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Prescription Required


Prescription Required

Ofloxacin साल्ट से बनी दवाएं:

Ofloxacin के सारे विकल्प देखें

Prescription Required

पर्चा अपलोड करके आर्डर करें

पर्चा अपलोड करके आर्डर करें What is a valid prescription?

Ofloxacin Information

Ofloxacin Benefits & Uses

Ofloxacin is used to treat the following -

Ofloxacin Dosage & How to Take

This is the usual dosage recommended in most common treatment cases. Please remember that every patient and their case is different, so the dosage can be different based on the disease, route of administration, patient's age and medical history.

Find the right dosage based on disease and age

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Ingredients of Ofloxacin


Ofloxacin Side Effects

Based on research, the following side effects have been observed when Ofloxacin is used -

  1. Nausea or vomiting
  2. Diarrhoea
  3. Allergic reaction
  4. Polyuria
  5. Rash
  6. Insomnia Mild
  7. Dizziness Mild
  8. Flatulence Mild
  9. Drowsiness
  10. Fever Mild
  11. Chills
  12. Constipation Moderate
  13. Vaginal inflammation
  14. Hepatitis
  15. Jaundice Moderate
  16. Visual impairment
  17. Steven-johnsons syndrome
  18. Bronchospasm
  19. Hearing Loss Severe

Ofloxacin Related Warnings

Is the use of Ofloxacin safe for pregnant women?

Pregnant women may experience moderate side effects from Ofloxacin. If you also feel the same, then discontinue it and start only on doctor advice.


Is the use of Ofloxacin safe during breastfeeding?

If you are breastfeeding, you may experience some harmful effects of Ofloxacin. In case you experience any of these, discontinue its use until you have consulted your doctor. Do as your doctor suggests.


What is the effect of Ofloxacin on the Kidneys?

Ofloxacin may have mild side effects on the kidney. Most people will never see any effect on the kidney.


What is the effect of Ofloxacin on the Liver?

Ofloxacin may have mild side effects on the liver. Most people will never see any effect on the liver.


What is the effect of Ofloxacin on the Heart?

Very few cases of side effects of Ofloxacin on heart have been reported.


Severe Interaction of Ofloxacin with Other Drugs

Ofloxacin should not be taken with following medicines due to severe side effects it may cause to patients -

Ofloxacin Contraindications

If you are suffering from any of the following diseases, you should not take Ofloxacin unless your doctor advises you to do so -

  1. Atrial Fibrillation
  2. Heart Failure
  3. Calcium Deficiency
  4. Potassium Deficiency
  5. Thyroid
  6. Myasthenia Gravis (MG)
  7. Kidney Disease
  8. Diabetes

Frequently asked Questions about Ofloxacin

Is this Ofloxacin habit forming or addictive?

No, Ofloxacin is not habit forming.

Is it safe to drive or operate heavy machinery when consuming?

No, you should do not do anything that requires the brain to be active and alert after taking Ofloxacin.

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Is it safe?

" Yes, Ofloxacin it is safe but take it after seeking your doctor's advice."

Safe, but take only on Doctor's advise

Is it able to treat mental disorders?

No, the use of Ofloxacin in mental disorders is not effective.

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Ofloxacin Interactions with Food and Alcohol

Interaction between Food and Ofloxacin

Some foods when eaten with Ofloxacin can alter the onset of actions. Discuss this with your doctor.


Interaction between Alcohol and Ofloxacin

Consuming Ofloxacin with alcohol can have many serious effects on your body.


Ofloxacin से जुड़े सवाल और जवाब

सवाल 6 months पहले

Does Ofloxacin contain penicillin?

Dr. Haleema Yezdani MBBS, General Physician

No, Ofloxacin does not contain penicillin. It is an antibiotic that belongs to the class of medication called fluoroquinolone. It used to treat several types of bacterial infection such as such as bronchitis, pneumonia, urinary, respiratory, skin, gastrointestinal, anthrax, bone, and eye infections.

सवाल 6 months पहले

Can I take Ofloxacin for sinus infection?

Dr. Braj Bhushan Ojha BAMS, Gastroenterology, Dermatology, Psychiatry, Ayurveda, Sexology, Diabetology

Ofloxacin is not recommended as the first-line of drug for treating sinus infection. However, if there are no other alternatives available then you can take it, after doctor's advice.

सवाल 9 months पहले

Can I take Ofloxacin with doxycyclin?

Dr. Saikat Mukherjee MBBS, General Physician

Ofloxacin can be taken with doxycycline. No drug-drug interactions are reported between them. Doxycyclin also does not affect the absorption of this drug. However, it doesn't mean that no interaction could exist. Please consult your doctor, if you feel any complication after consuming these two medicines at the same time.

सवाल 9 months पहले

Can I take Ofloxacin with azithromycin?

Dr. Gaurav MBBS, General Physician

It is recommended to avoid taking Ofloxacin with azithromycin because it can cause heart-related problems. However, if your doctor has prescribed it to you take it as per his/her advice. In case you are experiencing breathing difficulties, palpitations and pain in the chest please inform your doctor immediately.

सवाल 12 months पहले

Does Ofloxacin cause stomach upset?

Dr. Chinmaya Bal MBBS, General Physician

Yes, [medicine] can cause stomach upset. It is a common side effect of this drug. Please inform your doctor if you are experiencing severe stomach upset after taking this medicine.


सामग्री 10 Tablets(S)

See all substitutes for Ofloxacin

Medicine Name
Dioflox खरीदें
Mark O खरीदें
Diroxin खरीदें
Maxof खरीदें
Duflox खरीदें
Mexaflo खरीदें
Eflox खरीदें
Moflin खरीदें
Eldeflox खरीदें
Nicoflox(Nes) खरीदें
Encin (Endocard) खरीदें
Niolox खरीदें
Entof खरीदें
Nirflox खरीदें
Esoflox Oz खरीदें
Nislox खरीदें
Exocin खरीदें
Normesis खरीदें
Festive खरीदें
Normibact खरीदें
Fibac खरीदें
Obact खरीदें
Flan खरीदें
Obact (Bio Vitamins) खरीदें
Flin खरीदें
Obactin (Mer) खरीदें
Flin Oz खरीदें
Obactin Od खरीदें
Flo खरीदें
Obid (Ord) खरीदें
Flolact खरीदें
Obiotic खरीदें
Flowmet खरीदें
Ocin (Medivision) खरीदें
Floxibact खरीदें
Ociz खरीदें
Floxicontin O खरीदें
Ocudone खरीदें
Floxzen खरीदें
Ofbid खरीदें
Foxcin खरीदें
Ofcor खरीदें
Foxcin Or खरीदें
Ofelder खरीदें
Galoff खरीदें
Ofex खरीदें
Geryl खरीदें
Ofexin खरीदें
Hicin (M.D.C) खरीदें
Offer खरीदें
Uniflox खरीदें
Jonflox (Dr Johns) खरीदें
Offmark खरीदें
Jonflox खरीदें
Offtex Oz खरीदें
Jox खरीदें
Ofix खरीदें
J P Flox खरीदें
Oflacad खरीदें
Keflox खरीदें
Oflagard खरीदें
Keflox Oz खरीदें
Oflage खरीदें
Leoxin खरीदें
Oflamed खरीदें
Megaflox खरीदें
Oflaquin खरीदें
Minimax खरीदें
Oflar (Lark) खरीदें
Moflox खरीदें
Oflatoon Ds खरीदें
Myflox खरीदें
Oflict खरीदें
Negox खरीदें
Oflobact खरीदें
Nicoflox(Phc) खरीदें
Oflobact Or खरीदें
Nimof खरीदें
Oflobid (Micro Lab) खरीदें
Novofran खरीदें
Oflobid (Mll) खरीदें
O खरीदें
Oflochem खरीदें
Oa (Aaron) खरीदें
Oflogyl खरीदें
Oak खरीदें
Oflok (Dr Cure) खरीदें
Obactin (Mrd) खरीदें
Oflokem Novo खरीदें
O Cebran खरीदें
Oflomark खरीदें
Ocin (Concept) खरीदें
Oflomint खरीदें
Ocin(Pdl) खरीदें
Oflonal खरीदें
Ocin(Con) खरीदें
Oflopen (Morepen) खरीदें
Ocin Pd खरीदें
Oflopus खरीदें
Octoflox खरीदें
Oflora खरीदें
Odiflox खरीदें
Ofloriv खरीदें
Ofac खरीदें
Oflosif खरीदें
Ofal खरीदें
Oflostar खरीदें
Ofast (Pacific) खरीदें
Oflowock खरीदें
Ofax (Alde) खरीदें
Oflowock Oz खरीदें
Ofax खरीदें
Ofax Eye खरीदें
Ofaxin खरीदें
Ofloxacin खरीदें
Ofc (Jawa) खरीदें
Ofloxacin Eye Drop खरीदें
Ofc (Paras) खरीदें
Ofloxibact खरीदें
Ofel खरीदें
Ofloxibact Oz खरीदें
Ofen खरीदें
Oflup खरीदें
Offtex खरीदें
Ofly खरीदें
Ofhil खरीदें
Of Od खरीदें
Of Ind खरीदें
Ofon खरीदें
Ofior खरीदें
Ofo (Perk Pharma) खरीदें
Ofkab खरीदें
Ofoxin खरीदें
O F L (Moxy Lab) खरीदें
Ofpil खरीदें
Ofla खरीदें
Ofpil O (Biochem) खरीदें
Ofset M खरीदें
Oflabin खरीदें
Ofson खरीदें
Oflact खरीदें
Ofsun खरीदें
Oflash खरीदें
Oftac खरीदें
Oflason खरीदें
Oftacin खरीदें
Oflatab खरीदें
Oftop खरीदें
Oflatoon खरीदें
Oftum(Pfo) खरीदें
Oflavid खरीदें
Ofuxin खरीदें
Oflazen खरीदें
Ofx खरीदें
Oflem खरीदें
Ofy खरीदें
Oflexin खरीदें
Ogit खरीदें
Oflo (Leo) खरीदें
Ogyro खरीदें
Oflo (Nordic) खरीदें
Okaflox खरीदें
Oflo खरीदें
Oley खरीदें
Oflobe खरीदें
Olox खरीदें
Aflox खरीदें
Oflobid खरीदें
Olvex खरीदें
Oflocare खरीदें
Omet खरीदें
Floxol (Optica Pharma) खरीदें
Oflocin (Laborate) खरीदें
Onflox खरीदें
Oculone खरीदें
Oflocin (Ssm) खरीदें
Onil (Skn) खरीदें
Ofil खरीदें
Oflocom (Common) खरीदें
Onoff खरीदें
Oflo (Sunways) खरीदें
Oflocon खरीदें
Onova Xl खरीदें
Oflofine खरीदें
Oflodex खरीदें
Opec खरीदें
Olin खरीदें
Ofray खरीदें
Ofloglan खरीदें
Oq Iv खरीदें
Ofrex खरीदें
Oflokem खरीदें
Orapen खरीदें
Omeflox खरीदें
Oflomac खरीदें
Oroflox Tn (Norwest) खरीदें
Otoflox खरीदें
Oflomil खरीदें
Osani खरीदें
Xinocin खरीदें
Oflomine खरीदें
Osif खरीदें
Zo Ed खरीदें
Ofloren खरीदें
Owin B खरीदें
Cofloxin खरीदें
Oflostar(Cdl) खरीदें
Oxa खरीदें
Eufox खरीदें
Oflosyn खरीदें
Oxacin खरीदें
Gbo खरीदें
Oflotas खरीदें
Oxel खरीदें
Gyrofix D खरीदें
Ofloter खरीदें
Oxit खरीदें
Ifax खरीदें
Oflovel खरीदें
Oxn (Adips) खरीदें
Levotop Pds (Ajanta) खरीदें
Ped O (Brawn) खरीदें
M Ocin खरीदें
Oflox खरीदें
Penbact खरीदें
Obid खरीदें
Ofloxamac खरीदें
Pentis (Bioguard Organics) खरीदें
Ocucin खरीदें
Ofloxina खरीदें
Pentis खरीदें
Ocuflox खरीदें
Ofloxo Plus खरीदें
Pik खरीदें
Ofdol (Cadila Pharma) खरीदें
Oflozen खरीदें
Pin खरीदें
Offtex Dx खरीदें
Oflxcin खरीदें
Piraflox खरीदें
Oflasun खरीदें
Ofnij खरीदें
Prilox खरीदें
Ofsen खरीदें
Prohox खरीदें
Opec (Shrinivas) खरीदें
Oforn खरीदें
Protoflox खरीदें
Optiflox (Indiana) खरीदें
Ofpil Kid खरीदें
Q Ford खरीदें
Ofran खरीदें
Qlox खरीदें
Zo Eye/Ear Drops खरीदें
Ofrun खरीदें
Qmax खरीदें
Zuflo खरीदें
Ofset खरीदें
Qok खरीदें
Oftek खरीदें
Qubid खरीदें
Oftil (Intel) खरीदें
Qxl खरीदें
Ofvista खरीदें
Rapid (Alkem) खरीदें
Ofwin खरीदें
R Flox (Richlyns) खरीदें
Ofx(Micro) खरीदें
Saflox O खरीदें
Sunflox खरीदें
Ojen 200 खरीदें
Supaxin खरीदें
Ojen खरीदें
Syflox खरीदें
Oks खरीदें
Symbocin खरीदें
Ol (Leben) खरीदें
Synflox खरीदें
Olife खरीदें
Talocin खरीदें
Olox (Thrift) खरीदें
Toflox खरीदें
Oltaur खरीदें
Toroflox खरीदें
Omark (Bsp Pharmaceuticals) खरीदें
Toroflox Oz खरीदें
Opec (Shrinivas Guj) खरीदें
Trinocin खरीदें
Open खरीदें
Triof खरीदें
Opres खरीदें
Troflox खरीदें
Optra खरीदें
Trycin खरीदें
Oq खरीदें
Uniflox (United) खरीदें
Oquin खरीदें
Utox खरीदें
Veeflox खरीदें
O Ron खरीदें
Vitor खरीदें
O Sal खरीदें
Vox खरीदें
Oson खरीदें
Woflox खरीदें
Otras खरीदें
Xioflo खरीदें
Owin खरीदें
Ox खरीदें
Zanof खरीदें
Oxa(Rai) खरीदें
Zenocin Od खरीदें
Oxal खरीदें
Zenotas खरीदें
Oxet खरीदें
Zenox खरीदें
Oxflo खरीदें
Zeof खरीदें
Oxid खरीदें
Zerobac खरीदें
Oxis खरीदें
Zocare खरीदें
Oxn खरीदें
Zoe खरीदें
Oxo खरीदें
Zof (Estragen) खरीदें
Oxwal खरीदें
Zoflick खरीदें
Ozee खरीदें
Ped O Ds (Brawn) खरीदें
Zopi खरीदें
Quinobid खरीदें
Q Vid खरीदें
Q Vid Or खरीदें
Ranocin Oz खरीदें
Ranocin Tz (Sr Pharma) खरीदें
Rational खरीदें
Rombiflox खरीदें
Scorcin खरीदें
Seaflox Oz खरीदें
Sensofi खरीदें
Septicure खरीदें
Seriflox खरीदें
Shilof खरीदें
Sioflox खरीदें
Suflox खरीदें
Sureof खरीदें
Symflox खरीदें
Tablo खरीदें
Taboflox खरीदें
Tariflox खरीदें
Tarivid खरीदें
Tel Oflox खरीदें
Theoflox खरीदें
Tisol खरीदें
Topcin खरीदें
Topquin खरीदें
Vanflox खरीदें
Vitoflox खरीदें
Xintof खरीदें
Yocef खरीदें
Yoflox खरीदें
Zanovid खरीदें
Zenflox खरीदें
Zerocin खरीदें
Zevid खरीदें
Zocin खरीदें
Zocin Ds खरीदें
Zocin M खरीदें
Z Oflox (Swiss) खरीदें
Zolcin O खरीदें
Zynoff खरीदें
Aflon O खरीदें
Aflon खरीदें
Agloflox खरीदें
Alfox खरीदें
Alof खरीदें
Alproxen खरीदें
Althoflox खरीदें
Amoflox खरीदें
Anoflox खरीदें
Antibact खरीदें
Aoxin खरीदें
Azoff खरीदें
Bacbye Oz खरीदें
Bactof खरीदें
Biotic खरीदें
Bru O खरीदें
Brutaflox खरीदें
Comoflox खरीदें
Cozan खरीदें
Culox खरीदें
Curof खरीदें
Dermoflox खरीदें
Edoxin खरीदें
Elox खरीदें
Endif खरीदें
Eufoquin खरीदें
Evaflox खरीदें
Bestoflox खरीदें
Exvid खरीदें
Harpoon खरीदें
Flocin (Lyphomed) खरीदें
Flojo खरीदें
Of खरीदें
Flomed खरीदें
Oflacin खरीदें
Florads खरीदें
Ofler खरीदें
Flora (Sev) खरीदें
Oflin खरीदें
Florobid खरीदें
Ronflox खरीदें
Floxid (Nicholas) खरीदें
Zanocin खरीदें
Floxin (Targof Pure Drugs) खरीदें
Flox O खरीदें
Acflox खरीदें
Flox Pc खरीदें
Acoflox खरीदें
Floxur खरीदें
Aflox (Psyco Remedies) खरीदें
Floxvir खरीदें
Agroflox खरीदें
Fl खरीदें
Amoflox(Kaizen) खरीदें
Fq खरीदें
Anaflox खरीदें
F खरीदें
Atflox खरीदें
Genflox खरीदें
Azoflox (Macmillon) खरीदें
G Flo खरीदें
Bacter खरीदें
Gkon खरीदें
Benzon खरीदें
Gyrofix खरीदें
Bidoflox खरीदें
Gyrostat खरीदें
Hanuflox खरीदें
Bioff खरीदें
Hiflo खरीदें
Boxer खरीदें
Hiflox खरीदें
Broadbact खरीदें
Himocin खरीदें
Cachof खरीदें
Hipoflox खरीदें
Canoxcin खरीदें
Iviflox खरीदें
Cioff खरीदें
Joncip खरीदें
Clofcin खरीदें
Kilbact (I Med) खरीदें
Curadex खरीदें
Kimflox खरीदें
Macoflo खरीदें
Dioflo खरीदें
Manocid खरीदें
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