Delay Spray For Men - Delay your climax, Help Last up to 8 to 12X longer in bed

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20 gm Spray in 1 Bottle
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20 GM SPRAY 1 Bottle ₹ 49 ₹499 90% OFF Save: ₹450

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    Delay Spray For Men - Delay your climax, Help Last up to 8 to 12X longer in bed Information

    Facing decreased performance and the distressing issue of premature ejaculation can seriously dent a man's confidence. Premature ejaculation is a prevalent sexual dysfunction, but there's a solution at hand – Urjas Delay Spray For Men.

    This remarkable spray delicately numbs the skin, diminishing sensitivity and granting men the ability to prolong their performance and exert control over their climax. The best part is that it can be discreetly used whenever needed, free from any concerns about unpleasant side effects. Crafted with a blend of lidocaine and isopropyl alcohol, this spray starts working its magic within just 5 minutes. What's more, it boasts a non-transferable formula, ensuring that your partner won't experience any sensation.

    Urjas Delay Spray For Men is a game-changing solution for men grappling with issues like premature ejaculation. By acting as a gentle anesthetic on the skin, it effectively reduces sensitivity while heightening pleasure.

    Ingredients: Lidocaine, Isopropyl Alcohol

    Key Ingredients


    A topical anesthetic is used to lightly numb any part of the body, and it is specifically included in sprays used for premature ejaculation.

    Who Should Take It?

    If someone has -

    • Who has the problem of premature ejaculation.


    • It lightly numbs the skin to reduce sensitivity.
    • It delays the climax by helping to hold the release.
    • It is effective, fast-acting, and long-lasting.
    • It satisfies both you and your partner.
    • It is secure and non-transferrable.
    • It is easy to use.
    • It is free of toxins.


    • Spray 1-2 times from a distance of 10 cm.
    • Wait for 5 minutes.
    • Clean with a dry, clean cloth.


    Use daily before sex.

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    5/5 Rating


    This delay spray really works! It has boosted my self-confidence.

    5/5 Rating

    Suresh Nayar

    Earlier, I used to ejaculate quickly, but after using this spray, my sexual sex time has increased 10 times. This spray has strengthened my bond and reignited passion.

    5/5 Rating

    Balaji Menon

    At first, I thought this wouldn't work like others, but this spray really does the job. My timing has significantly improved. Highly recommended!

    5/5 Rating

    Rohan Kapoor

    It's good and amazing products for men life

    5/5 Rating

    Rajat Sharma

    Excellent spray. No difficulty in using, acts almost immediately. Must-try.

    5/5 Rating

    Akash Singh

    The spray is very good. it has very good lasting effect than others.

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