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What is Tourette syndrome?

Tourette syndrome is a condition of the nervous system which results in the individual making sudden and involuntary movements or sounds. These sudden sounds or movements are called tics, and the syndrome may range from mild to severe.

What are its main signs and symptoms?

The two major symptoms of Tourette syndrome are motor tics and verbal tics.

Motor tics refer to the involuntary and sudden movements. Motor tics include:

  • eye blinking
  • facial grimacing
  • sudden jaw movements
  • jerking the head
  • jumping
  • shoulder shrugging
  • sudden opening of the mouth
  • arm jerking

Verbal tics refer to the involuntary sounds made by the individual. These sounds may not necessarily make sense and most of the times seem to have no context. Verbal tics include:

  • sniffing
  • hooting
  • shouting
  • grunting

In some cases, a verbal tic may include uttering a swear word or some other socially unacceptable term. However, this is rare.

It is also important to note that Tourette syndrome may occur along with problems such as:

What are the main causes?

The exact cause of Tourette syndrome is not known, although most medical researches link this syndrome to structural differences in the regions of the brain and genetics. Individuals with a positive family history are at a higher risk of inheriting this syndrome.

This syndrome tends to have a higher occurrence in males, and hence gender can be considered a risk factor.

How is it diagnosed and treated?

To be diagnosed with Tourette syndrome, the following conditions should be met:

  • The individual should have at least two motor tics and one verbal tic.
  • The individual should have been experiencing these tics for at least a year.
  • The appearance of tics should have begun before the age of 18 years.
  • The symptoms must not be caused by external factors such as medications or drugs.

The treatment for Tourette syndrome is limited.

Nevertheless, the occurrence of symptoms does not interfere with a person’s ability to carry out daily life activities in most cases. Hence, individuals are able to manage very well with proper support and guidance.

In some cases, medications may be prescribed to control the symptoms of other related disorders. Therapy and counselling as well as educating individuals and family members about Tourette syndrome can help greatly.

  1. Medicines for Tourette Syndrome
  2. Doctors for Tourette Syndrome
Dr. Amar Golder

Dr. Amar Golder


Dr. Arvind Gautam

Dr. Arvind Gautam


Dr. Ramesh Ammati

Dr. Ramesh Ammati


Medicines for Tourette Syndrome

Medicines listed below are available for Tourette Syndrome. Please note that you should not take any medicines without doctor consultation. Taking any medicine without doctor's consultation can cause serious problems.

Medicine NamePack SizePrice (Rs.)
ArifineArifine 15 Mg Tablet106.0
AriphrenzAriphrenz 10 Mg Tablet87.0
AripicadAripicad 10 Mg Tablet65.0
Arip MtArip Mt 10 Mg Tablet96.0
ArpitArpit 10 Mg Tablet76.0
ArpizolArpizol 10 Mg Tablet95.0
ArzuArzu 10 Mg Tablet98.0
AspritoAsprito 10 Mg Tablet101.0
NuletNulet 10 Mg Tablet76.0
RizotalRizotal 10 Mg Tablet71.0
ApizApiz 10 Mg Tablet53.0
Apz(D.D Pharma)Apz 10 Mg Tablet70.0
ArerepArerep 10 Mg Tablet62.0
AriaAria 10 Mg Tablet58.0
AridusAridus 10 Mg Tablet66.0
ArifrilArifril 10 Mg Tablet80.0
ArijoyArijoy 10 Mg Tablet110.0
ArimeltArimelt 15 Mg Tablet72.0
AripArip 5 Mg Tablet47.0
AripraAripra 10 Mg Tablet57.0
Aripra MtAripra Mt 10 Mg Tablet60.0
ArzaArza 10 Mg Tablet55.0
Asprito MtAsprito Mt 10 Mg Tablet65.0
BilifBilif 10 Mg Tablet57.0
Pipra APipra A 10 Mg Tablet61.0
Real OneReal One 10 Mg Tablet59.0
RpzRpz 20 Mg Tablet64.0
SchizopraSchizopra 10 Mg Tablet59.0
ArilanArilan 10 Mg Tablet58.0
HalidaceHalidace 0.25 Mg Tablet7.0
HelinaseHelinase 0.25 Mg Tablet10.0
HexidolHexidol 1.5 Mg Tablet16.0
KividolKividol 1.5 Mg Tablet24.0
NedolNedol 1.5 Mg Tablet18.0
Senorm LaSenorm La 50 Mg Injection200.0
SerenaceSerenace 0.25 Mg Tablet11.0
TalendolTalendol 0.25 Mg Injection6.0
TrancodolTrancodol 1.5 Mg Tablet Dt11.0
Trancodol LaTrancodol La 50 Mg/ Ml Injection162.0
AgidolAgidol 1.5 Mg Tablet11.0
AndolAndol 1.5 Mg Tablet11.0
Benzydol PBenzydol P 1.5 Mg Tablet13.0
DolteusDolteus 1.5 Mg Tablet16.0
HalidolHalidol 1.5 Mg Tablet13.0
HalobidHalobid 0.25 Mg Tablet9.0
HalodolHalodol 1.5 Tablet22.0
HalodylHalodyl 1.5 Mg Tablet7.0
HalopHalop 1.5 Mg Tablet11.0
HalopaceHalopace 10 Mg Tablet31.0
HalopidolHalopidol 5 Mg Tablet31.0
HalowHalow 1.5 Mg Tablet12.0
HaloxelHaloxel 0.25 Mg Tablet11.0
HapdolHapdol 5 Mg Tablet16.0
HidolHidol 0.25 Mg Tablet18.0
HplHpl 1.5 Mg Tablet20.0
LarenaseLarenase 0.25 Mg Tablet5.0
Movadol LaMovadol La 50 Mg Injection189.0
NudolNudol 5 Mg Tablet25.0
OprexOprex 10 Mg Tablet31.0
RelinaseRelinase 0.25 Mg Tablet10.0
Relinase LaRelinase La 50 Mg Injection120.0
SenormSenorm 10 Mg Tablet34.0
Seradol (M.D.C)Seradol 10 Mg Tablet53.0
SeradolSeradol 5 Mg Injection10.0
TheonaseTheonase 0.25 Mg Tablet9.0
TrikonaceTrikonace 0.25 Mg Tablet8.0
TrikotameTrikotame 2 Mg Tablet13.0
TypidolTypidol 1.5 Mg Tablet18.0
UnidolUnidol 100 Mg Injection25.0
ZeedolZeedol 1.5 Mg Tablet10.0
HaloHalo 5 Mg Capsule136.0
HalocerHalocer 10 Mg Tablet77.0
HalopikHalopik Tablet15.0
Halow LaHalow La Injection7.0
HypnodolHypnodol 1.5 Mg Tablet11.0
ArkazidArkazid 4 Mg Tablet42.52
AtarapAtarap 2 Mg Tablet49.0
LarapLarap 2 Mg Tablet40.7
MozepMozep 2 Mg Tablet55.5
OrapOrap 4 Mg Tablet74.15
PimidePimide 2 Mg Tablet47.62
PimozPimoz 2 Mg Tablet88.9
R ZepR Zep 2 Mg Tablet75.0
BenzydolBenzydol 1.5 Mg/2 Mg Tablet0.0
ManodolManodol 1.5 Mg/2 Mg Kit0.0
Combidol KitCombidol Kit 5 Mg/2 Mg Tablet12.3
CombidolCombidol Tablet28.25
Hexidol PlusHexidol Plus 5 Mg/2 Mg Tablet15.56
Mindol PlusMindol Plus 5 Mg/20 Mg Tablet21.0
Talendol PlusTalendol Plus Tablet17.57

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