Sprowt Plant Based Vitamin C with Zinc for Immunity Booster with Antioxidant Rich

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  • Seller: Doctorvahini Pvt Ltd
    • Country of Origin: India


    • Can Vitamin C with Zinc Heal Diseases?

    • Why is Sprowt Plant Based Vitamin C with Zinc good?

    • Can Vitamin C be used with Zinc for hair and nail health?

    • Does Vitamin C with Zinc Have an Effect on Heart Health?

    • Do Vitamin C and Zinc Tablets Improve Skin Tone?

    • Does Vitamin C with Zinc Have an Effect on Dental Health?

    • Are there any dangers in consuming excessive amounts of Vitamin C and Zinc?

    • Can the capsules be chewed?

    • How does zinc contribute to skin health?

    • Is this capsule suitable for children or elderly?

    • What is a Vitamin C Capsule with Zinc and what is its purpose?

    • Why is this antioxidant-rich capsule important for immunity?

    • What is the purpose of Vitamin C with Zinc as an immunity booster?

    • Is this capsule suitable for vegetarians?

    • When is the best time to take Vitamin C with Zinc Capsules?

    • How do these supplements benefit the immune system?

    • Why are vitamin C and zinc often combined in the same capsule?

    • What does zinc do in supplements?

    • What do Vitamin C and Zinc capsules help with?

    • How does Vitamin C contribute to health?

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    5/5 Rating

    Pooja Sharma

    Being a vegetarian, finding quality supplements can be challenging, but Sprowt has exceeded my expectations. My go-to choice for staying healthy

    5/5 Rating


    By using this capsule my skin complexion has improved and my dental health has also become very good. Anyway, Vitamin C is considered very good for the skin, now my skin also looks more clear.

    5/5 Rating

    Mohan Kumar

    These Vitamin C capsules are better than other Vitamin C capsules and after consuming this, I feel more energy and I am very happy

    5/5 Rating

    Sonia Gupta

    Regular consumption of this capsule has increased the glow of my skin and my immunity has also become stronger. These are very beneficial for skin and hair

    5/5 Rating

    Deepak Sharma

    My friend told me about these capsules and now I can say with confidence that these are very good capsules and everyone should take them at least once. My immunity has improved and I get fewer diseases.

    5/5 Rating

    Pooja Singh

    Taking Sprout Plant-Based Vitamin C Capsules has improved my immunity, I get less sick now and these are great capsules for everyone. Do take these.

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