Getting hair color done always keeps you updated with fashion. This changes the look and there is a feeling of a new change in oneself. Because of this positivity comes in you. But there are some negative effects of getting hair colored. Regular hair coloring causes hair fall, hair growth slows down, and split ends appear. This is the reason why it is necessary to take some precautions before coloring the hair. Getting the color done properly also prolongs the life of the hair.

You will know about all these important things in detail in this article -

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Doctors for 4 Things to know before coloring your hair

If you have already decided to get your hair color done, then before that pay attention to these tips, so that you do not face any kind of problems -

Do patch test

Most people do not consider it necessary to do a patch test before getting hair color done. As a result, due to the wrong hair color, the hair becomes weak and starts falling. That's why whenever you buy hair color, first get a patch test done. For this, color some parts of the hair. If the hair color is not suiting you then the hair color will look very light, dark, or faded. Along with this, due to the chemical used in hair color, problems like itching, etc. will also start in your head. If this is not the case, then understand that you have chosen the right hair color for yourself. With this, the age of your hair will also be long and will also look beautiful.

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Shampoo before color

Color your hair after shampooing. This will remove the dirt and oil present in the head. If you do not shampoo before coloring, then all these elements present in the head can weaken your hair. This can result in hair breakage.

To increase the age of hair, use conditioner after shampoo. Due to this, moisture remains in the hair. Whereas due to hair coloring, the moisture of the hair is often lost. But this does not mean that you should shampoo daily after coloring.

This will neither make your hair attractive nor will the hair color last for a long time. Along with this, use natural oil as well. Most hair dyes and colors contain ammonia, which can damage the hair. That's why it is necessary to oil the hair before hair color.

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Keep hair healthy

If you want to prolong the life of your hair but also want to color your hair to stay fashionable, then take care of the health of your hair. If your hair is dry, lifeless, split ends, then do not color in such a situation. This will further damage the hair due to which hair fall will also start. First of all, make your hair healthy. For this, use the right shampoo and hair products. Along with this, if necessary, take hair treatment once a month. When the hair becomes healthy then get the color done. With this, the hair will remain healthy even after coloring it.

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Read the instruction carefully

When you do hair color at home, read the instructions written on the hair color pack carefully. If you do hair color without reading then sometimes you forget to read all the steps. This can cause damage to your hair, hair fall, and weakening.

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Most people like to color their hair, but hair color also spoils the hair of many people. Therefore, some things must be taken care of before getting the hair colored. Here in this article, we have given some useful tips, such as - a patch test must be done before getting the color done, as well as shampooing before that, so that the dirt accumulated in the hair is removed.

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