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    Prajnas women health supplements by Myupchar Ayurveda Information

    The basic objective of Ayurveda is to identify the root causes and addressing the problem at its source. Ayurveda provides effective solution for women's problems related to menstruation, fatigue, and weakness.

    The doctors at myUpchar have conducted extensive research on the issue of female health, resulting in the development of myUpchar Ayurveda Prajnas Women Health Capsules.

    In Ayurveda, herbs like Ashoka, Shatavri, and Lodhra are used for women's health issues. 8 such herbs have been used to create myUpchar Ayurveda Prajnas Women Health Capsules. These herbs are organically grown, and to maintain their purity, they are extracted from the fields manually instead of using machines. Additionally, traditional Ayurvedic methods are employed to prepare products by extracting the essence of these herbs. This whole process takes both patience and effort. Moreover, this Ayurvedic product, formulated using ancient scientific techniques, has demonstrated no side effects in any medical research.

    The Ayurvedic myUpchar Ayurveda Prajnas Women Health Capsules are distinct from other products as they are prepared from herbal extracts, unlike other products that use herbal powders. As a result, the capsule contains the properties of all the herbs. Taking this product can help manage several issues in women that are hormonal in nature. It provides all ayurvedic ingredients that are needed by a women for leading a healthy and balanced life.

    Content: Ashok Chhal, Shatavri, Lodhra Chal, Haridra, Kanchnar, Punarnava, Gokshur, Guduchi

    Key Ingredients


    Due to its astringent property, it helps in internal bleeding or abnormal discharges, used to regularize hormones and the menstrual cycle. It also detoxifies the body and purifies the blood.


    Extract of Gokshur in women can increase desire in a woman. It is also known to removes toxins from the body.


    Lodhra specifically works on abnormal discharges, heavy bleeding, etc. It also protects the vagina from infections.


    Regulates hormones and provides strength to the uterus. It also stabilizes the mood and emotions

    Who Should Take It?

    If someone has -

    • Hormonal imbalance
    • Abnormal discharges
    • Painful periods
    • White discharge
    • Irregular periods


    • Regulate the hormones.
    • Reduce inflammation in the uterus and ovaries.
    • Protects female reproductive organs from bacteria, viruses, and fungi.
    • Reduce pain, cramps, etc.


    1-2 tablets a day after lunch and dinner with lukewarm water or as directed by the doctor.


    • Avoid during pregnancy
    • Use under medical supervision during lactation


    For better results, take this supplement for at least 1 year or as directed by the doctor.

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    Know about customer reviews

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    5/5 Rating

    Sonia Yadav

    I used Prajnas Women Health Capsule and with its use my hormones have become balanced and my back pain has also got a lot of relief. I recommend all women to take it.

    5/5 Rating

    Archana Gupta

    By taking this capsule my physical condition has improved and I feel fresh and my periods are now controlled and there is no pain

    5/5 Rating

    Deepak Sharma

    My wife has also been using these capsules for a long time and she has got a lot of relief from white discharge and pain.

    5/5 Rating

    Priyanka Kumari

    After taking myUpchar Women's Health Capsules my menstruation has become controlled and these capsules are very important for women's health.

    5/5 Rating

    Sumita Gupta

    Regular use of myUpchar Woman capsules has helped me in many of my health problems and now menstruation has become regular and hormones have also become balanced. Now I feel very good

    5/5 Rating

    Rajni Yadav

    I took these capsules on the advice of my friend and now I feel very good and many of my problems are gone and there is a lot of difference in my skin and hair. These capsules are really good.

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