There are two types of blood pressure - low blood pressure (hypotension) and high blood pressure (hypertension i.e. high BP). There are two types of hypertension - essential hypertension and secondary hypertension. If blood pressure is not kept under control, many problems can occur. These include heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, etc. In such a situation, according to the doctor, people suffering from BP problems should keep getting their checkups done from time to time.

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  1. What are blood pressure range and blood pressure action?
  2. Be careful while taking medicines
  3. Reasons for not having normal blood pressure
  4. Purpose of blood pressure test
  5. How to control high BP
  6. Takeaway
Doctors for What You Need to Know About High Blood Pressure

First, it is necessary to understand what is blood pressure action. When the heart pumps blood, pressure is exerted on the blood vessels. This is called blood pressure. The maximum and minimum amount of this pressure is noted through the BP machine. But when the blood vessels constrict, the heart needs extra pressure to pump blood. It can take the form of a medical condition, in which there can be damage to the brain, heart, kidneys, and eyes. Blood pressure is divided into two ranges -

  • The upper value which is 90
  • The lower value which is 120

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If we talk about adult people, then 30 percent of people i.e. almost every third person is suffering from this disease. It has taken the form of such a common disease that more than half of the people above 50-60 years of age have high blood pressure problems. In this case, medicines help control this condition, but how to consume these medicines is explained below -

  • BP medicines should be taken regularly
  • These should not be skipped once BP is controlled.
  • If there is a problem with BP, pressure should be checked before eating in the morning and evening for 4-5 consecutive days, if BP is repeatedly coming towards high, then a high dose may be needed, whereas if the value of BP comes down, then in low dose Want to take medicine.
  • If the blood pressure suddenly rises to 220/130, one should go to the hospital immediately.

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It is believed that if the blood pressure is more than 140/90 then it is a condition of hypertension, but if one's blood pressure is 130/80 then it can also harm the body. At present, the reasons for which BP is not normal can be the following -

  • Most people are not aware of their blood pressure
  • Not taking proper treatment even after diagnosis
  • not taking medicines regularly

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While checking BP, mainly three purposes are kept in mind -

  • Blood pressure is not due to some other disease
  • There is no diabetes or high cholesterol along with high BP
  • Is there damage to any organ due to high BP?
  • Only after this, it is decided how high BP should be controlled.

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There are two ways to control high BP - lifestyle changes and medication -

  • Lifestyle changes - maintaining weight, eating a balanced diet (low in salt and high in potassium), exercising regularly (including brisk walking for 30 minutes), avoiding heavy work, and smoking and alcohol consumption Don't
  • Medication - In some people, BP can be controlled through medicines. If someone is afraid of the side effects of these medicines, then tell them that these side effects are very less.

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It is important to keep blood pressure balanced. If it exceeds the normal level, it can cause various types of heart diseases. Therefore, to keep blood pressure under control, a good diet should be taken, a balanced life should be taken and if someone has any problem related to BP, then he should keep taking medicines on the advice of the doctor.

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