Urjas Energy & Power Capsule for Men by myUpchar Ayurveda

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Urjas Energy & Power Capsule for Men by myUpchar Ayurveda Information

The basic objective of Ayurveda is to identify the root causes of various issues and address them from the root. Ayurveda provides better options ffor increased energy in the body. After many years of research on weakness related issues of men, myUpchar's doctors have made 100% Ayurvedic Urjas Energy & Power Capsule.

Ayurveda describes 8 branches, one of which is Vajikarana Tantra. Vajikarana mentions ingredients such as Gokshura, Shilajit, Safed Musli, etc. 8 Such Vajikarana herbs are used in the formulation of Urjas Energy & Power Capsule. Some herbs grow naturally in the Himalayan rocks, while some are grown through organic farming. To maintain their purity, they are extracted from the fields manually instead of using machines. Additionally, traditional Ayurvedic methods are employed to prepare products by extracting the essence of these herbs. This whole process takes both patience and effort. This Ayurvedic product made from ancient scientific methods does not cause any side effects.

100% Ayurvedic Urjas Energy & Power Capsule differs entirely from other products. While other products use herbal powders, Urjas Energy & Power Capsules are prepared from their extracts. Therefore, the properties of all the herbs are contained in a small capsule. This capsule corrects the immune system, removes physical weakness, improves performance, and maintains energy for a long time.

Content: Gokshur, Shilajit, Gingseng, Safed Museli, Akarkara, Ashwagandha, Bala, Jaiphal.

Key Ingredients


Ashwagandha has aphrodisiac properties. Research has shown that the extract derived from the root of Ashwagandha is a safe and effective way to improve men's reproductive health by enhancing hormonal levels and semen quality.


Gokshura helps in increasing physical energy and also strengthens the tissues of the male organ. In addition to this, it improves the libido of both men and women.

Safed Musli

Safed Musli considers divya aushadhi, it helps to regulate hormones in men. It also boosts immunity and regulates the blood circulation in the reproductive organ of men.


Shilajit is naturally found in the rocks of the Himalayas. Shilajit contains two chemical compounds named di-benzopyrene and fulvic acid, which work to provide overall energy to the body.

Who Should Take It?

If someone has -

  • One who remains tired throughout the day.
  • Find it difficult to focus on work.
  • Have a problem with mood swings.
  • Those who are trying to build body.


  • Increases stamina, and strength.
  • Elevate testosterone hormone.
  • Increases sperm count.
  • Relaxes mind.
  • Helps to gain muscle mass.
  • Increases immunity.


Take 2 capsules in the morning after breakfast and 2 capsules after dinner with lukewarm water or milk.


For better results, take this product for at least 3 months or as directed by the doctor.

Key Points

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5/5 Rating

Rahul Gupta

With the help of this Men's Power and Energy Booster capsule, there has been a significant increase in my physical energy. Earlier, I used to feel very tired and exhausted. I couldn't focus on my work either, but after using it, my focus at work has increased.

5/5 Rating

Karan Singh

I used to always feel tired, but now it's not the case with the use of this energy and power booster capsule. These capsules have revitalized my energy levels, making me feel even more energetic than before. The result is really good. Anyone can take it.

5/5 Rating

Karan Singh

Since I started taking these power booster capsules, I have seen significant improvements in my performance. Whether at work or in the gym, I feel strong, more focused, and ready to face any challenge. Being Ayurvedic, I'm not afraid of its side effects.

5/5 Rating

Raj Singh

My energy level used to be very low during sex with my girlfriend. But since I started using the myupchar energy and power booster capsules, I don't feel such tiredness and weakness.

5/5 Rating

Vikram Singh

The energy and power booster capsule contains herbs like Gokshura, Shilajit, Ginseng, Safed Musli, Akarkara, Ashwagandha, which have also enhanced my night performance

5/5 Rating

Rohan Patel

I used to feel so tired by the time I got home in the evening that I would just fall asleep on the bed. But now, with the use of energy and power booster capsules, I feel energetic both at home and at the office. Anyone can take these capsules as they are an Ayurvedic energy booster supplement and have no side effects

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₹719 ₹799 10% OFF
Power Capsule For Men
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