If you have a problem with high BP, it means that your heart is under more pressure to pump blood. Due to this, there can be pressure on your blood vessels and other organs, which increases the risk of heart attack, kidney-related problems, or stroke.

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Factors like age, heredity, class, and even stressful lifestyle and health conditions can increase the risk of high BP, but it is possible to avoid this disease. Exercise, dietary changes, avoiding smoking and alcohol intake, and getting enough sleep can help keep blood pressure in balance. Also, high BP can be reduced effectively by taking the medicines given by the doctor.

Today in this article you will know that when and how to take high BP medicine is right -

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  1. Learn about the effects of your medicine
  2. Take medicines on time
  3. Make the Right Plan to Avoid a Stressful Situation
  4. Keep telling the doctor about your health and BP
  5. Give this information to the doctor
  6. Takeaway
Doctors for How to Take High Blood Pressure Medicine

There are many medicines available to reduce the effects of high BP and let us tell you that each of these medicines also has harmful effects. You should get complete information about the medicine given by the doctor. Without any hesitation, ask your doctor about the brand of the medicine and the salt it is made of, its dosage, and duration of intake.

Also, discuss with the doctor the possible side effects of the medicine and its interactions with other medicines or alcoholic beverages. Patients with hypertension should also ask their doctor whether the given medicine may affect their daily routine and activities such as their ability to drive or operate heavy machinery.

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If you have become forgetful due to old age or are recovering from a recent illness or operation, you may find it difficult to remember the name of different high-BP medicines and the time to take them. If you make it a part of your everyday routine, then this problem can be easily overcome. With the help of the following measures, you can overcome this problem:

  • Combine these with your daily routine (such as brushing your teeth, tea or coffee time, etc.) to take your medicines at regularly fixed times.
  • Make a chart and mark the date you started taking the medicine so that you can know how well your medicines are working. You can also talk to your doctor about the effect or not of these medicines.
  • To take medicines on time, set an alarm through an app on your mobile phone or tablet, or stick sticky notes around your home or office on a calendar, bathroom mirror, or kitchen cabinet.
  • Apart from this, if you always keep the medicine in the same place, then there is no need to find the medicine again and again. Places like the side table or kitchen shelf can keep your medicine. Some special types of boxes are also available in the market, in which different grooves are made according to the day. These boxes help in removing the confusion related to the medicine and the time to take them.
  • You can also take the help of your family and friends to set reminders for you.

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Having a list of your medicines and a medicine box or setting an alarm to remind you can have the following advantages. This will also reduce your stress or anxiety level.

  • You can take your high BP medicine at a fixed time every day.
  • You will know in advance when your medicines are going to run out and you can buy them before they run out.
  • You do not face any problems even if you travel far away from home. If you're traveling by plane, keep your medicine and prescriptions with you.

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If possible, check your BP regularly. If you keep updating the doctor about your condition, then he can tell you about the changes in your blood pressure on time. Apart from this, the doctor can also inform you about the effect of work or personal problems on your health. With the help of this, the doctor will be able to prescribe the right medicine for you on time and will also be able to change the medicine if needed.

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Apart from this, you also need to update your doctor about the following things -

  • If you are taking any other medicine or alternative medicine (such as Ayurvedic herbs) for any other disease, then tell the doctor about it.
  • Explain issues related to alcohol use.
  • If there is any change in your job, such as if you work sitting all day or you have to move around continuously, then it is also important to tell the doctor about that.

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High BP can be cured if treated properly. Taking BP medication on time, maintaining a healthy weight and exercising, and getting enough sleep can help reduce the pressure on the heart and blood vessels.

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