Hair Fall & Hair Growth Treatment With The Help of Natural Ayurveda

Both men and women are troubled by the problem of hair fall. If falling hair is not treated quickly, baldness may have to be faced. Dry hair, split ends, or itching on the scalp can be signs of hair fall. Similarly, stress, hormonal changes, and lack of nutrition in food are reasons why hair weakens from the roots and starts falling. In such a situation, it is necessary to treat hair loss. Hence, myUpchar has come up with an Ayurvedic treatment for hair fall. This package contains three special products that treat the problems of hair fall, baldness, premature gray hair, and split ends.
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Promote Hair Growth
Prevent Hair Loss
100% Natural & Ayurvedic Herbs
High Quality Haircare Products
This anti-hair fall package from myUpchar consists of natural products that nourish the hair and provide a comprehensive solution for hair fall. The package contains three products formulated with premium-grade herbal extracts. Two of these products are in the form of oil and shampoo, while one is in tablet form. In the context of hair fall treatment, this package serves as a complete Ayurvedic solution. The package includes the following three products -
myUpchar Ayurveda Kesh Art Hair Oil

This is an Ayurvedic product in which Bhringraj has been primarily used in its preparation. In Ayurveda, Bhringraj is considered the most effective herb for hair. Based on this herb, this oil strengthens the hair from the roots and promotes black hair color. Additionally, Kesh Art Hair Oil contains Amla, Aloe vera, Brahmi, Hibiscus, Coconut oil, Sesame oil, and other herbs. This Bhringraj Hair Oil can help treat hair fall and also aids in reducing dandruff and split ends.

myUpchar Ayurveda Kesh Art Hair Cleanser

You must use Kesh Art Hair Cleanser as an Ayurvedic treatment for hair fall because, like Kesh Art Hair Oil, this hair cleanser is primarily made using Bhringraj. Despite being an Ayurvedic cleanser, it does not cause a burning sensation in the eyes when used. It contains 9 Ayurvedic ingredients such as Hibiscus, Rosemary, and Shikakai, which help prevent premature graying and give the hair a natural color.

myUpchar Biotin Plus

The most important compound in this tablet is Biotin, which works to nourish the hair from the inside. In addition to Biotin, other ingredients such as green tea, chamomile, zinc, and iron have been used to make this tablet. By taking this tablet, the hair follicles receive a new lease on life, resulting in stronger hair from the roots and a reduction in hair fall. TThis Biotin tablet is highly effective in treating hair loss.

A Healthy Blend Of Ayurveda Herbs!

10:1 Potent Extracts Of Natural Herbs. Hence, 10X More Effective Than Their Raw Form.

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“ I have been using Kesh Art products for the past several weeks, and I am seeing good results. My hair fall has almost stopped, and my hair texture has also improved. The dryness of my hair has completely disappeared. I have now included these products in my hair care routine permanently.”
Sakshi Gupta 26 years / Delhi
“ I always prefer to use natural and chemical-free hair products, and Kesh Art is the best in this regard. Since I started using it, my hair has become noticeably healthier. If you are seeking an ayurvedic treatment for hair fall, I highly recommend trying Kesh Art based on my personal experience. ”
Twinkle Jain 25 years / Delhi
Frequently Asked Questions
  • I want ayurvedic treatment for hair fall. Which products should I use?

    For hair fall, you can use Kes Art Hair Oil as well as Kes Art Hair Cleanser. These products will not only help to stop hair fall but also eliminate dryness and dandruff from the root.

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  • What are the side effects of using these products in the long run?

  • I have an oily scalp, can I still use bhringraj hair oil?

  • Are the Biotin+ tablets addictive?

  • When can I expect visible change in my hair volume?

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