Adequate sleep is very important to stay healthy. You stay active when you get better sleep. The risk of diseases is also less, but on the contrary, sleep deprivation can make you sick. Medical research shows that for people whose sleep breaks in the middle of the night, the problem of headaches or migraine increases.

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Today in this article, you will know how lack of sleep can increase the problem of migraine -

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Doctors for Can Lack of Sleep Trigger Migraines?

This research was done by Brigham and Women's Hospital in America and has been published in the Journal of Neurology. The team of researchers tried to know the relationship between insomnia and migraine during the research. Across studies, researchers found that more than half of migraine sufferers reported having headaches when they were disturbed by sleep.

The researchers looked at the assessment and actigraphy of people who had migraines the next day after having disrupted sleep (lying in bed in a state of disturbed sleep).

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To investigate migraine outcomes after sleep disruption, Burtisch and colleagues conducted a prospective cohort study of 98 adults with episodic migraine. This included people who had at least two migraine headaches, but fewer than 15 headache days per month -

  • Study participants then completed an electronic diary twice a day. In which they recorded a complete report of their sleep, headache, and health habits for 6 weeks.
  • During this time, all subjects were fitted with an actigraph (a machine that tracks body movements) on one of their wrists while they slept to systematically study their sleep patterns.
  • The team of researchers collected other data on the incidence of migraines, which included people's daily routine habits. such as physical activity and stress.
  • After completing the 6-week course, 870 participants reported headaches. Whose sleep duration was 6 and a half hours or less at night. In these people, poor sleep was not associated with migraine problems immediately after or the day after.
  • However, the study reported that disrupted sleep was associated with migraines in both groups of people (who reported their diaries and actigraphy), which became a problem for people from the very next day.

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Sleep is multidimensional, and when we looked at some aspects of sleep, we found that poor sleep (when you wake up early and then try to go back to sleep), says Susan Burtisch, a researcher at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in the US. Do not cause migraine problems immediately, but its effect is visible the next day.

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Migraine attacks can cause excruciating headaches that are difficult to deal with. However, some home remedies can be helpful in dealing with migraine attacks and headaches, such as -

  • Use peppermint and lavender oil to get relief from migraine pain. These have therapeutic effects and can be especially helpful if you have a headache.
  • Consumption of Tulsi has a very calming effect on the nervous system. It relaxes your brain and reduces migraine. Drink Tulsi tea mixed with one teaspoon of honey twice a day.
  • Massage is a very effective way to solve the problem of headaches. Massage helps relieve pain by inhibiting pain signals in the brain.

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According to Dr. Shahnaz Zafar associated with myUpchar, if a person is already suffering from migraine problems due to tension or stress, then the breakdown of sleep at night can be the cause of a migraine attack. Which is very serious.

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If seen based on the report, the breakdown of sleep and not getting sleep again can be the reason for increasing migraine. As the doctors have also told me. Therefore, avoid the reasons for sleep disturbance. Apart from this, home remedies can also be used in such a situation.

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