Microwaves are found in almost every kitchen today. Made for the purpose of heating foods, they are also used to cook full meals.

There is no doubt that microwaving food eases up the process of cooking, and substantially saves time. All you have to do is put all the ingredients in the bowl, turn on the microwave. It is also useful for tech-savvy lifestyle wherein you don’t have to put yourself into a mess of maintaining gas connections or worrying about refueling your CNG cylinders.

But you can’t always rely on even the most perfect gadgets to fix everything.

There are certain foods which are strictly not to be put in a microwave or else they may have serious consequences. Five such foods have been listed below:

  • Breast milk
    Breast milk is a necessity for the growth and development of a newborn baby. Not only is it the sole source of nourishment for neonates but also it contains maternal antibodies that determine the child’s immunity as he/she grows up. But if you are in a habit of microwaving breast milk you might unknowingly be doing more harm to your baby than good. Microwaving breast milk, even at lower temperatures can increase the growth of E-coli, an enteric bacteria. E-coli is a part of the normal flora of our intestines but if multiplied to higher levels, it can cause several infections and may even lead to death.

  • Broccoli
    Broccoli is a cruciferous vegetable, high in fibre and nutrition. It is really helpful for the development of body tissues and also helps the body in healing wounds. However, broccoli should never be put in a microwave. Steaming broccoli reduces its nutrients and antioxidants to 11%, whereas microwaving it may reduce its nutrient content up to 97%. Kinda useless eating a portion of food like that.

  • Frozen fruit
    There is nothing better than the crisp bite of frozen fruit. Not only do they taste crunchier but also juicier. But of course, they have to be warmed up a bit before you can eat them. Microwaving is not a good option here either. A Russian study suggested that microwaving frozen fruits can lead to serious consequences. As per the study, beneficial glucosides present in frozen fruits get converted into carcinogenic substances on being exposed to microwave radiations. So, it is better to let the fruits sit at room temperature for some time instead.

  • Defrosted Meat
    Microwaving defrosted meat sure does ease cooking to a great extent but it is not worth the health risks that come with the process. Microwaves don’t really have a deep penetration capacity. So while the edges and the outer surface of meat may look cooked, it would still be raw and frozen inside. Also, studies suggest that if you heat defrost meat and do not cook it immediately, it leads to increased bacteria growth, and food poisoning when consumed.

  • Whole eggs
    If you think that boiling eggs in a microwave to will reduce your work, think again. Since microwaves heat things very quickly, steam will build up inside the egg, causing the egg to explode and may mess up your microwave instead.

So now you know that microwaving at least these five foods is a Big NO! Remember the ingredients of your food and wisely choose the type of processing and cooking that it requires!

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