Heavy Menstrual Bleeding Treatment With Help of Ayurveda

Bleeding during periods is normal. Normally, the amount of bleeding ranges from 30 to 40 ml over 4-6 days. However, if the amount of bleeding is 80 ml or more, it is referred to as menorrhagia, which means heavy menstrual bleeding. heavy menstrual bleeding often requires changing pads frequently throughout the day and even during the night while sleeping. Additionally, heavy bleeding can lead to complaints of anemia due to blood loss. Hormonal imbalance is one of the primary reasons behind this issue, although other factors such as uterine fibroids and pelvic inflammatory disease can also cause it. Ayurvedic treatment is considered the best, safe, and most effective approach to addressing heavy menstrual bleeding. This comprehensive package focuses on treating this condition.
Key Benefits of Package
Help Reduce Menorrhagia
Helps Reduce Pain
Herbal Extracts
This package from myUpchar Ayurveda contains all the Ayurvedic products that are capable of providing Ayurvedic treatment for heavy menstrual bleeding. Premium-grade medicine extracts have been used to prepare the products included in this package, ensuring that they do not have any side effects. We have included 3 medicines in this package -
myUpchar Ayurveda Prajnas Women Health

This medicine helps in treating Irregular Periods, Hormonal Imbalance, Weakness, and Fatigue. It contains Ashoka, Shatavari, Lodhra, Gokshura, Punarnava, Giloy, and Kachnar.

myUpchar Ayurveda Prajnas Pushyanug Churna Tablet

Prajnas Pushyanug Churna Tablet is an ayurvedic medicine that is primarily used for the treatment of Menorrhagia, Abnormal Uterine Bleeding, Piles, White Discharge, Period problems, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. The key ingredients of Myupchar Ayurveda Prajnas Pushyanug Churna Tablet are Bael, Dhataki, Arjuna, Lodhra, Black Pepper, Liquorice, Patha, Red ochre, Kutki, Atis, Pashanbhed. Therefore, this medicine is most effective in Ayurvedic treatment of heavy menstrual bleeding.

myUpchar Ayurveda Ashokarishta

MyUpchar Ayurveda Ashokarishta is a completely Ayurvedic medicine mainly used for menstrual problems, white discharge, fever, and heavy bleeding. This medicine addresses women's health issues by incorporating 15 herbs such as Ashoka, Daruharidra, Haritaki, and Bibhitaki. It comes in liquid form and is mixed with water before consumption to treat heavy menstrual bleeding.

A Healthy Blend Of Ayurveda In Each Capsule!

10:1 Potent Extracts Of Natural Herbs. Hence, 10X More Effective Than Their Raw Form.

Bhumi Amla
How To Use
Take atleast 3-6 Months for best result. Or as directed by the Physician. If you have any questions or concerns please,

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“I used to be troubled by the problem of heavy bleeding every month. Before my periods started, I used to experience severe abdominal pain, constipation, and gas. Then, I would face heavy bleeding as soon as my periods started. However, ever since I started taking Prajnas <a href='https://www.myupchar.com/en/medicine/myupchar-ayurveda-prajnas-pushyanug-churna-tablet-p37169574'>Pushyanug Churna</a> Tablet, I have experienced significant relief. This is the best Ayurvedic treatment for heavy menstrual bleeding.”
Deepa 35 Years / Mumbai
“I used to have many problems related to my periods. Upon my friend's suggestion, I started taking myUpchar Ayurveda Ashokarishta and Prajnas Women Health, and I felt a noticeable difference within 1 month. I can confidently say from my experience that both of these <a href='https://www.myupchar.com/en/medicine/myupchar-ayurveda-prajnas-women-health-capsule-p37169572'>Women's health supplements</a> are highly beneficial. I am grateful to myUpchar Ayurveda for developing such effective medicines for women.”
Pushpa 29 Years / Lucknow
Frequently Asked Questions
  • When my periods start, I experience heavy bleeding, cramping, and pain. What medicine should I take?

    It would be best to consider Ayurvedic medicine for addressing this problem. I recommend starting with myUpchar Ayurveda Ashokarishta as soon as possible. This particular medicine is known to balance hormones, promote healing in the uterus, and reduce pain by eliminating toxins accumulated in the body.

  • My periods are irregular, and when they come, the bleeding is also excessive. Can you suggest a suitable solution?

    To address irregular periods and heavy bleeding, I suggest a combination of 3 medicines: myUpchar Ayurveda Prajnas Women Health, Prajnas Pushyanug Churna Tablet, and myUpchar Ayurveda Ashokarishta. These Ayurvedic medicines have proven beneficial in various women's health issues.

  • Can taking these medicines permanently end the problem of heavy bleeding during periods?

    Yes, you will get relief if you take the prescribed quantity at regular intervals and complete the course of this medicine.

  • Can taking these medicines reduce period pain?

    Yes, all these medicines are made from a mixture of Ayurvedic herbs. They include medicines like Ashoka, which is mainly used to treat gynecological diseases. Additionally, jaggery is included, which energizes the body, while the dhawai flower has astringent and coolant properties.

  • Are There Any Side Effects?

    No, these are herbal products. No major side effects have been observed in the research done on the ingredients used to make them.

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