The problem of male infertility affects a large population in India today, but fertility can be enhanced or improved through diet. All you need to know is what to eat and what not to eat to increase fertility. Apart from this, you should also know what things should be avoided and what should not be avoided to increase fertility.

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Your diet and lifestyle can increase your fertility by up to 69%. Today in this article, you will know in detail about the diet of the fertility enhancer.

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  1. What to Eat to Increase Fertility
  2. What not to Eat to Overcome Infertility
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Doctors for Food to Increase Fertility for Male

To improve fertility, every man can include the following things in his diet -

Eat Antioxidant-Rich Foods

Antioxidants such as folate and zinc help increase fertility in men. Apart from this, antioxidants make your body's free radicals inactive and also help in improving fertility. Free radicals destroy sperm.

According to research, adult men who ate walnuts daily had better fertility than others. In another research, 60% of couples using in-vitro fertilization (in-vitro fertilization is a type of conception technique) were taken as participants. 60% of these couples were given an antioxidant supplement. A few days later, the ability to conceive was seen to be 23% higher in those women. So eat antioxidant foods like fruitsvegetablesdry fruits, and cereals. Eating these foods improves your fertility.

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Eat Fiber-Rich Diet

Fiber rids you of excess hormones and also controls your blood sugar levels. So eat whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and beans, as they contain a lot of fiber. Fiber also helps flush out excess estrogen built up in your body.

Eat Protein

Eat plenty of protein, it helps increase your fertility. But, you have to replace animal proteins such as meatfish, and eggs with proteins obtained from vegetables such as beans, nuts, and seeds.

According to research, a protein obtained from mutton can increase the problem of infertility (such as the non-formation of eggs in the uterus) by 32%. Whereas, the protein obtained from vegetables helps in improving your fertility. According to another research, consuming 5% of total calories from protein (protein derived from vegetables rather than animal protein) reduces the risk of infertility by 50%. Therefore, instead of animal protein in your diet, including vegetable protein.

Eat More Fatty Dairy Products

Eating low-fat dairy products lowers your fertility while eating high-fat dairy products improves fertility. So eat higher-fat dairy products than low-fat dairy products daily. Apart from this, you should also drink 1 glass of high-fat milk.

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To avoid a situation like infertility, it is necessary to avoid the following types of foods -

Don't Get Bad Fats

Eating good fats daily helps in boosting fertility. However, bad fats make your fertility weak. Bad fats also harm your insulin.

Bad fats are primarily made from hydrogenated vegetable oils, which are found in processed and baked foods such as fried foods. According to a study, people whose diet is high in bad fat and low in unsaturated fat, their fertility weak.

Don't Eat Too Many Carbohydrates

Eating fewer carbohydrates keeps insulin levels under control and helps in reducing body fat quickly. Due to a balanced weight and normal insulin levels, men's fertility system could be better.

Don't Drink Alcohol

Drinking alcohol has a very bad effect on your fertility. However, alcohol can reduce gonadotropin release, testicular atrophy, and decreased testosterone and sperm production.

Avoid Unrefined Soy Products

Some people believe that estrogen is found in soy. If estrogen affects hormones, which can lead to infertility. Several animal studies have confirmed that soy promotes low sperm count in men. Another animal research also confirmed that a small amount of soy products can change the sexual behavior of males.

Also, keep in mind that all these studies have been done on unrefined soy, not refined soy. However, eating refined soy is not harmful to you.

Do not Gain Weight

The most common factor affecting fertility is improper weight. Therefore, both being underweight and being overweight can harm fertility. There are many scientific facts that prove that if a man is overweight, he may have to face infertility. Obesity changes hormone levels, as well as can negatively affect sperm function. So, stay away from such things, which increase obesity.

Diet has a profound effect on our health. Negligence in taking it can cause many types of problems, including affecting fertility. Therefore, include such foods in your diet, which are beneficial for overall health.

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