High BP can affect sex life. High blood pressure during sexual activity can also affect sexual satisfaction. Scientific research confirms that the sex life of men is affected due to high BP, but there is a lack of research regarding women. Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that women suffering from high BP also have problems regarding satisfaction related to sex life.

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Today in this article you will learn about the relationship between high BP and sex life -

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  1. The challenge for men with high BP
  2. The challenge for women due to high BP
  3. Effects of High BP Medicines on sex life
  4. Treatment of high BP and sex problem
  5. Lifestyle changes
  6. Takeaway
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When the amount of blood pressure in the body increases, men may have to face the following types of problems during sexual intercourse -

  • High BP damages the lining of the blood vessels and the arteries start shrinking. Because of this, the blood flow in the penis starts decreasing.
  • Due to less blood flow, men may have difficulty having an erection during sex. This is called erectile dysfunction. This is a very common problem.
  • If erectile dysfunction occurs even once, then it instills fear in men. They start abstaining from sex so that this problem does not happen again. Because of this, the relationship with the partner also gets affected.
  • Ejaculation is also affected by high BP and sexual desire starts decreasing. Medicines related to blood pressure can also have this effect. In such a situation, it would be better to consult a doctor.

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The effect of high BP on sexual problems of women is not been fully understood till now. Nevertheless, it can be said that high BP can affect the sex life of women. Come, let's know about this -

  • High blood pressure can reduce blood flow to the vagina and can also reduce nitric oxide levels. Nitric oxide helps in relaxing the muscles of the vagina.
  • High BP can lead to low sex drive or arousal in some women. Also, there can be a problem in reaching orgasm. Apart from this, there can also be a problem of dryness in the vagina. In such a situation, by using lubrication for sex and by improving the way of getting excited, the woman can get some help.
  • Like men, women can also face problems related to anxiety and relationship due to sexual dysfunction. Women should talk to the doctor in case of any such problem.

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Some high blood pressure medicines can affect sex drive or sexual function, which are as follows -

  • Medicines for high blood pressure can reduce the blood flow to the penis, due to which there can be problems in getting an erection.
  • The body needs a nutrient called zinc, which helps in the formation of the sex hormone i.e. testosterone. At the same time, high BP medicines can reduce the level of zinc, which has a direct effect on testosterone.
  • Older beta blockers like propranolol are also linked to sexual dysfunction.

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Due to high blood pressure, the problem of having sex for both men and women can be solved in the following way -

  • Talking to the doctor openly and honestly can help in treatment. Along with this, help can also be found in removing any kind of sexual challenge. Apart from this, the medicines being taken, relationship with a sexual partner and stress, etc. should be discussed openly with the doctor.
  • On the advice of the doctor, taking blood pressure medicines can be stopped for some time, so that it can be found out whether it improves the sexual symptoms or not. During this, take blood pressure readings regularly at home and keep a complete record.
  • Men must consult a doctor before taking medicines for erectile dysfunction. It should be noted that erectile dysfunction medicines are not recommended for men who have severe heart disease along with urination or urinary tract problems.
  • Erectile dysfunction drugs should never be taken with nitrate drugs used to treat chest pain, which can dangerously affect blood pressure.

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Blood pressure can be reduced by improving lifestyle, which can also improve sex life. For this, you can follow the following methods -

  • Stay away from smokingalcohol, and tobacco.
  • Healthy food intake.
  • Reducing the amount of salt in the diet.
  • Exercise and do yoga regularly.
  • Trying to reduce excess weight.

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When BP is uncontrolled, both men and women may have to face dissatisfaction with sex. Men may have erectile dysfunction and women may have less arousal. In such a situation, a doctor must be consulted before taking any BP medicine, because BP medicines can affect sex drive or sexual function. Along with this, a good lifestyle should be followed and stay away from stress.

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