Katichakrasana is a yoga that strengthens the spine and also increases flexibility. If there is pain in the lower back or if you want to lose weight, then doing Katichakrasana is beneficial. It is called standing spinal twist pose in English. If someone has a slip disc problem or a woman is pregnant, then it is advised not to do it. Today in this article you will know about the benefits of Katichakrasana, how to do it and precautions -

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  1. Benefits Of Katichakrasana
  2. How To Do Katichakrasana
  3. Precautions Of Katichakrasana
  4. Summary
Doctors for Discover the Benefits of Kati Chakrasana: A Comprehensive Guide

Katichakrasana twists the waist from both sides, which helps the person to lose weight. It also makes the body more flexible. Let us know in detail about the benefits of doing Katichakrasana -

Katichakrasana Benefits For Flexibility

This yogasana improves the flexibility of the body, which also strengthens the spine. Along with this, the spine also becomes more flexible.

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Katichakrasana Benefits For Body Toning

Doing Katichakrasana helps in toning up the neck, shoulders, waist, back and hips. Along with this, it also strengthens the lower back.

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Katichakrasana Benefits For Posture

If someone has a posture related problem, that is, his way of sitting and getting up is not right, then doing this yogasana can help him, his posture can improve. Then the posture related problem may be the back or the spine. This also reduces the stiffness of the back.

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Katichakrasana Benefits For Back Pain

If someone has back pain, especially in the lower back, then doing this yogasana can relieve his pain. It helps in relaxing the back muscles as well as the neck and shoulder muscles and also stretches them.

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Katichakrasana Benefits For Weight Loss

In today's time when everyone is trying to lose weight, doing Katichakrasana makes the waist slim and fit. It is also helpful in overall weight loss.

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Katichakrasana Benefits For Fatigue

These days everyone has a desk job. In such a situation, sitting at one place makes one tired. One does not feel like doing anything. Doing this yogasana provides relief from physical and mental tension and the person feels light.

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Katichakrasana Benefits For Respiratory Problems

By doing this yoga, the chest expands, due to which the lungs also expand and in this way breathing problems are cured. This yogasana is advised to be done by those people who are suffering from asthma, cough and tuberculosis.

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Katichakrasana Benefits For Alzheimer's

The way a person's muscles become stiff in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, the benefits of Katichakrasana in releasing it cannot be ignored.

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Katichakrasana Benefits For Frozen Shoulder

This yogasana proves beneficial in relaxing the muscles even in the case of frozen shoulders. It provides relief by removing the stiffness of the shoulder and the muscles around it.

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Katichakrasana Benefits For Diabetes And Kidney Disease

This yoga is also good for those who have diabetes and kidney disease. It improves the health of the kidney as well as the nervous system and the uterus.

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Katichakrasana Benefits For Depression

If a person has a problem of depression, then doing Katichakrasana improves his mood and helps him fight depression.

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Katichakrasana Benefits For Cures Indigestion

By stimulating the digestive bile, Katichakrasana improves digestive problems. It improves digestion and strengthens the abdominal organs and muscles.

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Katichakrasana is easy to do. People who do not know how to do it can also learn it easily and quickly. People of almost all ages can do it. You just need to stand straight while doing this. Let's know in detail about how to do Katichakrasana -

  • After standing straight, join both the legs.
  • At this time the spine should be straight and so should the shoulders.
  • Now separate the legs and make them equal to the shoulders.
  • While breathing inwards, keep both the hands facing forward.
  • At this time the palms of both the hands should be facing each other.
  • Make sure that both the hands are equal to the shoulders and the palms are at shoulder width.
  • Now after taking a long deep breath, exhale.
  • While breathing out, twist the waist to the right, so much so that the back can be seen easily.
  • Stay in this position for as long as possible. Keep breathing at a normal pace at this time.
  • The feet should be on the ground, this gives the right twist.
  • Now release yourself and repeat the same process on the left side.

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A person can do Katichakrasana according to his convenience. On an average, it can be repeated 10 to 20 times in a cycle. At the same time, some precautions are also necessary while doing it. Let's know about the precautions related to Katichakrasana -

  • People who have recently undergone spine or stomach surgery should not do this asana.
  • If someone has a slip disc problem, then also it is advised not to do this yogasana.
  • One should also avoid doing this asana in case of chronic spinal disorder.
  • If there is a hernia, then also it is said not to do this asana.
  • Katichakrasana is not at all good for pregnant women.

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Katichakrasana is such a yogasana, which leads to great weight loss and increases the flexibility of the body muscles. It can be done by a person of any age, just for this one needs to stand straight. Katichakrasana is not recommended for people who have recently undergone abdominal or spine surgery. Pregnant women should also not do this yogasana. It would be better to consult a yoga expert before doing Katichakrasana, so that any kind of harm can be avoided.

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