Stomach gas is basically air present in your gastrointestinal tract. It could either be caused due to excessive ingestion of air while eating or drinking or formed inside your gut as a result of bacterial fermentation. Indigestion is one of the most common causes of stomach gas. Indigestion occurs due to various lifestyle and dietary factors including consumption of caffeine, alcoholic beverages or carbonated drinks, eating meals too hastily, eating fatty foods. Certain medications such as antibiotics and painkillers and stomach infections may also lead to indigestion and stomach gas.

Regardless of the cause, stomach gas presents with symptoms such as bloating of abdomen, burping, feeling full after eating a small quantity of food, pain or burning in the abdomen and occasional nausea

According to homeopathy, stomach gas is an uncomfortable, unpleasant and embarrassing symptom which can be treated by a holistic approach including remedies like carbo vegetabilis, cinchona officinalis and lycopodium. 

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Doctors for Homeopathic medicine, treatment and remedies for Stomach Gas
  • Carbo Vegetabilis
    Common name: Vegetable charcoal
    Symptoms: This remedy is suited to sluggish individuals who are obese and lazy. It is also suited to people who have not yet recovered from a previous illness. Individuals who benefit from this remedy have some of the following symptoms:
    • Burping and heaviness in stomach
    • Stomach pain as if from lifting a weight
    • Tense stomach due to flatulence and pain
    • Pains worse on lying down
    • Drowsiness
    • Continuous burping after eating and drinking
    • Sour and rancid burps
    • Burning sensation in stomach, back and spine
    • Abdominal distension
    • Abdominal pain along with cramps causing the person to double up
    • Breathlessness due to flatulence
    • Aversion to meat, milk and fatty foods
    • Extreme sensitivity in upper abdomen
    • Abdominal distress even with the simplest food
    • Inability to tolerate tight clothing around the waist and abdomen
  • Cinchona Officinalis
    Common name: Peruvian bark-China
    Symptoms: This remdy works well in individuals who suffer from stomach gas due to excessive consumption of tea. People who benefit from this remedy experience some of the following symptoms:
    • Slow digestion
    • A sensation of weight in the abdomen after eating
    • Lack of appetite
    • Darting pains in the flanks (sides) of abdomen
    • Flatulence
    • Bitter taste in mouth along with regurgitation of food
    • Feeling hungry easily, but food remains undigested
    • Symptoms are worsened after eating fruits
    • Bloating relieved by movements
    • Pain in the liver region
    • Colicky pain due to gallbladder stones
    • Stomach feels full of gas that does not move up or down
  • Lycopodium Clavatum 
    Common name: Club moss
    Symptoms: Club moss is well suited too individuals who frequently suffer from digestive problems. It also suits people who look older than their age (pre-senility sets in). Individuals who benefit from this remedy have some of the following symptoms:
    • Gas formed due to fermentable starchy foods, cabbage, beans, etc.
    • Increased appetite with much bloating
    • Regurgitation of food even after a small meal
    • Bitter taste in mouth
    • Food tastes sour
    • Craving for sweet foods
    • Feeling of fullness despite eating very less
    • Sensation as if gas is rolling in abdomen
    • Feeling hungry at night
    • Preference for hot food and drinks
    • Sensitive liver
    • Shooting pain across the abdomen that radiates from right to left
    • Symptoms worsen in evenings between 4 pm and 8 pm and improve on walking
    • Symptoms are mainly experienced on the right side
  • Nux Vomica 
    Common name: Poison nut
    Symptoms: Nux vomica works well in a wide range of people across age groups but it is predominantly used for treating men. It is suitable for people who worry too much and are always in a hurry. Individuals who can benefit from this remedy have some of the following symptoms :
    • A feeling of weight in stomach along with stomach pain
    • Bloating, which worsens sometime after meals
    • Sour and bitter burps
    • Nausea with much retching and vomiting
    • Stomach region sensitive to pressure
    • Upper abdomen bloated with pressure as if from a stone
    • Excessive flatulence
    • Bad odour from mouth
    • Craving for stimulants and fatty foods
    • Indigestion due to excessive consumption of coffee
    • Difficulty belching and vomiting
    • Symptoms become worse with overthinking
    • Symptoms improve with rest
  • Natrum Carbonicum
    Common name: Carbonate of sodium
    Symptoms: Individuals who benefit from this remedy report of some of the following symptoms:
    • Sensitive and swollen abdomen
    • Feeling hunger at 5 am
    • Gastric reflux
    • Weak digestion that is disturbed even by the slightest error in diet
    • Bitter taste in mouth
    • Complete aversion to milk
    • Continuous belching due to longstanding indigestion
    • Dyspepsia (indigestion) that improves after eating soda biscuits
    • Symptoms worsen in summer and heat
    • Feeling dull after listening to music
    • Diarrhoea, which is worsened by milk
    • Flatulence and indigestion from starchy and fatty foods
  • Pulsatilla Pratensis
    Common name: Windflower
    Symptoms: Windflower is well suited to individuals who are very mild and peevish in nature and prefer to lie with head high and uncomfortable with just one pillow. This remedy is also prescribed as an iron deficiency tonic and works best in females. It is helpful in alleviating some of the following symptoms:
    • Flatulence, especially after eating fatty food
    • Heartburn and indigestion due to fatty food, warm food and drinks
    • Feeling tightness in abdomen after a meal, compelling one to loosen clothing
    • Lack of thirst
    • Vomiting food that was consumed long before
    • Stomach pain an hour after eating
    • Weight in stomach as if from a stone, especially in the morning on waking up
    • Gnawing hunger
    • Taste of food remains in the mouth for a long time, especially after consuming ices, fruits and pastry
    • Continuous burps with a constant bad taste in mouth
    • Water brash with a very bad smell in mouth and which worsens in the morning
    • Painful and distended abdomen
    • Abdominal colic with chilliness
    • The person seeks open air and feels better outdoors
  • Antimonium Crudum 
    Common name: Black sulphide of antimony
    Symptoms: Individuals who benefit from this remedy have some of the following symptoms:
    • Loss of appetite
    • A desire for acids and pickles, which then aggravate symptoms
    • Burps tasting of whatever has been eaten
    • Heartburn, nausea and vomiting
    • Gastric symptoms on eating bread and pastry
    • Symptoms worsen with overheating, in hot weather and in evenings
    • Bloating sensation immediately after eating
    • Water brash in the morning but of a sweetish taste
    • Thick white coating on tongue
    • Constant belching
    • Increased thirst in the evening or night
    • Children may vomit milk in curdled form and refuse to nurse again
    • Excessive irritation
    • A tendency to grow fat
    • Symptoms improve in open air and with rest
  • Arsenicum Album 
    Common name: Arsenious acid
    Symptoms: This remedy is well suited to patients who do not have trust in medicines and fear that they are going to die anyway. Individuals who benefit from this remedy experience some of the following symptoms:
    • Nausea and vomiting
    • Inability to tolerate the sight or smell of food
    • Thirsty but only for sips at very frequent intervals
    • Burning pain in stomach
    • Heartburn
    • Persistent burps
    • Dry and clean tongue
    • Gastralgia (pain in stomach) after taking the slightest amount of food or drink
    • Dyspepsia due to sour or acidic foods, ice-cream and ice-cold water
    • Ill effects from a vegetable diet, melons and other watery fruits
    • Craving for milk
    • Painful and swollen abdomen
    • Extreme restlessness with pain. The person keeps moving from one place to another
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  • In acute diseases, care should be taken that whatever the individual demands or needs in the form of food or drinks should be given to him or her without any objection. The desire of the person affected by an acute disease for food or drink is mainly for something that will help him or her get some relief. Thus, it is recommended to meet those needs.
  • Add a moderate amount of physical activity in your daily routine


  • Stay away from foods and substances that may interfere with the action of homeopathic medicines, as they are given in their minutest doses. This includes:
    • medicinal herbs and spices,
    • medicated toothpastes or mouthwashes
    • perfumed sachets and strong-scented flowers in the room
    • highly seasoned food and sauces
    • strong-smelling coffee or herbal teas
    • frozen foods like ice-creams
  • Do not disturb the person and cause him/her any mental stress.
  • Do not lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Homeopathic remedies not only relieve disease symptoms but also the tendency of a person to suffer from a particular disease (miasms).

Several studies have been conducted to establish the efficacy of homeopathic remedies in the treatment of stomach gas. In particular, lycopodium has been proven to have a beneficial effect on indigestion and in reducing gut inflammation.

Homeopathic medicines are very safe to use and are known to treat individual miasms along with disease symptoms. There have been no documented side effects of these remedies, but one must consult a qualified homeopathic doctor before taking any remedy at home. 

Secondary effects may appear when these medicines are taken in larger doses. It is best to immediately check in with a doctor if symptoms like sudden severe abdominal pain, vomiting or bleeding and unintentional weight loss are noted anytime during treatment.

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Stomach gas is a condition caused due to excess accumulation of air in the gastrointestinal tract. Dyspepsia is one of the major causes of stomach gas. However, it also occurs due to overeating, eating fast, consumption of aerated or alcoholic drinks and eating fatty and starchy foods.

Homeopathy helps in relieving stomach gas with remedies like carbo vegetabilis, lycopodium, cinchona officinalis and nux vomica. Most homeopathic remedies are safe to consume either alone or as an adjunct to conventional medicines. Nevertheless, one should take these medications only after consulting a qualified physician.

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