablet30.0
DuragraDuragra 50 Mg Tablet13.0
EnthusiaEnthusia 100 Mg Tablet14.0
ErevaEreva 25 Mg Tablet142.0
EriactaEriacta 100 Mg Tablet14.0
HonygraHonygra 50 Mg Tablet73.0
KamagraKamagra 100 Mg Tablet131.0
LupigraLupigra Tablet10.0
OptithikOptithik 25 Mg Tablet149.0
Penegra TabletPenegra 100 Mg Tablet183.0
Penegra XpressPenegra Xpress 25 Mg Tablet139.0
Powerman (Abbott)Powerman 50 Mg Tablet125.0
PrograProgra 100 Mg Tablet73.0
PulmodayPulmoday 20 Mg Tablet86.0
PulmosilPulmosil 0.8 Mg Injection1605.0
RezumRezum 50 Mg Tablet40.0
RockyRocky 50 Mg Tablet75.0
RomentoRomento 100 Mg Tablet134.0
SexigraSexigra 100 Mg Tablet8.0
SidnakindSidnakind Tablet13.0
SilagraSilagra 100 Mg Tablet132.0
SildaflowSildaflow 20 Mg Tablet100.0
SildenafilSildenafil 50 Mg Tablet7.0
Sildenafil CitrateSildenafil Citrate 50 Mg Tablet80.0
SilnafilSilnafil 25 Mg Tablet179.0
SpegraSpegra 100 Mg Tablet105.0
Suhagra TabletSuhagra 100 Mg Tablet175.0
Target PlusTarget Plus Tablet16.0
ToniteTonite 100 Mg Tablet22.0
UnigraUnigra 100 Mg Tablet14.0
UpliftUplift 50 Mg Tablet61.0
VasosureVasosure 20 Mg Tablet164.0
VegaVega 100 Mg Tablet15.0
VigoraVigora 100 Mg Tablet116.0
VigoreVigore Spray170.0
VirahaViraha 100 Mg Tablet12.0
WowWow 50 Mg Tablet56.0
ZenegraZenegra 100 Mg Tablet9.0
Zenegra RedZenegra Red Red 100 Mg Tablet3.0
ClovirClovir 5% Ointment37.63
OpthovirOpthovir 3% Ointment46.66
SetuvirSetuvir 5% Cream36.4
ToxinexToxinex 3% Eye Ointment65.0
ViraVira Eye Ointment38.25
VirinoxVirinox 3% W/W Eye Ointment43.5
VirucidVirucid 3% Eye Ointment49.95
YavirYavir 3% Eye Ointment38.0
AcyclovirAcyclovir 5% W/W Eye Ointment67.17
ClovidermCloviderm 5% Ointment18.75
EyevirEyevir 3% Eye Ointment45.0
Primacort PlusPrimacort Plus 5% Cream66.67
Alivher EsAlivher Es 1 Mg/25 Mg Tablet0.0
Endothik EsEndothik Es 1 Mg/25 Mg Capsule0.0
PrimiwalPrimiwal 2 Mg/25 Mg Tablet0.0
Prostium EsProstium Es 2 Mg/25 Mg Capsule Dr0.0
EndonormEndonorm Tablet218.25
Sd PillSd Pill 50 Mg/30 Mg Tablet240.0
DaposureDaposure 50 Mg/30 Mg Tablet200.0
Da Sutra 30 XDa Sutra 30 X 50 Mg/30 Mg Tablet220.0
DuraforceDuraforce 50 Mg/30 Mg Tablet190.47
Kutub 30 XKutub 30 X Tablet220.0
PowerforcePowerforce 50 Mg/30 Mg Tablet62.25
Suhagra ForceSuhagra Force Tablet199.0
SustimaxSustimax Tablet201.45
ThrilpilThrilpil Tablet230.0
Viglast SViglast S 50 Mg/30 Mg Tablet190.47

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