Becoming parents is the dream of every married couple. According to research, 15-20 percent of couples want to conceive, but they are not able to conceive due to one reason or the other. Along with women, male infertility can also be responsible for not being able to conceive. Due to today's bad lifestyle and food, the fertility of men as well as women is being affected. Apart from this, a study has also proved that male fertility can be affected to a great extent by working with a laptop on the lap or thighs. Researchers say that keeping a laptop on the thighs can reduce the sperm count of men.

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Today in this article you will know how laptop affects male fertility -

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  1. How does a laptop affect male fertility?
  2. How to keep fertility safe from a laptop?
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Men who use laptops by keeping them on their thighs can have a bad effect on their fertility. Studies show that the heat and electromagnetic fields (EMF) emitted from laptops can badly affect the male reproductive organs. Studies also show that working with a laptop on the thighs can reduce sperm count. Apart from this, the laptop can also affect the quality and motility of the sperm. Come, let's know about them in detail -

Laptop heat

Heat is generated while running the laptop. This can cause damage to the body in many ways. The heat emanating from the laptop can affect male fertility when used on the lap. Researchers say that using a laptop on the lap can increase the temperature of the testicles by about 5 degrees Fahrenheit. This condition can cause male infertility.

It has also been proved in research that when the temperature of the testicles increases by an average of 1 to 2 degrees Fahrenheit in a day, it can cause a drop in the sperm count by about 40 percent. Sperms are produced in the testicles. When the testicles get overheated, more sperm cannot be produced. Along with this, when the temperature of the testicles increases, the quality of sperm also decreases, due to which the man is not able to conceive.

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Wi-Fi is often used to connect laptops to the Internet. Y-Pi can also affect sperm count and quality. Due to Wi-Fi, the DNA of the sperm present in the semen can be damaged. Also, the quality is less.

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Electromagnetic field

An electromagnetic field can cause low sperm count and poor quality. It can also alter the motility of sperm.

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Men need to pay attention to some things to keep their fertility better and safe -

  • Never use the laptop by keeping it on your thighs or lap.
  • Do not keep the laptop on both your legs by bending them.
  • You can keep the laptop on your lap occasionally, but avoid it for the whole day.
  • You can use the laptop by keeping it on the table, desk, etc.

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Research shows that there is a strong correlation between laptop use and male infertility. When a man uses a laptop on his lap or thighs, it can affect male fertility. Studies have shown that the heat from the laptop can increase the temperature of the testicles and reduce the quality count of the sperm. If you have been using the laptop by keeping it on your lap till now, then you need to change this habit. Never use the laptop by keeping it on the lap or thighs. To increase fertility, take special care of your lifestyle and diet.

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