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The practice of naming has been followed for many years, particularly within the realm of religion. In religious contexts, gender is assigned a special significance through the act of naming. The choice of a name for one's gender is considered significant, holding great importance within the religious community. Consequently, parents are cautious when selecting a name for their child's gender. In muslim, naming is not merely a means of providing a distinct identity; its significance transcends this purpose. The future of an individual's gender is believed to be influenced by their name. It is thought that the name can guide Baby towards the right path. People who adhere to the religious practices of muslim in India and other countries place a significant emphasis on the positive and honorable connotations of a name within their faith. It is believed that a name must carry a positive meaning and bring honor to the individual and society. Only then is the name considered correct and virtuous. In religion, it is believed that a person's characteristics are influenced by their gender-specific name. All the qualities of Baby's behavior are thought to be reflected in their name. After birth, Baby is given their first name, and this naming process holds great significance in muslim. Relatives, including parents, are deeply mindful of choosing a name for Baby. In fact, in muslim, a name is believed to have a significant impact on Baby's future and present. Success and failure in life are believed to be influenced by Baby's name in muslim. The success of Baby in their religious journey carries great importance. Therefore, finding an appropriate name that enhances their personality is a meticulous process. The meaning of the name cannot be underestimated. People within the muslim community, in particular, prioritize names that inspire and evoke enthusiasm.

Muslim baby names with meanings

Name Meaning
Habbab Affable, Lovable
Habash Guinea hen, Guinea fowl
Hababah A narrator of Hadith (A daughter of ajlan)
Habab Aim, Goal, End
Haaziq Intelligent, Skillful
Haatim Judge
Haashir Gatherer, One who assembles
Haashim Generosity, Prophets grandfather, Decisive
Haaroon Lofty or exalted, A prophets name (Aaron)
Haaris Ploughman, Cultivator, Friend
Haarij The horizon, Strong, Secure, Guarded
Haani Happy, Delighted, Content, Pleasant
Haamid Praising (God), Loving (God), Friend, Praiser, All-laudable
Haalim Mild, Gentle, Patient, Forbearing, Grown up
Haalah Aureole
Haala Aureole, Halo around the Moon
Haajar Prophet ismails mother
Haaiz Getter
Haafiz Protector, One who has memorized the Quran
Haady Guiding to the right
Haadiya Guide to righteousness, Gift
Haadee The guide, Director, Leader
Gutaif A well of a person, Well to do
Gulzar Rose garden, Inhabited town, Flourishing
Gulzaar Rose garden, Inhabited town, Flourishing
Gulshan Garden of flowers
Gulsana Unbelievable flower
Gulrez Rose-sprinkler
Gulnaz Cute like a flower
Gulnar Flowery
Guljan Gul - flowers, Jan - life
Gulistan Rose garden, Garden
Guleen One with beautiful smile
Guldin Out of flowers
Gulchin Name of a flower
Gulbar Shedder of flowers, Generous
Gulbano Princess of flowers
Gulali Gorgeous
Gulalai Beautiful
Gulzar Rose garden, Inhabited town, Flourishing
Guljan Gul - flowers, Jan - life
Gulbano Princess of flowers
Grana Dear
Gran Dear, Beloved
Goya Articulate
Gorbat Eagle
Goharshad Happy jewel
Goharnaz Beautiful
Gohar Diamond, Precious stone
Gogal Vocal cords
Givon Hill, Heights
Giti A song, World, Universe
Ginton A garden
Ginni Gold
Ghuzayyah A narrator of Hadith
Ghutayf Affluent
Ghutaif Affluent
Ghusun Branches of a tree
Ghusoon Branches of a tree
Ghusn Branch, Twig
Ghusharib Brave
Ghunwah Indispensable
Ghuncha Bunch of flowers
Ghunayn Ne who collects booty
Ghunaim A person who takes booty na
Ghumaysa Her kuniyah was umm sulaym
Ghulam Servant, Boy, Youth
Ghufran Forgiveness, Pardon
Ghufayrah This was the name of a very
Ghotai Bud
Ghorzang Long strides, Panther strides
Ghofran Pardon, Forgiveness
Ghizlan From gazelle
Ghiyath Succor, Help, Aid, Successor
Ghiyas-Ud-Din Helper of the religion
Ghiyas Deliverance from hardships
Ghiyaath Succor, Help, Aid, Successor
Ghitbah A narrator of Hadith
Ghina Singing, Song
Ghibtah She was a narrator of Hadith (She was the daughter of Amer al-mujashaiyah)
Ghazzal Name of a reciter of Quran
Ghazwan Warrior, A companion, One on expedition, To conquer
Ghaziyah Female warrior
Ghaziya Female warrior
Ghazi Conqueror
Ghazawan Warrior, A companion, One on expedition, To conquer
Ghazanfar Lion
Ghazan Holy war fighter
Ghazalan Spinner
Ghazalah Gazelle
Ghazala Gazelle, A young deer
Ghazal Intelligent, Charming, A poem, Ode, Lyric poem, Words of Love
Ghayth Rain
Ghayoor Self respecting

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