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Aayucure Heamolin Tablet

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    • Country of Origin: India

    Aayucure Heamolin Tablet Information

    Aayucure Heamolin Tablet is an ayurvedic medicine that is primarily used for the treatment of Iron Deficiency. Secondary and off-label uses of Aayucure Heamolin Tablet have also been mentioned below. The key ingredients of Aayucure Heamolin Tablet are Amla, Godanti bhasma, Mandur bhasma, Lauh bhasma, Tamra bhasma. The properties of which have been shared below. The correct dosage of Aayucure Heamolin Tablet depends on the patient's age, gender, and medical history.

    Ingredients of Aayucure Heamolin Tablet

    • A natural substance that can reduce the harmful effects of stress on the body.
    • A class of drugs that improve urinary output.
    • Agents or medicine that acts on the immune system to modulate immunity.
    Godanti bhasma
    • Drugs which can lead to pain alleviation without having an effect on conscious levels
    • Agents that reduce inflammation or swelling caused due to an injury or infection.
    Mandur bhasma
    • Drugs which support stomach and intestine function leading to an improved digestion and food absorption.
    • Drugs used to lower the concentration of glucose in the blood and is thus beneficial in treating diabetes.
    • Substances which aid blood formation and help in the treatment of anaemia.
    Lauh bhasma
    • Drugs that improve liver function and protect it from infections
    • Substances that induces the formation of haemoglobin and RBCs and are used for the treatment of anaemia.
    • Drugs which inhibit bacterial growth.
    Tamra bhasma
    • Agents which help in reducing free radical activity and preventing oxidative stress and damage
    • Agents that improve heart function and cardiac output.
    • Drugs which are helpful in protecting the liver from infections and aid in improving its functions

    Aayucure Heamolin Tablet Benefits

    Aayucure Heamolin Tablet is used to treat the following -

    Main Benefits

    Other Benefits

    Aayucure Heamolin Tablet Side Effects

    No side effects of Aayucure Heamolin Tablet have been reported in the medical literature. However, you should always consult your doctor before using Aayucure Heamolin Tablet.

    Aayucure Heamolin Tablet Related Warnings

    • Is the use of Aayucure Heamolin Tablet safe for pregnant women?

      The effect of Aayucure Heamolin Tablet on pregnant women is unknown because research on this has not been done yet.

    • Is the use of Aayucure Heamolin Tablet safe during breastfeeding?

      There is no research available on the side effects of Aayucure Heamolin Tablet on breastfeeding women. Therefore, its impact is unknown.

    • What is the effect of Aayucure Heamolin Tablet on the stomach?

      Aayucure Heamolin Tablet is not harmful for the stomach.

    • Is the use of Aayucure Heamolin Tablet safe for children?

      Side effects of Aayucure Heamolin Tablet on children are not known because scientific research on this topic hasn't been done.

    • Can I take Aayucure Heamolin Tablet with alcohol?

      Due to lack of research, there is no information about the side effects of taking Aayucure Heamolin Tablet with alcohol.

    • Does Aayucure Heamolin Tablet cause drowsiness?

      Aayucure Heamolin Tablet will not make you feel sleepy or drowsy. So you may drive or operate machinery safely.

    • Is this Aayucure Heamolin Tablet habit forming or addictive?

      Regular use of Aayucure Heamolin Tablet does not lead to addiction.


    This medicine data has been created by -

    Dr. Braj Bhushan Ojha

    BAMS, Gastroenterology, Dermatology, Psychiatry, Ayurveda, Sexology, Diabetology
    10 Years of Experience


    Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Department of Ayush: Government of India. [link]. Volume 1. Ghaziabad, India: Pharmacopoeia Commission for Indian Medicine & Homoeopathy; 1986: Page No 5-8

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