BeatO Smart Glucometer Kit

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BeatO Smart Glucometer Kit Information

Self-monitoring your blood glucose has never been easier! With CE certified BeatO Mobile Glucometer, turn your smartphone into a handy glucose monitoring machine. This glucose monitoring machine plugs into the audio port of the phone using the 3.5mm jack and works seamlessly with Android devices and iPhones. 

Your glucose test readings are constantly monitored by BeatO’s Certified medical experts who periodically guide you to effectively manage sugar levels. BeatO smartphone glucometer is small, compact, and easy-to-carry and allows faster exchange and instant feedback with medical experts on your readings. With a unique feature, create a network of friends & family and alert them of your high/low glucose test readings. 

In this sugar test kit, you get complimentary strips in order to never miss your blood glucose monitoring. The BeatO Glucometer follows all prescribed protocols for higher accuracy (+/- 15%) and be rest assured, your blood glucose management is in safe hands. 

How to use:- 

Open the app and insert glucometer in the audio port of your phone. A Pop-Up asking permissions will appear, Grant the permissions. Insert the strips in the dedicated strip port of the glucometer after “Insert your strip now” appears on the screen. Prick your finger by the lancing device and apply a blood drop on the edge of the strip. Your Result will appear in 10 seconds on the screen. All results are color-coded – Red(High/low), Yellow (Moderate) and Green (controlled).

BeatO Smart Glucometer Kit Side Effects

No side effects of BeatO Smart Glucometer Kit have been reported in the medical literature. However, you should always consult your doctor before using BeatO Smart Glucometer Kit.

How to use BeatO Smart Glucometer Kit?

  • Make sure the baby's buttocks and genitals are clean. Raise the baby's legs, then slide the BeatO Smart Glucometer Kit underneath the buttocks. Make sure the diaper is the right way up, then fasten it.

General precautions for BeatO Smart Glucometer Kit

  1. Use water at room temperature or lukewarm water to wash your hands.
  2. Before you apply BeatO Smart Glucometer Kit, remove your baby's diaper and use baby wipes to gently wipe him/her clean from both front and back.
  3. Leave the baby's skin bare after applying BeatO Smart Glucometer Kit. Do not put on a new diaper to allow the skin to breathe.
  4. Keep BeatO Smart Glucometer Kit in a cool and dry place at below room temperature. Don't refrigerate the BeatO Smart Glucometer Kit.
  5. Consult your doctor if you're allergic to BeatO Smart Glucometer Kit.

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