Name Jia
Meaning Heart, Sweet heart
Gender Girl
Religion Hindu
Numerology 11
Length 2
Zodiac Sign Capricorn

Jia Meaning

If you are thinking of naming your child Jia, then it is important to know its meaning first. Let us tell you that Jia means Heart, Sweet heart. By naming your child Jia, you can give a new direction to his/her life. For this reason also, before naming the child, its meaning should be known. It is also said in the Vedas that before giving Jia to the child, the parents should get complete information about it. It is believed that a person with the name Jia can have a glimpse of Heart, Sweet heart in his nature. Further, the zodiac sign and lucky number of the name Jia or the Heart, Sweet heart of the name Jia are explained in detail.

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Jia's Lucky Number

Saturn is the ruling planet of the name Jia. Their lucky number is 8. Women with name Jia are ambitious and achieve success only through their efforts. The nature of a girl named Jia is very friendly and helpful, but in difficult times she often finds herself alone. Girls named Jia with the number 8 are practical. Women named Jia keep their minds and hearts separate. They implement the decisions taken from their mind. They are hard on the outside but soft on the inside. People with the name Jia find it difficult to express their emotions. Girls named Jia related to number 8 always want to dominate their partner in married life.

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Jia Personality

The zodiac sign of a girl named Jia is Capricorn. Girls named Jia are soft and have confidence in themselves. Not only this, hard work and honesty are also their specialties. Girls named Jia are intelligent and sensible from an early age. If the women of Jia want to shape their future then they should choose fields like education, computers, literature, and the air force. Girls named Jia do every work with determination. These are mostly good politicians. Jia's girls can adapt to any situation. She can become a good wife.

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Jia's zodiac Capricorn Names, Rashi & Horoscope

Name Meaning Religion
Jiivitha Life Hindu
Jijesh Who will win whatever he desires and decides his own future Hindu
Jijid Hindu
Jilav Hindu
Jilesh One of 108 names of the Sun God Hindu
Jill Silent lake Hindu
Jilpa Life giving Hindu
Jimesh Hindu
Jimi Supplanter Hindu
Jimish Hindu
Jimit To win others hearts Hindu
Jimuta One of 108 names of the Sun God Hindu
Jin Gold, Bright, Beautiful, Berry, Precious, Victorious, A Buddha, Another name for Vishnu Hindu
Jina To live, Lord Vishnu Hindu
Jinabhadra A Jain saint Hindu
Jinadev Lord of victory Hindu
Jinal Lord Vishnu, Kind, Loving, Good natured and intelligent Hindu
Jinansh Portion of God Hindu
Jinarshee Hindu
Jinay God Hindu
Jincy Hindu
Jindal Hindu
Jinen Hindu
Jinendra Lord of life Hindu
Jinesh Name of a Jain god, Lord of victors Hindu
Jineshwar God Hindu
Jini Variation of Jenny which is a diminutive of jane and jennifer Hindu
Jinisha God is gracious, Superior person Hindu
Jinkal Sweet voice Hindu
Jinsha Possessive Hindu
Jinshith Hindu
Jiral Spear warrior Hindu
Jisha The person having the highest feelings for living Hindu
Jishanth Person having highest feelings Hindu
Jishitha Hindu
Jishmol Hindu
Jishna Is associated to Lord Vishnu, Lord Ganesh Hindu
Jishnu Triumphant Hindu
Jishu God Hindu
Jissy Variant of Jesse God exists Hindu
Jitain Hindu
Jitakrodha Conqueror of anger Hindu
Jital Winner Hindu
Jitamitra Vanquisher of foes Hindu
Jitarth Hindu
Jitavarashaye Conqueror of the ocean Hindu
Jiten Hindu
Jitendra Lord of conquerors, One who can conquer Lord Indra Hindu
Jitendriya Controller of the senses Hindu
Jitesh God of victory, Winner Hindu