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High blood pressure, also known as Hypertension, means that the blood pressure in the body has reached unhealthy levels. Blood pressure is the force that the blood exerts on the walls of blood vessels (arteries) and the extent of resistance that the blood receives when the heart pumps. Long-time increased blood pressure can lead to heart-related (cardiovascular) health problems.

Hypertension can be broadly divided into two main types-  primary or essential hypertension and secondary hypertension. Mild high blood pressure may be without any symptoms (asymptomatic), hence, people with a mild increase in blood pressure can remain unaware of their condition. However, in people with severe hypertension, there can be alarming symptoms such as a headache. High blood pressure could be a result of some underlying or associated health problem. 

However, at times, the cause of high blood pressure could remain unknown. Management of hypertension mainly includes restriction of salt in the diet, physical exercise, and taking medicines to regulate blood pressure. If there is a delay in detecting high blood pressure and starting treatment, there may be serious complications such as heart attack (acute myocardial infarction) and eye problems (retinopathy). Outcome mostly depends on the underlying cause and the treatment received. The outcome of hypertension is affected in people with diabetes. Management of high blood pressure requires a lifelong commitment to bringing changes in lifestyle and taking medications throughout life. As such, it could be difficult for people with high blood pressure to stick to their medications. This is the reason why a timely visit to clinics with regular checkups and doctor’s counseling play a vital role in managing high blood pressure.

  1. What is high blood pressure
  2. High BP (High Blood Pressure) Symptoms
  3. High BP (High Blood Pressure) Causes and Risk Factors
  4. Prevention of High BP (High Blood Pressure)
  5. Diagnosis of High BP (High Blood Pressure)
  6. High BP (High Blood Pressure) Treatment
  7. High BP (High Blood Pressure) Complications
  8. Ayurvedic medicine, treatment and remedies for High blood pressure
  9. Foods to reduce and control blood pressure
  10. Homeopathic medicine, treatment and remedies for High Blood Pressure
  11. Medicines for High Blood Pressure

What is high blood pressure

Over the past several years, High blood pressure (also known as Hypertension) has emerged as a major cause of death in India. It is a very common chronic health problem. Once you develop high blood pressure, it becomes necessary to take anti-hypertensive treatment and bring lifestyle changes for the whole life. High blood pressure is a significant risk factor for the development of heart diseases, strokes, ischemic cardiac diseases, and kidney failure. Hence, if high blood pressure is not well-controlled it can lead to other health conditions. The risk of high blood pressure and its treatment outcome is related to a person’s lifestyle, dietary habits, and family history of high blood pressure. Routine health checkups after the age of 30 can surely help monitor blood pressure, as well as, other health issues. Electronic automatic blood pressure monitoring machines can be used at home. These blood pressure monitoring machines are are easy to use and the readings can be understood easily. High blood pressure cases are increasing in number every year and it is predicted to be a leading cause of disability and death by 2020.

High BP (High Blood Pressure) Symptoms

The most striking feature of high blood pressure is that it can go unnoticed as most of the time it can be without any symptoms. Most people with high blood pressure are unaware of their condition. Hence, it is necessary to visit your doctor regularly so that you will not miss any changes in your blood pressure levels.
If you have  uncontrolled blood pressure, then you may notice the following symptoms:

  • Severe headache – You may feel a heaviness in head or pain because of high blood pressure.
  • Fatigue or confusion- You may feel weak or uneasiness or disorientation.
  • Vision problems – You may experience blurring of vision or double vision.
  • Chest pain – You may feel sharp pain or heaviness in the chest.
  • Difficulty breathing – You may feel you are unable to breathe properly.
  • Palpitation- You may feel your own heartbeats.
  • Blood in the urine – Rarely, you may notice dark colored urine or slightly brownish color urine.

High BP (High Blood Pressure) Causes and Risk Factors

There are several causes of high blood pressure. Your doctor can ask your personal history like diet, habits, and family history to find out the cause of high blood pressure. There may be one or more causes which can be responsible for your high blood pressure.
  • Most times, the cause can be unknown or unidentifiable.
  • High blood pressure can be secondary to increased weight, diabetes, kidney disease, and difficulty in breathing while sleeping.
  • Obesity – excessive weight can lead to an increase in blood pressure.
  • Stress – Stressful life can affect blood pressure significantly.
  • Genetic factors- high blood pressure runs in families. 
  • Unhealthy lifestyle-  Tobacco smoking and chewing, drinking excessive alcohol, junk food.
  • Pregnancy- Pregnancy-induced high blood pressure can be seen in some females.
  • Drugs- Some drugs which you are taking may be responsible for developing high blood pressure.
Risk Factors
There are many factors which can increase your risk of developing high blood pressure. These include:
  • Age- Blood pressure increases as your age increases.
  • Sex- It is more common in men than women.
  • Family history- If your maternal or paternal family members have a  history of high blood pressure, then you should do regular checkup for blood pressure as you may develop high blood pressure as well. 
  • Obesity- Increase in weight increases the chances of developing high blood pressure.
  • Sedentary lifestyle- Avoiding physical activities and a sedentary lifestyle can increase your weight which can increase your blood pressure. So, exercise and physical activity are important in order to maintain your blood pressure.
  • Tobacco use- Tobacco chewing is a most dangerous risk factor as it is responsible for narrowing of your arteries by increasing the thickness of walls of arteries.
  • Excessive salt intake- Increased salt intake is an important risk factor for high blood pressure as it holds the fluids in our body which will increase the load on the heart.
  • Alcohol- Drinking too much alcohol is hazardous for the heart. Taking more than one drink for women and 2 drinks for men increases the risk of developing high blood pressure. 
  • Stressful life- More you take on stress in your life, the more you will suffer from high blood pressure 
  • Secondary conditions- Conditions like diabetes can increase the risk of developing hypertension.
  • Pregnancy- It can lead to high blood pressure in some females.

Prevention of High BP (High Blood Pressure)

It is possible to prevent or delay the onset of high blood pressure by making changes in your lifestyle. Here are factors that help in keeping a check on blood pressure and can in turn help in preventing high blood pressure:

  • Healthy eating habits
    Avoid junk food and limit eating out. Always choose healthy options over unhealthy options. Read the contents of the food package to keep a check on what you are eating and how much you are eating. This will help to maintain weight.
  • Mild-Moderate regular physical exercises A 30-minute walk or 15 minutes jogging is sufficient to maintain your health. So, adopt these exercises in your daily routine.
  • Avoiding or limiting alcohol intake and smoking
    This can help prevent the development of hypertension. Smoking and alcohol are risk factors for high blood pressure, therefore, try to limit them or if possible, avoid them completely.

Diagnosis of High BP (High Blood Pressure)

For the diagnosis of high blood pressure, you need to visit the doctor for measurement of your blood pressure. The blood pressure is measured using an instrument called sphygmomanometer. This instrument is designed to measure the blood pressure by folding a cuff around your upper arm and pumping air into it by hand. Alternately, blood pressure measurement can also be performed using electronic machines. The reason for placing the cuff on the upper arm is that it has a blood vessel called the brachial artery. Beneath the brachial artery, is a big artery of arm compression. During blood pressure measurement, inflating air will stop the flow of blood and the release of air will allow your doctor to hear using the stethoscope and look for  blood pressure readings on the mercury containing numerical scale. If the blood pressure measurement machine is automatic, it does not contain the mercury numerical scale but has a direct electronic reading display. The display screen  directly shows the blood pressure readings.
Blood pressure is recorded as systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Systolic blood pressure means the pressure measured during heartbeats, whereas, diastolic blood pressure means the pressure measured during the rest period of the heart. Blood pressure measured is represented as systolic pressure by diastolic pressure and the unit is the millimeter of mercury i.e., mm of Hg.
Results of blood pressure measured can be interpreted as:

  • Normal blood pressure – 120/80 mm Hg or below
  • Higher than normal – above 120/80 mm Hg

Even if you’re having a higher range of blood pressure in your first visit, your doctor will take more readings for consistent results before diagnosing you as a patient of high blood pressure and starting treatment. This is because your blood pressure can be high due to anxiety or fear during your first visit, hence, several readings are needed.
If you are diagnosed with high blood pressure, your doctor will ask you for frequent visits to monitor the response of blood pressure to the treatment he/she has started and to modify the treatment accordingly.

High BP (High Blood Pressure) Treatment

High blood pressure cannot be treated completely but can be controlled with proper care and anti-hypertensive drugs to avoid further complications. Treatment of high blood pressure depends upon the blood pressure readings taken by your doctor. An average of two or more readings has to be taken before starting any treatment.

  • If you have a normal blood pressure of 120/80 mm Hg or below, your doctor will advise you to follow a healthy lifestyle such as healthy diet and exercise to avoid development of increased blood pressure.
  • If your systolic BP (Blood pressure) is 120-129 mm Hg but diastolic BP is less than 80 mm Hg, your doctor will diagnose you as an elevated blood pressure patient that falls in the category of PREHYPERTENSION. At this stage, you may not require drugs, but, may require diet and exercise inclusion in your daily routine. Your doctor may ask you to monitor BP once in every  15 days by electronic machines at home or by visiting a clinic. 
  • If your systolic BP is 130-139 mm Hg and diastolic BP is less than 80 – 89 mm Hg, this means you have stage 1 hypertension.  In this case, your doctor may advise you one or more anti-hypertensive drugs, along with, diet modification, exercise, and strict BP monitoring.
  • If your systolic BP is 140 mm Hg or more and diastolic BP is less than 90 mm Hg or more, it means you have stage 2 hypertension or high blood pressure. In this case, your doctor will advise you more than one anti-hypertensive drug and strict diet modification and exercise routine, along with, strict BP monitoring.
  • Drugs like calcium channel blockers, ACE inhibitors, beta-blockers, and diuretics are used as antihypertensive drugs. One of these drugs or a combination of two or more drugs is used to control high blood pressure. The choice of drug for your treatment is decided by your doctors depending upon severity, blood pressure readings, age, and availability of medicines.
  • Anti-hypertensive drugs (when taken regularly without fail), along with, salt restriction, avoiding stress and following daily routine exercises as advised by your doctor will help you to control your blood pressure effectively.  These measures will also avoid further complications due to high blood pressure. 

Healthy lifestyle changes include

  • Eating healthy 
    Stop eating fried, junk food and start including green vegetables, fresh fruits, and whole grains in your diet.
  • Limiting intake of alcohol 
    limiting the intake of alcohol and tobacco or if possible avoiding it completely can help in regulating your blood pressure.
  • Use of less salt or avoiding canned foods because they contain high sodium.
  • Staying fit
    Including simple exercises like walking and jogging in your daily routine can keep you fit and also keep a check on your blood pressure. You may include exercises like swimming, High-intensity workout, but only, with permission of your doctor and under the guidance of an expert.
  • Managing stress
    Stress could also be an important contributor to high blood pressure. Taking up activities that manage stress such as yoga, meditation, deep breathing exercises can help in coping with stress and in managing your blood pressure.

Lifestyle changes will be very helpful if you are diagnosed with high blood pressure. Modifications in your daily routine life are important to control high blood pressure. Healthy measures to ensure a healthy lifestyle may lead to a reduction of the dose of your medication and control the blood pressure to avoid further complications. Such changes include:

  • Watch your weight 
    It is the most effective way to control your blood pressure as an increase in weight will lead to an increase in blood pressure and vice versa. Obesity can be a risk factor for developing increased blood pressure. You must aim to reach the appropriate weight for your height and age. An ideal body mass index should be between 18 and 24.5 kg/m2. 
  • Exercise regularly 
    It is important to add exercise to your daily routine to avoid many health problems. Activities such as 30 minutes’ walk for at least 5 days a week can help you to control your blood pressure. Most importantly, you should exercise regularly for best results. Other exercises which you may include in your daily activities are swimming, dancing, jogging, running, etc. Consult your doctor or physical fitness expert before starting any exercise.
  • Follow the DASH Diet 
    A healthy diet is a key to good health. A healthy diet includes whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and low-fat dairy products. Also, foods with saturated fats and good cholesterol. This diet is also called as Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet. Always keep motivating yourself for a good healthy diet as it is difficult to switch eating habits which you were following for long. Don’t keep unhealthy foodstuffs in the kitchen which can make you crave and disturb your diet.
  • Restrict salt intake 
    Reduction in dietary sodium is very important for keeping blood pressure under control. Always read the content of food labels. Your doctor may advise you salt restriction in diet. It will be beneficial to avoid sprinkling additional salt on an already prepared dish.
  • Limit Alcohol
    Alcohol if taken in moderate amount can be beneficial for the heart but if taken in excess, it can be harmful. You can talk to your doctor about understanding the effects of alcohol and how much you should consume.
  • Quit smoking
    Smoking increases blood pressure. You can slowly reduce cigarette smoking and then stop smoking for avoiding the risk of developing heart disease and also for overall good health.
  • Manage stress
    A stressful lifestyle can lead to an increase in blood pressure. Relieving stress by keeping calm and learning meditation can help control your blood pressure.
  • Visit your doctor 
    Regular visits and checkup can help you monitor your blood pressure and your doctor will be able to notice the effect of treatment and if necessary modifications can be made. Even if you are healthy, regular blood pressure checkup can help you get diagnosed with high blood pressure if you are asymptomatic.
  • Seek support
    To live a healthy life, family and friends support is important as they help reduce your stress.

High BP (High Blood Pressure) Complications


Prognosis of high blood pressure depends upon the underlying cause and the age of the patient. In case of essential hypertension, the prognosis can be poor and high blood pressure can lead to further complications if not well-controlled. In the case of secondary hypertension, if the cause is treated, the prognosis will improve gradually and blood pressure will be in control. With an increase in age, blood pressure also increases and so do the complications like heart disease and kidney failure. A slight reduction in blood pressure can prevent serious disabilities and complications. Hence, you need to monitor your High blood pressure and follow your doctor’s instructions to keep it always under control.


If high blood pressure is not well-controlled with medication and lifestyle modifications, it can lead to serious complications like:

  • Stroke
    In a stroke, due to high blood pressure, there is blockage or narrowing of blood vessels which block the blood flow to the brain causing sudden death of brain cells. It can lead to paralysis or loss of speech.
  • Coronary heart diseases
    Due to an increase in blood pressure, in coronary heart diseases, there is damage to the arteries and deposition of platelets which further cause narrowing of the arteries. As a result, the blood flow to the heart is decreased.
  • Heart attack
    Sudden decrease in blood flow to the heart can lead to heart attack, also known as myocardial infarction.
  • Chronic kidney failure
    Prolonged high blood pressure can damage your kidneys.
  • Death
    If blood pressure becomes very high and leads to severe complications for which intensive care is not provided immediately, it can potentially lead to death.

Medicines for High Blood Pressure

Medicines listed below are available for High Blood Pressure. Please note that you should not take any medicines without doctor consultation. Taking any medicine without doctor's consultation can cause serious problems.

Medicine NamePack SizePrice (Rs.)
AtenexAtenex 25 Mg Tablet33.0
AtenAten 100 Mg Tablet47.0
AtparkAtpark 10 Mg Tablet35.0
BetacardBetacard 100 Mg Tablet58.0
HibesorHibesor 25 Mg Tablet10.0
TenololTenolol 100 Tablet59.0
TenomacTenomac 25 Mg Tablet26.0
TenorminTenormin 100 Mg Tablet58.0
UtlUtl 25 Mg Tablet7.0
ZiblokZiblok 12.5 Mg Tablet5.0
AdbetaAdbeta 12.5 Mg Tablet45.0
AnolAnol 100 Mg Tablet36.0
At BetaAt Beta Tablet27.0
AtecardAtecard 25 Mg Tablet27.0
AtekindAtekind 50 Mg Tablet18.0
AtelolAtelol 100 Mg Tablet38.0
AtenijAtenij 100 Mg Tablet30.0
AtenovaAtenova 25 Mg Tablet29.0
AtidayAtiday 100 Mg Tablet17.0
AtnolAtnol 25 Mg Tablet16.0
AtolAtol 25 Mg Tablet22.0
AtpureAtpure 12.5 Mg Tablet22.0
AtAt Tablet8.0
BenolBenol 50 Mg Tablet21.0
Beta (Stadmed)Beta 100 Mg Tablet36.0
BetanolBetanol Tr 40 Mg Capsule40.0
BetenBeten 12.5 Mg Tablet10.0
CadpresCadpres 100 Mg Tablet56.0
CardenolCardenol 50 Mg Tablet11.0
CatenolCatenol 100 Mg Tablet51.0
HipresHipres 100 Mg Tablet14.0
HytenHyten 50 Mg Tablet18.0
LonolLonol 100 Mg Tablet44.0
ManotenManoten 100 Mg Tablet27.0
ObetaObeta 100 Mg Tablet21.0
OdinolOdinol 100 Mg Tablet26.0
OlateOlate 25 Mg Tablet15.0
OzotenOzoten 25 Mg Tablet11.0
PertenolPertenol 25 Mg Tablet9.0
TeminTemin 25 Mg Tablet14.0
TenoTeno 25 Mg Tablet24.0
TenorexTenorex 25 Mg Tablet10.0
TensicardTensicard 100 Mg Tablet53.0
TensiminTensimin 50 Mg Tablet34.0
TheocardTheocard 50 Mg Tablet20.0
AlotenAloten 50 Mg Tablet14.0
AngitolAngitol 25 Mg Tablet72.0
AtcomAtcom 50 Mg Tablet18.0
Atenolol 50 Mg TabletAtenolol 50 Mg Tablet5.0
AtenopressAtenopress 25 Mg Tablet3.0
AtepresAtepres 50 Mg Tablet24.0
AteseAtese 50 Mg Tablet18.0
AtmostAtmost 25 Mg Tablet20.0
AtorminAtormin 50 Mg Tablet0.0
AtwinAtwin 50 Mg Tablet12.0
Beta LBeta L 1500 Mg Injection119.0
BetaBeta Ointment10.0
B.P.NormB.P.Norm 25 Mg Tablet4.0
CartenCarten 50 Mg Tablet12.0
DilcareDilcare 50 Mg Tablet5.0
DilpresDilpres 25 Mg Tablet22.0
EtopressEtopress 50 Mg Tablet47.0
IntalolIntalol 50 Mg Tablet4.0
LatenolLatenol 25 Mg Tablet4.0
NutinNutin 100 Mg Tablet77.0
PertenPerten 50 Mg Tablet37.0
QuinotenQuinoten 50 Mg Tablet17.0
StanolStanol 25 Mg Tablet15.0
TenosynTenosyn 25 Mg Tablet18.0
Angizem CdAngizem Cd 120 Mg Capsule148.0
Angizem DpAngizem Dp 120 Mg Capsule148.0
AngizemAngizem 180 Mg Tablet170.0
ChannelChannel 120 Mg Tablet Sr106.0
DilcardiaDilcardia 30 Mg Tablet23.0
DilcontinDilcontin 120 Mg Tablet Xl155.0
DilzemDilzem 30 Mg Tablet23.0
DtmDtm 30 Mg Tablet25.0
Dz CdDz Cd 120 Mg Capsule23.0
IskiIski 30 Mg Tablet24.0
CardemCardem 60 Mg Tablet36.0
DilcalDilcal 30 Mg Tablet26.0
DilkabDilkab 30 Mg Tablet22.0
DilmaxDilmax 30 Mg Tablet21.0
DilocorDilocor 30 Mg Tablet17.0
Dilter CdDilter Cd 120 Mg Capsule423.0
DiltiDilti 30 Mg Tablet17.0
DiltiazDiltiaz 30 Mg Tablet16.0
DiltilongDiltilong 30 Mg Tablet19.0
DiltimeDiltime 120 Mg Tablet Sr55.0
DilzexDilzex 30 Mg Tablet26.0
DzDz 30 Mg Tablet16.0
DzmDzm 30 Mg Tablet19.0
HeartilHeartil 90 Mg Tablet53.0
IonozemIonozem 30 Mg Tablet23.0
Ionozem CdIonozem Cd 120 Mg Tablet57.0
KaizemKaizem 120 Mg Capsule75.0
Kaizem CdKaizem Cd 120 Mg Capsule150.0
Dilcare (Olcare)Dilcare 30 Mg Tablet20.0
DilgardDilgard 90 Mg Capsule Xl72.0
DiltiactDiltiact 2% Gel85.0
DiltiazemDiltiazem 30 Mg Tablet7.0
TriazemTriazem Tablet56.0
CarcaCarca 10 Mg Tablet Cr68.0
CardivasCardivas 12.5 Mg Tablet75.0
CardolCardol 3.125 Mg Tablet11.0
CarlocCarloc 12.5 Mg Tablet105.0
CarvibetaCarvibeta 12.5 Mg Tablet34.0
CarvifloCarviflo 10 Mg Tablet Cr59.0
CarvilCarvil 12.5 Mg Tablet78.0
CarvipressCarvipress 12.5 Mg Tablet63.0
CarvistarCarvistar 12.5 Mg Tablet39.0
CarzecCarzec 12.5 Mg Tablet61.0
CaditoneCaditone 3.125 Mg Tablet7.0
CardinormCardinorm 12.5 Mg Tablet48.0
CardipureCardipure 12.5 Mg Tablet46.0
CarvasCarvas 6.25 Mg Tablet17.0
CarvedayCarveday 12.5 Mg Tablet33.0
CarvedilCarvedil 25 Mg Tablet45.0
Carvedilol 3.125 Mg TabletCarvedilol 3.125 Mg Tablet5.0
CarvelCarvel 6.25 Mg Tablet39.0
CarvidexCarvidex 12.5 Mg Tablet31.0
CarvimedCarvimed 12.5 Mg Tablet29.0
CaslotCaslot 25 Mg Tablet52.0
CaveCave 12.5 Mg Tablet24.0
CevasCevas 12.5 Mg Tablet34.0
CvlCvl 6.25 Mg Tablet16.0
Amlodac TabletAmlodac 10 Mg Tablet74.0
AmlogardAmlogard 10 Mg Tablet148.0
AmlokindAmlokind 10 Mg Tablet25.0
AmlongAmlong 10 Mg Tablet74.0
AmlopresAmlopres 10 Mg Tablet49.0
AmlosafeAmlosafe 10 Mg Tablet58.0
AmlovasAmlovas 10 Mg Tablet88.0
Amtas TabletAmtas 10 Mg Tablet74.0
Stamlo TabletStamlo 10 Mg Tablet74.0
AcordAcord 5 Mg Tablet29.0
AdpAdp 10 Mg Tablet27.0
AginalAginal 10 Mg Tablet7.0
AldoAldo 10 Mg Tablet43.0
AmcardAmcard 10 Mg Tablet30.0
Amchek TabletAmchek 10 Mg Tablet45.0
Amdac 5 Mg TabletAmdac 5 Mg Tablet25.0
AmdepinAmdepin 10 Mg Tablet49.0
AmfirstAmfirst 10 Mg Tablet31.0
AmlanAmlan 10 Mg Tablet37.0
Amlan SAmlan S 2.5 Mg Tablet21.0
AmloAmlo 10 Mg Tablet59.0
Amlo CbAmlo Cb 2.5 Mg Tablet18.0
AmlochemAmlochem 5 Mg Tablet31.0
AmlodAmlod 5 Mg Tablet12.0
Amlod AtAmlod At 5 Mg Tablet23.0
Amlodipine 5 Mg TabletAmlodipine 5 Mg Tablet3.0
AmlogenAmlogen 10 Mg Tablet118.0
AmlogoldAmlogold 2.5 Mg Tablet40.0
AmlokathAmlokath 5 Mg Tablet26.0
AmlokosAmlokos 2.5 Mg Tablet6.0
AmlolAmlol 10 Mg Tablet54.0
AmlopinAmlopin 10 Mg Tablet49.0
AmlorAmlor 5 Mg Tablet18.0
AmlotusAmlotus 10 Mg Tablet35.0
AmlovinAmlovin 2.5 Mg Tablet16.0
AmlozAmloz 10 Mg Tablet70.0
AmlozoneAmlozone 2.5 Mg Tablet97.0
AmoAmo 10 Mg Tablet18.0
AmodepAmodep 5 Mg Tablet12.0
AmpaceAmpace 2.5 Mg Tablet23.0
AmpineAmpine 2.5 Mg Tablet7.0
AmrapAmrap 5 Mg Tablet140.0
AmsetAmset 5 Mg Tablet19.0
AmvascAmvasc 10 Mg Tablet20.0
AmvioAmvio 2.5 Mg Tablet17.0
AmwelAmwel 2.5 Mg Tablet21.0
Angicam TabletAngicam 2.5 Mg Tablet9.0
AngiguardAngiguard 10 Mg Tablet11.0
AsomexAsomex 2.5 Mg Tablet68.0
Big DvrBig Dvr 2.5 Mg Tablet18.0
CalchekCalchek 10 Mg Tablet61.0
CamloCamlo 2.5 Mg Tablet14.0
CamlodipCamlodip 10 Mg Tablet46.0
CardCard 10 Mg Tablet33.0
CorvadilCorvadil 10 Mg Tablet46.0
Dipal FDipal F 20 Mg Tablet20.0
EmadineEmadine 10 Mg Tablet41.0
EsamEsam 2.5 Mg Tablet Tablet 2.5 Mg47.0
EsamlovinEsamlovin Tablet 5 Mg45.0
EsloEslo 1.25 Mg Tablet43.0
EspinEspin 2.5 Mg Tablet36.0
KlodipKlodip 2.5 Mg Tablet10.0
LamaLama 10 Mg Tablet33.0
LopinLopin 10 Mg Tablet104.0
MalodipMalodip 2.5 Mg Tablet18.0
MilopinMilopin 2.5 Mg Tablet8.0
MloMlo 10 Mg Tablet12.0
PrimodilPrimodil 10 Mg Tablet46.0
S AmcardS Amcard 2.5 Mg Tablet14.0
SamlodaySamloday 2.5 Mg Tablet23.0
S AmlosafeS Amlosafe 1.25 Mg Tablet10.0
TopdipTopdip 10 Mg Tablet44.0
UdpUdp 5 Mg Tablet6.0
VamloVamlo 2.5 Mg Tablet12.0
A 1A 1 5 Mg Tablet12.0
AaminAamin 5 Mg Tablet29.0
AdblockAdblock 5 Mg Tablet14.0
AmadayAmaday 10 Mg Tablet39.0
AmcaAmca 5 Mg Tablet60.0
AmlibonAmlibon 5 Mg Tablet15.0
AmlinAmlin 5 Mg Tablet11.0
AmlipAmlip 10 Mg Tablet61.0
AmloactAmloact 2.5 Mg Tablet14.0
AmlocareAmlocare 2.5 Mg Tablet19.0
AmlocomAmlocom 5 Mg Tablet18.0
AmlocorAmlocor 5 Mg Tablet24.0
AmloedgeAmloedge 5 Mg Tablet12.0
AmlokemAmlokem 5 Mg Tablet60.0
AmlomedAmlomed 10 Mg Tablet38.0
AmlopenAmlopen 5 Mg Tablet15.0
AmlopilAmlopil 2.5 Mg Tablet20.0
AmloprilAmlopril 5 Mg Tablet13.0
AmlopureAmlopure Tablet18.0
AmlostatAmlostat 5 Mg Tablet32.0
AmlosunAmlosun 10 Mg Tablet48.0
AmlosynAmlosyn 5 Mg Tablet17.0
AmlotrustAmlotrust 2.5 Mg Tablet14.0
Amlovas SAmlovas S 2.5 Mg Tablet Tablet26.0
Avacard (Ranbaxy)Avacard 5 Mg Tablet7.0
AvacardAvacard 5 Mg Tablet7.0
BamloBamlo 2.5 Mg Tablet17.0
BiodipinBiodipin 5 Mg Tablet5.0
BpcBpc 5 Mg Tablet10.0
DefidinDefidin 5 Mg Tablet23.0
Dip TabletDip 10 Mg Tablet26.0
ElpressElpress 5 Mg Tablet20.0
EsamloEsamlo 2.5 Mg Tablet25.0
EsdilEsdil 2.5 Mg Tablet19.0
ExlodepExlodep 5 Mg Tablet27.0
LupidipLupidip 10 Mg Tablet24.0
MyamloMyamlo 5 Mg Tablet19.0
NumloNumlo 2.5 Mg Tablet50.0
OdipineOdipine 5 Mg Tablet12.0
RedipilRedipil 2.5 Mg Tablet35.0
S Amlodipine (Aristo)S Amlodipine 5 Mg Tablet27.0
SamlodonSamlodon 2.5 Mg Tablet19.0
SamlokindSamlokind 2.5 Mg Tablet33.0
S AmlongS Amlong 5 Mg Tablet82.0
SampillSampill 2.5 Mg Tablet29.0
S CamloS Camlo 5 Mg Tablet19.0
SitelodipSitelodip 2.5 Mg Tablet23.0
TenilTenil 50 Mg Tablet22.0
VasogardVasogard 5 Mg Tablet29.0
ArkaminArkamin 100 Mcg Tablet13.0
CatapresCatapres 0.150 Mg Tablet98.0
ClodictClodict 100 Mg Tablet8.0
CloneonCloneon 150 Mg Injection47.0
BenaceBenace 10 Mg Tablet142.0
CelipressCelipress 100 Mg Tablet27.0
AquirisAquiris 12.5 Mg Tablet49.0
ChlorfidChlorfid 12.5 Mg Tablet45.0
ClovetClovet 12.5 Mg Tablet45.0
CtdCtd 12.5 Mg Tablet82.0
KlorzidKlorzid 6.25 Mg Tablet33.0
LupiclorLupiclor 12.5 Mg Tablet53.0
ThaloricThaloric 12.5 Mg Tablet48.0
ThiaklorThiaklor 12.5 Mg Tablet49.0
ThiovasThiovas 12.5 Mg Tablet52.0
ZioneZione 6.25 Mg Tablet38.0
ChlohatChlohat 12.5 Mg Tablet33.0
ThalizideThalizide 12.5 Mg Tablet13.0
CetanilCetanil 10 Mg Tablet70.0
CilacarCilacar 10 Mg Tablet69.0
CilaheartCilaheart 10 Mg Tablet60.0
CilnyCilny 10 Mg Tablet71.0
CinodCinod 10 Mg Tablet76.0
DilnipDilnip 10 Mg Tablet71.0
LnblocLnbloc 10 Mg Tablet71.0
NexovasNexovas 10 Tablet71.0
RancilRancil 10 Mg Tablet76.0
TwincalTwincal 10 Mg Tablet85.0
CcadCcad 10 Mg Tablet57.0
CdpinCdpin 10 Mg Tablet50.0
CentapresCentapres 10 Mg Tablet58.0
CiladuoCiladuo 10 Mg Tablet76.0
CildayCilday 10 Mg Tablet40.0
CildipCildip 10 Mg Tablet60.0
CiledgeCiledge 10 Mg Tablet65.0
CilnicabCilnicab 10 Mg Tablet59.0
CilnikemCilnikem 10 Mg Tablet66.0
CilniparCilnipar 10 Mg Tablet65.0
CilnipineCilnipine 10 Mg Tablet63.0
CilnipresCilnipres 10 Mg Tablet64.0
CiloryCilory 10 Mg Tablet58.0
CilovasCilovas 10 Mg Tablet69.0
CilpinCilpin 10 Mg Tablet50.0
CilrenCilren 20 Mg Tablet105.0
CimlinCimlin 10 Mg Tablet50.0
ClinicabClinicab 20 Mg Tablet84.0
C Udp(Unison)C Udp 10 Mg Tablet14.0
NeodipineNeodipine 10 Mg Tablet50.0
NeualNeual 10 Mg Tablet57.0
NulongNulong 10 Mg Tablet75.0
TorcilinTorcilin 10 Mg Tablet69.0
ZilneuZilneu 10 Mg Tablet60.0
CilatopCilatop 10 Mg Tablet54.0
CildipinCildipin 10 Mg Tablet64.0
CilnidipineCilnidipine 10 Mg Tablet61.0
CilogardCilogard 10 Mg Tablet65.0
CliaduoCliaduo 10 Mg Tablet66.0
C Udp(Unichem)C Udp 5 Mg Tablet10.0
Arbitel AmArbitel Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet121.0
Hhtelm HHhtelm H 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet88.0
Hytel AmHytel Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet81.0
Inditel AmInditel Am 40 Tablet141.0
Misart AMisart A 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet61.0
Newtel AmNewtel Am Tablet45.0
Ngsart AmNgsart Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet70.0
Ozotel AmOzotel Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet20.0
Tazloc AmTazloc Am 40 Tablet94.0
Teldil ATeldil A 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet68.0
Telfirst AmTelfirst Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet86.0
Telista AmTelista Am 40 Mg Tablet163.0
Telma AmTelma 80 Am Tablet265.0
Telmeron AmTelmeron Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet80.0
Telmicon AmTelmicon Am Tablet47.0
Telmikind AmTelmikind Am 40 Mg Tablet43.0
Telmiprime AmTelmiprime Am 40 Mg Tablet70.0
Telmiride AmTelmiride Am 40 Mg Tablet27.0
Telmisafe AmTelmisafe Am 40 Mg Tablet73.0
Telmisurge AmTelmisurge Am Tablet46.0
Telmitime ATelmitime A Tablet75.0
Telmiyug AmTelmiyug Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet106.0
Telpres AmTelpres Am 40 Mg Tablet109.0
Telsite AmTelsite Am 40 Mg Tablet102.0
Telvas AmTelvas Am 40 Mg Tablet59.0
Telza AmTelza Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet66.0
Telzen AmTelzen Am Tablet68.0
Temax AmTemax Am 40 Mg Tablet87.0
Temsan AmTemsan Am 2.5 Mg Tablet86.0
Temsi AmTemsi Am 20 Mg Tablet44.0
Tlet AmTlet Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet110.0
Venpress AmVenpress Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet74.0
Aldo TlAldo Tl 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet72.0
Amdepin TAmdepin T 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet69.0
Amlodac TAmlodac T 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet128.0
Amlogard TmAmlogard Tm 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet80.0
Amlopin TlAmlopin Tl 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet89.0
Amlopres TlAmlopres Tl 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet46.0
Amlosafe TmAmlosafe Tm 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet59.0
Amloz TsAmloz Ts 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet101.0
Amodep TmAmodep Tm 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet42.0
Amvio TsAmvio Ts Tablet62.0
Aquatel AAquatel A 40 Mg Tablet73.0
Asomex TmAsomex Tm 40 Mg/2.5 Mg Tablet149.0
Bp Tel AmBp Tel Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet73.0
Calchek TCalchek T 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet98.0
Cortel ACortel A 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet39.0
Cresar AmCresar Am Tablet46.0
Ecotel AEcotel A 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet89.0
Eldotel AmEldotel Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet66.0
Eritel AmEritel Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet133.0
Espin TmEspin Tm 40 Mg/2.5 Mg Tablet70.0
Hitarget AmHitarget Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet69.0
Macsart AmMacsart Am Tablet83.0
Numlo TmNumlo Tm 40 Mg/2.5 Mg Tablet90.0
Relmisart ARelmisart A 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet100.0
Rptel AmRptel Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet73.0
Sartel AmSartel Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet146.0
Stamlo TStamlo T Tablet107.0
Targit AmTargit Am 40 Mg Tablet158.0
Telar AmTelar Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet76.0
Telcros AmTelcros Am Tablet75.0
Telday AmTelday Am 40 Mg Tablet106.0
Teleact AmTeleact Am 40 Mg Tablet99.0
Telexia AmTelexia Am Tablet99.0
Telhim AmTelhim Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet75.0
Teli AmTeli Am 80 Mg Tablet108.0
Telizy AmTelizy Am 80 Mg/5 Mg Tablet142.0
Telkom AmTelkom Am Tablet73.0
Telly PlusTelly Plus 40 Mg Tablet57.0
Tellzy AmTellzy 40 Am Tablet164.0
Telmichek ATelmichek A Tablet84.0
Telmijub AmTelmijub Am 40 Mg Tablet73.0
Telmikaa AmTelmikaa Am 40 Mg Tablet96.0
Telminorm AmTelminorm Am 40 Mg Tablet98.0
Telmisat AmTelmisat Am 40 Mg Tablet92.0
Telmivas AmTelmivas Am 40 Mg Tablet66.0
Telmore AmTelmore Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet66.0
Telride AmTelride Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet79.0
Telsar ATelsar A 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet148.0
Telsartan AmTelsartan Am 40 Tablet120.0
Teltor AmTeltor Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet75.0
Temmy PlusTemmy Plus 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet63.0
Tsart AmTsart Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet100.0
Tytan AmTytan Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet66.0
Weltelmi AmWeltelmi Am 40 Mg Tablet79.0
Xstan AmXstan Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet32.0
Zytel AmZytel Am Tablet77.0
Olmezest ChOlmezest Ch 20 Tablet109.0
BiselectBiselect 10 Mg Tablet52.75
BisocarBisocar 2.5 Mg Tablet23.9
BisoheartBisoheart 2.5 Mg Tablet40.0
BisokemBisokem 2.5 Mg Tablet38.0
BisvedaBisveda 10 Mg Tablet75.0
Concor CorConcor Cor 1.25 Mg Tablet39.6
Concor TabletConcor 10 Mg Tablet101.4
La BisLa Bis Tablet82.0
TrubisTrubis 2.5 Mg Tablet30.53
ZabestaZabesta 2.5 Mg Tablet42.44
BisblocBisbloc 2.5 Mg Tablet65.0
Bis OdBis Od 2.5 Mg Tablet25.62
CorbisCorbis 2.5 Mg Tablet48.0
QualisQualis 2.5 Mg Tablet39.0
BisamloBisamlo 7.5 Mg Tablet150.0
CorbutylCorbutyl 65 Mg Tablet16.18
AngiosartAngiosart 20 Mg Tablet35.43
CandelongCandelong 16 Mg Tablet61.65
CantarCantar 16 Mg Tablet69.3
BenipackBenipack 4 Mg Tablet234.0
BenitowaBenitowa 4 Mg Tablet89.0
CaritecCaritec 4 Mg Tablet56.33
RasilezRasilez 150 Mg Tablet342.75
CremagelCremagel 2% W/W Gel119.0
DiltigesicDiltigesic 2% Gel108.0
DilgelDilgel 2% W/W Gel90.0
Diltgesic OrganoDiltgesic Organo 2% Gel92.38
Diltigesic OrganoDiltigesic Organo 2% Gel108.0
GlucopticGlucoptic 0.5% W/V Eye Drop38.22
IobetIobet 0.5%W/V Eye Drop36.95
OptipresOptipres 0.5% Eye Drop34.6
AlphadopaAlphadopa 500 Mg Tablet139.0
Am DopaAm Dopa 250 Mg Tablet23.1
DoparDopar 200 Mg Injection30.9
AcetenAceten 12.5 Mg Tablet26.0
AngioprilAngiopril 25 Mg Tablet25.98
ApresolApresol 25 Mg Tablet55.6
TerifinTerifin 25 Mg Tablet18.0
UnilocUniloc 500 Mg Tablet60.0
Acord AAcord A Tablet49.0
Adp AtAdp At 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet43.95
Am AtAm At 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet19.05
Amfirst AtAmfirst At 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet37.0
AmlobidAmlobid 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet31.2
Amlochem AtAmlochem At 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet39.0
Amlogold AtAmlogold At 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet35.0
Amlokath AAmlokath A 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet35.51
AmlonovaAmlonova Tablet30.0
Amlopres AtAmlopres At 25 Tablet69.0
Amlotus AtAmlotus At 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet35.0
AmnolAmnol 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet49.08
Amodep AtAmodep At 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet23.0
Ampace AtAmpace At 50 Mg/5 Mg Tabcap42.86
Ampine AtAmpine At 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet21.59
Amrap AtAmrap At 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet233.43
Amset XtAmset Xt 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet32.5
AmstenAmsten 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet42.2
AmsurgeatAmsurgeat Tablet13.5
Amtas AtAmtas At 25 Tablet51.5
AmtisAmtis 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet34.5
Aridipine AtAridipine At 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet32.0
AtakareAtakare 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet45.71
Atam (Kenn Pharma)Atam 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet18.75
Aten AmAten Am 5 Mg/25 Mg Tablet86.5
Atnol AmAtnol Am Tablet37.82
Avacard AtAvacard At 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet10.0
Benol AmBenol Am 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet27.0
Card AtCard At 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet400.0
Diavasc AtDiavasc At 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet32.15
DipinolDipinol 25 Mg/5 Mg Tablet26.01
LodolLodol 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet57.11
Malodip AtMalodip At 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet32.37
NoldepinNoldepin 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet21.8
Olate AOlate A 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet31.03
Samloday ASamloday A 50 Mg/2.5 Mg Tablet30.77
Stamlo BetaStamlo Beta M Tablet42.0
Systonorm AtSystonorm At 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet19.18
Tenorex PlusTenorex Plus Capsule23.96
Theocard AmTheocard Am Tablet22.0
Udp AtUdp At 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet15.68
A2A2 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet19.56
Aamin AAamin A 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet44.15
Adblock AtAdblock At 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet24.76
Aginal AtAginal At 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet66.5
Aldo AtAldo At 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet33.0
Amaday AtAmaday At 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet30.26
Amca AtAmca At 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet89.0
Amcard AtAmcard At 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet28.5
Amchek AtAmchek At 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet49.6
Amdepin AtAmdepin At Tablet65.0
Amfast AtAmfast At 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet47.0
Amlibon AtAmlibon At 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet11.25
Amlip AtAmlip At 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet55.0
Amlo AtAmlo At 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet54.25
AmlobetAmlobet 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet85.0
Amlocom AtAmlocam At 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet26.12
Amlodac AtAmlodac At 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet80.0
Amloday AtAmloday At Tablet33.5
Amlodus AtAmlodus At 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet36.0
Amloedge AtAmloedge At 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet21.0
Amlokem AtAmlokem At 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet9.48
Amlokind AtAmlokind At 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet17.49
Amlomed AtAmlomed At 2.5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet6.87
Amlong AAmlong A 5 Mg/25 Mg Tablet43.45
AmlonolAmlonol 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet17.72
Amlopen AtAmlopen At 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet75.0
Amlopin AtAmlopin At 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet59.0
Amlosafe AtAmlosafe At 2.5 Mg/25 Mg Tablet45.0
Amlostar AAmlostar A Tablet28.61
Amlostat AtAmlostat At 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet52.0
Amlosyn AtAmlosyn At 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet34.61
AmlotenAmloten 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet39.0
Amlothens AtAmlothens At 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet10.0
Amlowin AtAmlowin At 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet31.26
Amloz AtAmloz At 5 Mg/25 Mg Tablet58.75
Amlozed A TAmlozed A T 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet22.11
Amtas At FAmtas At F 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet83.5
Am TAm T 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet44.1
Amvasc AtAmvasc At 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet24.96
Amvio AtAmvio At Tablet39.0
Angicam BetaAngicam Beta 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet18.0
Angitol PlusAngitol Plus 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet12.1
Anol PlusAnol Plus 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet27.9
Atecard AmAtecard Am 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet72.7
Atecard MAtecard M 5 Mg/50 Mg Tabcap36.05
Atemarc AmAtemarc Am 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet25.0
Atemos AtAtemos At 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet35.0
At MAt M 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet50.83
Atol AmAtol Am Tablet54.0
Atwin AmAtwin Am 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet25.43
Bamlo AtBamlo At 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet25.23
B AmlolB Amlol 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet23.05
Beta AmlolBeta Amlol 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet34.15
Betacard AmBetacard Am 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet14.0
Biodipin AtBiodipin At 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet44.0
Biopress AmBiopress Am Tablet9.0
Bp AtBp At 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet15.0
Bpc AtBpc At 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet20.57
B.P.Norm AtB.P.Norm At 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet20.21
Check AtCheck At 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet55.0
CosloCoslo 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet29.0
Emadine AtEmadine At 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet45.5
Esamlo AtEsamlo At 2.5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet42.68
Etopress AtEtopress At 5 Mg/25 Mg Tablet11.87
Exlodep AtExlodep At Tablet25.5
GericardGericard 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet30.77
JoglitJoglit 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet29.81
Mlo AtMlo At 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet12.5
Myo 24Myo 24 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet43.96
Nutin SaNutin Sa 25 Mg/2.5 Mg Tablet49.51
Odinol AmOdinol Am 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet20.01
Tenil AtTenil At 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet36.0
TenocabTenocab 50 Mg Tablet56.25
TenochekTenochek 50 Mg Tablet68.5
Adp HAdp H 5 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet37.0
Aldo HAldo H 5 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet33.33
Amvio HAmvio H 5 Mg Tablet27.62
L CoreL Core 5 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet28.75
Amdepin HAmdepin H 5 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet29.0
Amlodac HAmlodac H 5 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet47.8
Amlong HAmlong H 5 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet81.4
Amlosafe HAmlosafe H 5 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet37.0
Amtas HtAmtas Ht 5 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet37.5
Asomex DAsomex D 2.5 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet86.9
Espin HEspin H 2.5 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet33.5
Numlo DNumlo D 2.5 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet57.95
Stamlo DStamlo D Tablet49.45
Alis AtAlis At 50 Mg/2.5 Mg Tablet45.0
Amcardia AtAmcardia At 2.5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet47.0
Amwel AtAmwel At 50 Mg/2.5 Mg Tablet52.93
Asomex AtAsomex At 2.5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet119.6
Atpure SaAtpure Sa 25 Mg/2.5 Mg Tablet67.25
Esam AtEsam At 50 Mg/2.5 Mg Tablet71.0
Esdil AtEsdil At 50 Mg/2.5 Mg Tablet35.9
Eslo AtEslo 2.5 At Tablet119.6
Samlodon AtSamlodon At 50 Mg/2.5 Mg Tablet38.36
Samlokind AtSamlokind At 50 Mg/2.5 Mg Tablet48.4
S Amlosafe AtS Amlosafe At 50 Mg/2.5 Mg Tablet41.6
Sampill AtSampill At 50 Mg/2.5 Mg Tablet49.0
Alis RAlis R 2.5 Mg/2.5 Mg Tablet28.87
Ampine RlAmpine Rl 5 Mg/2.5 Mg Tablet35.33
Cardace AmCardace Am 5 Mg/5 Mg Tablet140.55
Servace AmServace Am 5 Mg/2.5 Mg Tablet43.31
StamaceStamace 5 Mg/2.5 Mg Capsule71.0
Cardika AmCardika Am 2.5 Mg/5 Mg Capsule16.5
EslorilEsloril 2.5 Mg/2.5 Mg Tablet70.78
Hopace AmHopace Am 5 Mg/2.5 Mg Capsule130.85
Hopecard AmHopecard Am 5 Mg/2.5 Mg Capsule34.67
Race ARace A 5 Mg/2.5 Mg Capsule67.37
Rami RaceRami Race 5 Tablet96.7
Ziram AmZiram Am 5 Mg/2.5 Mg Capsule28.0
Amace BpAmace Bp 5 Mg/10 Mg Tablet73.0
Amlo BAmlo B Tablet171.25
Amcard OmAmcard Om 20 Mg/5 Mg Tablet60.0
Olkem AmOlkem 20 Am Tablet144.0
Olmeblu AmOlmeblu Am 20 Mg/5 Mg Tablet45.0
Olmedox AmOlmedox Am 20 Mg/5 Mg Tablet41.3
Olmefit AmOlmefit Am 20 Mg/5 Mg Tablet70.0
Olmesar AOlmesar A 20 Mg/5 Mg Tablet117.0
Olmezest AmOlmezest Am 40 Tablet168.0
Olmighty AmOlmighty Am 20 Mg/5 Mg Tablet53.7
Olmy AOlmy A 20 Mg/5 Mg Tablet140.1
Olraas AmOlraas Am 5 Mg/20 Mg Tablet88.0
Olsertain AmOlsertain Am 20 Mg/5 Mg Tablet77.5
Olsi AmOlsi Am 20 Mg/5 Mg Tablet85.0
Olways AmOlways Am 20 Mg/5 Mg Tablet65.4
Xirtam AmXirtam Am 20 Mg/5 Mg Tablet84.0
Benitec ABenitec A Tablet95.0
Olcure AmOlcure Am 20 Mg/5 Mg Tablet76.18
Olmark AOlmark A 20 Mg/5 Mg Tablet100.0
Olmecip AmOlmecip Am 20 Mg/5 Mg Tablet120.0
Olmecros AmOlmecros Am Tablet80.0
Olmecule AOlmecule A Tablet80.88
Olmegard AmOlmegard Am 20 Mg/2.5 Mg Tablet93.35
Olmeglare AOlmeglare A 20 Mg/5 Mg Tablet71.0
Olmesafe AmOlmesafe Am 5 Mg/20 Mg Tablet79.9
Olmetime AmOlmetime Am 20 Mg/5 Mg Tablet53.24
Olmetor AmOlmetor Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet155.0
Olmetrack AmOlmetrack Am Tablet93.5
Olmin AOlmin A 20 Mg/5 Mg Tablet90.75
Olmore AmOlmore Am 20 Mg/5 Mg Tablet70.0
Olsavas AmOlsavas Am 20 Mg/5 Mg Tablet86.9
Olsertain Am ActiveOlsertain Am Active 20 Mg/5 Mg Tablet232.0
Olvance AmOlvance Am 20 Mg/5 Mg Tablet108.5
Olvas AmOlvas Am 20 Mg/5 Mg Tablet90.4
Omen AmOmen Am 20 Mg/5 Mg Tablet82.0
Pinom APinom A 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet156.0
Winbp AmWinbp Am 20 Mg/5 Mg Tablet120.7
Amdepin DuoAmdepin Duo 5 Mg/10 Mg Tablet41.33
AmlocholAmlochol 2.5 Mg/10 Mg Tablet39.5
AmtorAmtor 5 Mg/10 Mg Tablet54.95
Asomex CvAsomex Cv 2.5 Mg/10 Mg Tablet58.41
AtodipinAtodipin 5 Mg/10 Mg Tablet69.31
CaduetCaduet 5 Mg/10 Mg Tablet588.0
Ctor AmCtor Am 5 Mg/10 Mg Tablet78.96
EslovaEslova 2.5 Mg/10 Mg Tablet50.01
Modlip AmModlip Am 2.5 Mg/10 Mg Tablet95.0
NumlotorNumlotor 2.5 Mg/10 Mg Tablet82.4
Zivast AmZivast Am 5 Mg/10 Mg Tablet47.0
AmditorAmditor 5 Mg/10 Mg Tablet85.9
CorduoCorduo 5 Mg/10 Mg Tablet75.38
LipitasLipitas 5 Mg/10 Mg Tablet70.0
StamcorStamcor 5 Mg/10 Mg Tablet69.3
StarcadStarcad 12.5 Mg Tablet60.0
Aminodrip (Baxter India)Aminodrip Infusion124.53
Amlod LAmlod L 5 Mg/5 Mg Tablet37.88
Amlokath LAmlokath L 5 Mg/5 Mg Tablet48.93
Amlopres LAmlopres L 5 Mg/5 Mg Tablet136.0
Enzopril A (Exotic Lab)Enzopril A Tablet49.17
InaceInace 5 Mg/5 Mg Tablet26.25
Manage PlusManage Plus 5 Mg/5 Mg Tablet42.86
Aamin LAamin L 5 Mg/5 Mg Tablet49.81
AcedipAcedip Tablet78.55
Aldo LAldo L 5 Mg/5 Mg Tablet48.2
Amchek LAmchek L 5 Mg/5 Mg Tablet71.3
AmlaceAmlace 5 Mg/5 Mg Tablet75.75
Amlo LAmlo L 5 Mg/5 Mg Tablet54.0
Amlosafe LsAmlosafe Ls 2.5 Mg/2.5 Mg Tablet36.0
Amtas LpAmtas Lp Tablet70.0
Biopril AmBiopril Am 5 Mg/5 Mg Tablet50.31
Calchek LCalchek L 2.5 Mg/2.5 Mg Tablet70.4
Dip ADip A 5 Mg/5 Mg Tablet40.66
Etopres LpEtopres Lp 5 Mg/5 Mg Tablet23.5
LailaprilamLailaprilam Tablet20.0
LismolLismol 5 Mg/5 Mg Tablet35.0
Numlo LNumlo L 2.5 Mg/5 Mg Tablet55.32
Zanlodi LpZanlodi Lp 5 Mg/5 Mg Tablet26.25
Amlokem MAmlokem M 2.5 Mg/25 Mg Tablet52.5
Amlovas MAmlovas M 2.5 Mg/25 Mg Tablet73.6
Cardibeta AmCardibeta Am 2.5 Mg/25 Mg Tablet40.0
Embeta AmEmbeta Am 5 Mg/25 Mg Tablet67.5
Lakmet AmLakmet Am 5 Mg/25 Mg Tablet50.0
Metcy AmMetcy Am 5 Mg/25 Mg Tablet50.0
Metlio AmMetlio Am 50 Mg Tablet75.0
Metofid AmMetofid Am 25 Mg Tablet50.0
Metograf AmMetograf Am 25 Mg/5 Mg Tablet42.86
Metolar AmMetolar Am 5 Mg/25 Mg Tablet56.5
Metoright AmMetoright Am 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet75.0
M Prol AmM Prol Am Tablet25.3
Prolomet AmProlomet Am 5 Mg/25 Mg Tablet70.0
Renace AmRenace Am 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet35.0
SelomaxSelomax 2.5 Mg/25 Mg Tablet75.2
Tolol AmTolol Am 25 Mg Tablet60.25
Translol AmTranslol Am 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet65.0
Yugprol AmYugprol Am 50 Tablet99.5
Actiblok AmActiblok Am Tablet75.0
Amlogard MetAmlogard Met 25 Mg/2.5 Mg Tablet52.37
Amlopin MAmlopin M 25 Mg/5 Mg Tablet65.0
Amtas MAmtas M 25 Tablet111.0
Amvio MAmvio M Tablet57.13
Angicam MAngicam M 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet Er40.0
Beboxia AmBeboxia 50 Am Tablet47.62
Best Beta AmBest Beta Am 5 Mg/25 Mg Tablet58.0
Cymet PlusCymet Plus 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet42.5
Evimeto AmEvimeto Am 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet62.0
Excemet AmExcemet Am 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet66.66
Grabeta AmGrabeta Am 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet60.0
Gudpres AmGudpres Am 5 Mg/25 Mg Tablet39.93
Kingbeta AmKingbeta Am 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet105.0
Meritol AmMeritol Am 23.75 Mg/5 Mg Tablet47.0
Metlol AmMetlol Am Capsule63.0
Metlol Sr AmMetlol Sr Am Capsule63.0
Meto AmMeto Am 5 Mg/25 Mg Tablet47.85
Metocard AmMetocard Am 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet90.0
Metonce AmMetonce Am 5 Mg/25 Mg Tablet Xl45.32
Metored AmMetored Am Xl 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet59.05
Metozaar AMetozaar A 5 Mg/25 Mg Tablet30.0
Metromax AmMetromax Am 5 Mg/25 Mg Tablet55.0
Metscore AmMetscore Am Tablet70.0
Met Stamlo ActiveMet Stamlo Active 5 Mg/50 Mg Capsule133.55
Met StamloMet Stamlo 2.5 Mg/25 Mg Capsule56.0
Met Xl AmMet Xl Am 5 Mg/25 Mg Tablet107.25
ProamloProamlo 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet56.11
Protol AmProtol Am 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet72.6
Restopress ARestopress A 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet Er45.9
Revelol AmRevelol Am 2.5 Mg/25 Mg Tablet70.5
Sitelol AmSitelol Am Tablet60.45
Supermet AmSupermet Am Tablet95.1
Sustameto AmSustameto Am Tablet92.3
Velol Xl AmVelol Xl Am 25 Mg Tablet48.57
Vinicor AmVinicor Am 2.5 Mg/25 Mg Tablet70.5
Vivalol AmVivalol Am 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet67.81
Amlokos LAmlokos L 25 Mg/2.5 Mg Tablet21.53
AmlozaarAmlozaar 25 Mg/5 Mg Tablet32.76
Angicam LtAngicam Lt 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet30.0
Biozaar AmBiozaar Am 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet48.25
CovamloCovamlo 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet114.5
Lartan AmLartan Am 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet50.0
Losar ALosar A Tablet99.0
Lotak ALotak A Tablet58.95
Nusar AmNusar Am 25 Mg/5 Mg Tablet32.3
Repace AfRepace Af 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet96.0
Samloday LSamloday L 25 Mg/2.5 Mg Tablet47.17
Alsartan AmAlsartan Am 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet56.0
Amcard LpAmcard Lp 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet46.0
Amchek ZAmchek Z 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet75.9
Amlovas LsAmlovas Ls 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet80.75
AmsartanAmsartan 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet49.5
Amtas LrtAmtas Lrt 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet65.83
Asomex LtAsomex Lt 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet124.05
Esam LtEsam Lt 50 Mg/2.5 Mg Tablet106.0
Eslo TanEslo Tan Tablet123.6
Lanxes ALanxes A 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet39.8
Lara SaLara Sa 50 Mg/2.5 Mg Tablet98.0
Losaral AmLosaral Am Tablet15.0
LotamLotam Tablet51.0
LozadipLozadip 25 Mg/2.5 Mg Tablet25.65
Primodil LPrimodil L Tablet60.0
Relate AdRelate Ad 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet45.25
Repace ARepace A 25 Mg/5 Mg Tablet62.0
Sarpot AmSarpot Am Tablet51.0
TozamTozam 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet96.0
Zilos AmZilos Am 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet32.75
Zortan AmZortan Am 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet79.32
Eritel TrioEritel Trio 40 Mg/5 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet148.2
Ozotel AmhOzotel Amh 40 Mg/5 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet20.0
TahTah 40 Mg Tablet119.0
Tazloc TrioTazloc Trio 40 Mg Tablet108.5
Tellzy AhTellzy Ah 40 Mg Tablet136.45
Telma AmhTelma Amh 40 Tablet162.5
Telmeron AmhTelmeron Amh Tablet85.0
Telmikind AmhTelmikind Amh Tablet66.55
Telmipharm AmhTelmipharm Amh 40 Mg/5 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet85.62
Telsite AmhTelsite Amh 40 Mg/5 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet105.37
Amlopres TrioAmlopres Trio 40 Mg Tablet115.0
Arbitel Am HArbitel Am H Tablet111.88
Cortel TrioCortel Trio Tablet45.0
Cresar PlusCresar Plus Tablet126.5
Inditel AhInditel Ah 40 Tablet131.3
OptidozOptidoz 20 Mg/5 Mg/6.5 Mg Tablet95.5
Targit AmhTargit Amh Tablet97.0
Tel AhTel Ah 40 Mg/5 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet137.0
Telcure AmhTelcure Amh Tablet95.0
Telday TrioTelday Trio Tablet99.0
Teleact TrioTeleact Trio Tablet106.0
Telinor AmhTelinor Amh Tablet92.0
Telmed AhTelmed Ah 40 Mg Tablet90.0
Telmichek AhTelmichek Ah Tablet102.8
Telmikaa AmhTelmikaa Amh Tablet44.9
Telmiride AmhTelmiride Amh Tablet30.0
TelmivasTelmivas 20 Mg Tablet38.25
Telpres AmhTelpres Amh Tablet126.4
Telsartan TrioTelsartan Trio Tablet223.5
Tetan TrioTetan Trio Tablet115.05
TrimacsartTrimacsart 40 Mg/5 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet99.0
Zitelmi AhZitelmi Ah 40 Mg/5 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet55.0
Nusar AmhNusar Amh 50 Mg/2.5 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet100.95
TrilopaceTrilopace 50 Mg/5 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet110.0
Tri LosacarTri Losacar Tablet105.5
Amtas PrpAmtas Prp 5 Mg/4 Mg Tablet121.0
Coversyl AmCoversyl Am 10 Mg/4 Mg Tablet147.0
Apresol HApresol H 25 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet55.0
Atelol DAtelol D 50 Mg/2.5 Mg Tablet55.3
AtemideAtemide 50 Mg/1.25 Mg Tablet49.08
Indap AtIndap At 50 Mg/1.25 Mg Tablet48.57
Tenolol DTenolol D 25 Mg/1.25 Mg Tablet Sr33.0
Aten DAten D 50 Mg/2.5 Mg Tablet61.5
Betabest CdpBetabest Cdp 10 Mg/50 Mg Tablet80.0
Cilacar MCilacar M 10 Mg/50 Mg Tablet86.5
Cilnicab BetaCilnicab Beta 10 Mg/50 Mg Tablet89.0
Ln MetLn Met 10 Mg/25 Mg Tablet75.0
CilametCilamet Xl 25 Tablet75.0
Clinicab BetaClinicab Beta Tablet89.0
Metolow ClMetolow Cl 10 Mg/50 Mg Tablet88.0
Neodipine MNeodipine M Tablet71.42
Nexovas MNexovas M Tablet86.9
Twinblok MTwinblok M 25 Mg Tablet89.0
Beta NicardiaBeta Nicardia 50 Mg/20 Mg Capsule79.41
BetanifBetanif 25 Mg/20 Mg Tablet57.75
NifetololNifetolol 50 Mg/20 Mg Tablet33.68
PresolarPresolar 50 Mg/20 Mg Capsule42.5
SelcaSelca 50 Mg/20 Mg Capsule23.33
Semi Beta NicardiaSemi Beta Nicardia 25 Mg/10 Mg Tablet14.66
BetadropBetadrop 50 Mg/20 Mg Tablet80.0
Beta NifedineBeta Nifedine 50 Mg/20 Mg Capsule28.0
BetatropBetatrop Tablet75.0
CalbetaCalbeta 50 Mg/20 Mg Capsule200.0
DeptenDepten 50 Mg/20 Mg Tablet20.18
NilolNilol 50 Mg/20 Mg Tablet Sr47.5
Nilol HdNilol Hd 25 Mg/10 Mg Tablet47.5
TenofedTenofed 50 Mg/20 Mg Capsule35.0
Bisocar HtBisocar Ht 2.5 Mg/6.25 Mg Tablet21.9
Concor PlusConcor Plus 5 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet92.5
LodozLodoz 2.5 Mg/6.25 Mg Tablet63.5
QualizQualiz 2.5 Mg/6.25 Mg Tablet40.0
Zabesta XloZabesta Xlo 5 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet46.25
ZebestaZebesta 50 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet52.0
Corbis HCorbis H 5 Mg/6.25 Mg Tablet59.0
Trubis HTrubis H 5 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet44.33
Zabesta XZabesta X 2.5 Mg/6.25 Mg Tablet63.25
BitelsarBitelsar 40 Mg/6.25 Mg Tablet78.65
Cortel ChCortel Ch 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet70.0
Tazloc CtTazloc Ct 40 Mg Tablet100.0
Telmeron ChTelmeron Ch 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet75.0
Telmikaa CtTelmikaa Ct 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet59.9
Telmikind CtTelmikind Ct 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet54.0
Telmipack CtTelmipack Ct 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet95.0
Telmisat CtTelmisat Ct 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet60.0
Telmitrust CtTelmitrust Ct 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet90.0
Telpres CtTelpres Ct 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet48.1
Telza ChTelza Ch 80 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet140.95
Temsan CtTemsan Ct 40 Mg Tablet75.8
Tetan CtTetan Ct 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet111.45
Thiovas TThiovas T 40 Mg Tablet50.0
Welartan CWelartan C 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet90.47
Weltelmi CtWeltelmi Ct 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet97.85
Axetel ChAxetel Ch Tablet66.66
Clovet TClovet T 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet85.0
Inditel ChInditel Ch 40 Mg/6.25 Mg Tablet95.5
Macsart ChMacsart Ch Tablet84.7
Misart CMisart C Tablet72.43
Newtel ChNewtel Ch 40 Mg Tablet37.5
Safetelmi CtSafetelmi Ct 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet75.0
Sartel CSartel C 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet109.0
TechlorTechlor 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet98.0
Telday ChTelday Ch 40 Mg Tablet97.0
Teleact CtTeleact Ct 40 Mg Tablet103.0
TelfirstTelfirst Ct 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet88.0
Teli DTeli D Tablet82.0
Tellzy ChTelizy Ch 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet101.8
Telma CtTelma Ct 40 Tablet158.5
Telmed CtTelmed Ct 40 Mg Tablet79.0
Telmijub ChTelmijub Ch 40 Mg Tablet85.0
Telminorm ChTelminorm Ch 40 Mg/12.50 Mg Tablet99.0
TelmurixTelmurix 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet46.45
Telsartan CtTelsartan Ct 40 Mg Tablet98.5
Telvas CtTelvas Ct 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet58.0
Telvas Ct LsTelvas Ct Ls Tablet48.0
ThalitelThalitel 40 Mg Tablet96.0
Thalitel LsThalitel Ls Tablet87.0
Tsart CtTsart Ct 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet104.5
Zytel Ch 40 TabletZytel Ch 40 Tablet73.81
Zytel Ch 80 TabletZytel Ch 80 Tablet111.42
Cardif BetaCardif Beta 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet28.0
Cetanil OCetanil O 20 Mg/10 Mg Tablet119.0
Olmin LnOlmin Ln 20 Mg/10 Mg Tablet93.5
Omen CdpOmen Cdp 20 Mg/10 Mg Tablet85.0
Cilny OCilny O 20 Mg/10 Mg Tablet98.0
Nexovas ONexovas O 20 Tablet99.0
Olmax LnOlmax Ln 20 Mg/10 Mg Tablet95.0
Pinom CPinom C 20 Mg/10 Mg Tablet99.0
TwinolmyTwinolmy 20 Mg Tablet99.0
Celavi TrioCelavi Trio 20 Mg/10 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet119.0
Olkem TrioOlkem Trio 20 Mg/10 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet110.0
Olmin TrioOlmin Trio 20 Mg/10 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet114.4
TrinexovasTrinexovas 20 Mg/10 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet130.0
Nulong TrioNulong Trio 20 Mg/10 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet100.0
Olvan TrioOlvan Trio 20 Mg/10 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet125.0
Cetanil CtCetanil Ct 10 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet103.85
Cilacar CCilacar C 10 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet78.14
Nexovas ChNexovas Ch 10 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet84.0
Cilacar TCilacar T 40 Tablet92.71
Cildip TCildip T 10 Mg/40 Mg Tablet75.0
Cilnicab TmCilnicab Tm 10 Mg/40 Mg Tablet79.0
Cilory TmCilory Tm 10 Mg/40 Mg Tablet81.0
Cilpin TCilpin T 10 Mg/40 Mg Tablet75.0
Eritel LnEritel Ln 10 Mg/40 Mg Tablet126.0
Ordilan TOrdilan T 10 Mg/40 Mg Tablet80.0
Sartel LnSartel Ln 10 Mg/40 Mg Tablet87.0
Telma LnTelma Ln 10 Mg/40 Mg Tablet147.5
TelplusTelplus 10 Mg/40 Mg Tablet75.0
Zilneu TZilneu T 10 Mg/40 Mg Tablet90.0
Cilatop TCilatop T 10 Mg/40 Mg Tablet73.0
Cildipin TCildipin T 10 Mg/40 Mg Tablet81.0
Cilnipar TCilnipar T 5 Mg/40 Mg Tablet98.5
Cinod TCinod T 10 Mg/40 Mg Tablet85.0
Teli ClTeli Cl 40 Mg Tablet70.0
Telmitrust LnTelmitrust Ln Tablet73.32
Torcilin TTorcilin T Tablet84.5
TwintelTwintel 10 Mg/40 Mg Tablet93.4
Cetanil TrioCetanil Trio 40 Mg/10 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet125.0
Cilacar TcCilacar Tc 40 Mg/10 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet114.85
Cilory CtCilory Ct 40 Mg/10 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet120.0
Ecotel CcEcotel Cc 40 Mg/10 Mg/6.25 Mg Tablet118.8
LntrioLntrio 40 Mg/10 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet115.0
Telmeron TrioTelmeron Trio Tablet115.0
Telmipack TrioTelmipack Trio 40 Mg/10 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet120.0
TricinodTricinod 40 Mg/10 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet131.0
Tsart TrioTsart Trio 40 Mg/10 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet118.5
Dilnip Trio TabletDilnip Trio Tablet120.0
Macsart CcMacsart Cc Tablet115.0
Sartel TrioSartel Trio 40 Mg/10 Mg/6.25 Mg Tablet110.0
Telista Trio ClTelista Trio Cl 40 Mg Tablet120.0
Telplus TrioTelplus Trio Tablet100.0
Twintel ChTwintel Ch 40 Mg/10 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet120.0
Cinod NCinod N 2.5 Mg/10 Mg Tablet95.0
LnbetaLnbeta 2.5 Mg/10 Mg Tablet104.5
TwinnebiTwinnebi 2.5 Mg Tablet95.0
Concor AmConcor Am 5 Mg/2.5 Mg Tablet73.0
Bisoheart AmBisoheart Am 5 Mg/5 Mg Tablet68.0
Corbis AmCorbis Am Tablet 2.5 Mg64.85
Zabesta AmZabesta Am 5 Mg/5 Mg Tablet86.0
Olbet CtOlbet Ct 20 Mg/6.5 Mg Tablet78.0
Olmetrack CtOlmetrack Ct 20 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet89.0
Olmin ChOlmin Ch 20 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet96.8
Omen CtOmen Ct 20 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet82.0
BiolsarBiolsar 20 Mg/6.25 Mg Tablet82.45
Olkem CtOlkem 20 Ct Tablet99.0
Olmark CtOlmark Ct 20 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet88.0
Olmax ChOlmax Ch 20 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet93.0
Olmegard CtOlmegard Ct 20 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet85.0
Olmeglare ChOlmeglare Ch 20 Mg/6.25 Mg Tablet70.0
Olmepath ChOlmepath Ch 20 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet85.0
Olmesar ChOlmesar Ch 20 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet104.5
Olmetor ChOlmetor Ch 20 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet95.0
Olsertain CtOlsertain Ct 20 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet90.0
Olvance CtOlvance Ct 20 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet109.0
Pinom CtPinom Ct 20 Mg/6.25 Mg Tablet96.5
Win Bp CtWin Bp Ct 20 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet120.8
Amlodac MAmlodac M Tablet105.0
Asomet XlAsomet Xl 25 Mg/2.5 Mg Tablet57.0
Espin MtEspin Mt 50 Mg/2.5 Mg Tablet62.5
Metpure AmMetpure Am 25 Mg/2.5 Mg Tablet112.0
ExforgeExforge 10 Mg/160 Mg Tablet840.38
FrumideFrumide 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet5.6
FrumilFrumil 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet6.7
AmifruAmifru 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet6.5
Exna KExna K 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet14.5
NatrilamNatrilam 10 Mg Tablet96.0
Amlodac DAmlodac D 5 Mg/1.5 Mg Tablet78.0
Nebipil SaNebipil Sa Tablet100.5
Amlovas SnAmlovas Sn 5 Mg/2.5 Mg Tablet62.46
Nebycare AmNebycare Am 5 Mg/5 Mg Tablet75.0
Nodon AmNodon Am 2.5 Mg/2.5 Mg Tablet71.5
Nubeta SmNubeta Sm 5 Mg/2.5 Mg Tablet116.6
Olmin AhOlmin Ah 20 Mg/5 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet99.0
Olraas AmhOlraas Amh 5 Mg/20 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet99.0
Olsavas 3Olsavas 3 5 Mg/20 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet69.3
Tri OlmesarTri Olmesar 20 Mg/5 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet112.0
TriolmezestTriolmezest 20 Tablet118.0
TriolmightyTriolmighty 20 Tablet70.0
Asomex Oh ForteAsomex Oh Forte Tablet180.0
Asomex OhAsomex Oh Tablet118.0
Olmark AhOlmark Ah 20 Mg/5 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet112.0
Olmewon PlusOlmewon Plus 20 Mg Tablet104.3
Olmy AhOlmy Ah 20 Mg/5 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet120.5
ThriomesarThriomesar Tablet141.9
TriolsertainTriolsertain Tablet52.5
Tri OlvanceTri Olvance 20 Tablet118.0
Tripin OmTripin Om 20 Mg/5 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet118.5
Winbp TrioWinbp Trio 20 Mg/5 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet131.8
Omen ActOmen Act 20 Mg/5 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet98.0
Triolmesar ChTriolmesar Ch 20 Mg Tablet109.0
TriolsarTriolsar 20 Tablet102.25
Triolsar HsTriolsar Hs 20 Mg/5 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet114.25
PolycapPolycap Capsule297.0
Ramisave ChRamisave Ch 10 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet100.0
Repalol HRepalol H 50 Mg/50 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet103.0
Telmed ActTelmed Act 40 Mg/5 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet100.0
Eldotel TrioEldotel Trio 40 Tablet100.0
Telista TrioTelista Trio 40 Mg Tablet93.5
Telma ActTelma Act 40 Mg/5 Mg/6.25 Mg Tablet105.0
TritelsarTritelsar 40 Mg/5 Mg/6.25 Mg Tablet98.9
TenoricTenoric 100 Tablet63.5
Atecard DAtecard D 50 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet50.84
TenoclorTenoclor 100 Mg/25 Mg Tablet127.0
Tenoric LdTenoric Ld 25 Mg Tablet24.0
Tri CardaceTri Cardace 5 Mg/10 Mg/5 Mg Kit149.87
Tri Cardace ForteTri Cardace Forte Kit152.76

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