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While working out, shoulder exercises are important as they add value to your overall look. Why focus only on abs and glutes when sculpting strong and well-shaped shoulders can add to your overall fitness. Dedicating a few exercises for your shoulders will help you improve your posture. This article will cover 6 simple exercises to tone up your shoulders and to make them attractive.

Dumbbell press

For dumbbell shoulder press, sit upright in a comfortable bench. Pick up the dumbbells carefully till shoulder level. Face your palms forward. Try to push dumbbell straight until the elbows are close to locking. Do 3 to 5 sets each. Keep your back straight and repeat the exercise.


Push-ups is the easiest exercise which does not need any equipment. Simply lie with your stomach facing the floor and perform this exercise. With the help of your arms lift your body up at a 45°angle. You can modify this exercise according to your strength level.

One arm barbell press

One arm press exercise is all about challenging your core. You can simply hold a barbell with your palms facing you. Just press the bar up in one powerful movement. It helps you work on your overall body balance, stability, core and strengthen your shoulder all at the same time.

Hanging stretch

This exercise does a splendid job of stretching all of the muscles and ligaments surrounding your shoulder joints. Simply hang from a stable bar comfortably as long as you can. You can also bring hands side by side on the bar to increase the intensity of the hanging stretch. You can support some of your body on a stool and chair to make the exercise effortless.

Front raise

One of the best shoulder exercise that works the front of the deltoids. Stand in a comfortable position holding dumbbells and keep your arms straight. Slowly lift the weights up and down. Continue raising the dumbbells, your elbows and upper arms should rise together. You can also feel your core work while lifting the weights.

Lateral raise

Lateral exercise targets the front and mid deltoids and is a classic shoulder exercise. Keep your arms almost straight and your elbows should be slightly bent with the help of a long lever. It is another variation to fire up your muscle fibres in a different way.

These simple shoulder exercises mentioned above will keep your shoulders healthy, give them great flexibility and perfect shape. Before trying these, it is advisable to consult a doctor or fitness expert to avoid any muscle injury.

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