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Gout is caused by an increased level of uric acid in the blood. The increase of uric acid in the blood leads to the formation of crystals, due to which the joints of the bones start freezing. In Ayurveda, this problem is also called Vatarakta. This is a form of arthritis, due to which the joints of the bones are affected the most.

Some common causes of gout are being overweight, wrong eating habits, consumption of alcohol, smoking, genetics, etc. Along with pain in the joints, symptoms like lethargy, discomfort, swelling and redness in the joints and difficulty walking may be experienced in gout. Ayurvedic treatment can be taken to reduce the symptoms of gout.

Natural herbs are often used in Ayurvedic treatment. Doshas present in the body can be resolved by using these Ayurvedic herbs. According to Ayurveda, a person is affected by gout because of the imbalance of Vata dosha. In such a situation, by removing Vata dosha through Ayurvedic treatment, the symptoms caused by gout can be reduced.

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In this article, we will talk about the Ayurvedic treatment of gout.

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In general, Ayurvedic treatment tries to overcome a person's problems with herbs as well as lifestyle changes, such as exercise, meditation and dietary changes. You have to follow these rules during Ayurvedic treatment for gout.

Ayurveda recommends reducing the consumption of dairy products, meat and alcohol in case of gout. In some cases, it may also be advised to stop it completely. You may also be asked to do some regular yoga and meditation. Apart from this, some herbs are given.

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Ayurveda recommends taking some of the following herbs for gout: 


Giloy is widely used in Ayurveda, from boosting immunity to relieving many problems of the body. According to research, the juice of Giloy stems can be effective in the treatment of gout as it proves to be effective in reducing the uric acid level in the patient's body.

Apart from this, another study has proved that Giloy has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, which is effective in relieving inflammation and pain caused by gout. If you have gout, then you can take this herb as per the advice of the doctor.


Triphala is used in Ayurveda to overcome many problems. Triphala is a combination of three fruits (Amalaki, Bibhitak and Haritaki). Each fruit is effective in removing all the three doshas of the body.

According to reports, Triphala has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help you reduce the inflammation caused by gout. It has been proven in some studies that Triphala has anti-inflammatory properties that can be used in the treatment of arthritis and gout.

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Neem is used in Ayurveda to reduce inflammation and irritation caused by gout. If you experience swelling and redness in your joints due to increased uric acid, then you can apply a paste prepared from the neem on your affected area. You will benefit a lot from this. In fact, according to studies, neem has anti-inflammatory properties, which can prove to be effective in reducing the inflammation caused by gout. However, no such study has come to the fore, in which it has been said that neem can reduce the level of uric acid itself.

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Turmeric is an Ayurvedic herb. Along with this, it is also used a lot in the form of a spice. Turmeric is considered very beneficial in Ayurveda. Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, is beneficial in relieving many problems. According to the study, the use of curcumin present in turmeric can reduce the symptoms of joint conditions including gout.

According to another study, the use of curcumin extract can reduce the inflammation caused by gout, although it is not effective in lowering uric acid levels in the blood. Turmeric is considered safe, compared to other medicines of Ayurveda. In such a situation, you can consume it in the form of soup, curry, turmeric milk, etc.

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Ginger is also widely used in Ayurveda. Many health problems can be overcome with the use of ginger. According to a report, the symptoms of gout can be effectively reduced by the use of ginger. In particular, it can reduce the inflammation caused by gout. You can easily include ginger in your diet. However, avoid consuming ginger in excess.

According to some published studies, the treatment of gout is possible with the herbs included in Ayurvedic treatment. Studies have proven that Ayurvedic treatment can be helpful in the treatment of gout. Some Ayurvedic medicines included in these studies are as follows:

  • Bruhat Guduchi Taila
  • Guduchi Kashaya
  • Guduchi Siddha Ksheeravasti
  • Punarnava Guggulu

Keep in mind that gout is caused by an unhealthy diet and lifestyle, so if you want to avoid the condition, then choose the right kind of habits. Get timely treatment if you notice the symptoms of gout. By controlling the levels of uric acid in the blood, you can reduce the symptoms of gout. At the same time, if you want to try Ayurvedic treatment, then take herbs on the advice of Ayurvedacharya. Do not use any Ayurvedic herbs without a doctor's advice as this may worsen your condition.

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