Name Mahashri
Meaning Goddess Lakshmi, Name of a buddhist Goddess, An epithet of Lakshmi
Gender Girl
Religion Hindu
Numerology 5
Length 3.5
Zodiac Sign Leo

Mahashri Meaning

If you are thinking of naming your child Mahashri, then it is important to know its meaning first. Let us tell you that Mahashri means Goddess Lakshmi, Name of a buddhist Goddess, An epithet of Lakshmi. By naming your child Mahashri, you can give a new direction to his/her life. The name Mahashri is considered very good in the scriptures and its meaning is also liked by the people. By keeping the name Mahashri, your child also acquires the qualities that are included in its meaning. You can see the effect of the meaning of the name Mahashri in their nature. Below, the zodiac sign, lucky number, nature, and Goddess Lakshmi, Name of a buddhist Goddess, An epithet of Lakshmi of the name Mahashri are explained in detail.

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Mahashri's zodiac Leo Names, Rashi & Horoscope

Name Meaning Religion
Maalolan Name of deity in ahobilam Hindu
Maalya Worthy to be garlanded, Wealth, Mass of flowers Hindu
Maan Lecturer, Respect, Supernatural power, Lord of mind, Opinion, Devotion, Home, Pride, Respect home Hindu
Maanas Mind, Soul, Brilliant, Spiritual thought, Heart intellect, Desire, Human being, Latin Manus is translated as hand, Insight, Cheerfulness Hindu
Maanasa Conceived in the mind Hindu
Maanasi With a sound mind, A lady, Intellectual or spiritual endeavour, Another name for Saraswati Hindu
Maanav Man, Youth, Relating to Manu, Humankind, Human being, Pearl, Treasure human being Hindu
Maanavi Girl with humanity, One who poses all best qualities Hindu
Maanavika Young girl Hindu
Maandav Able administrator, Fit, Competent Hindu
Maandavi Consort of Bharat in Ramayan, Fit, Competent, Administrator Hindu
Maandavik Belonging to people, Administrator Hindu
Maandhan Rich in honour, Honourable Hindu
Maandhar Honourable Hindu
Maandhari Honourable Hindu
Maanhitha Together, Conversation with God, Honored Hindu
Maanik Ruby, Valued, Honoured, Gem Hindu
Maanika Of jewels, Ruby Hindu
Maanikya Ruby Hindu
Maanini Lady, Nobel, Women, Self respected Hindu
Maansi Intellectual or spiritual endeavour, Another name for Goddess Saraswati Hindu
Maansik Intellectual, Fanciful, Psychic Hindu
Maanushi Woman, Goddess Laxmi, Kind Hindu
Maanvi Girl with humanity, One who poses all best qualities Hindu
Maanvir Brave heart Hindu
Maanya The quiet one, Worthy of honor, Respected, Honourable Hindu
Maanyasri Hindu
Maanyata Principles, Assumption Hindu
Maargin Guide, Pioneer Hindu
Maargit Pearl, Desired, Needed Hindu
Maarish Calf star of the sea, Worthy, Respectable Hindu
Maarisha Worthy, Respectable Hindu
Maarmik Intelligent, Influential, Insightful, Perceptive Hindu
Maarshak Respectable, Worthy Hindu
Maarut Air, God of the wind, Another name for Lord Vishnu, Brilliant, Breeze, The storm God, Belonging to the wind Hindu
Maatangi Goddess of Matanga, Goddess Durga Hindu
Maathar Traveller, Voyager Hindu
Maathur From or relating to Mathura Hindu
Maaya Goddess Lakshmi, Wealth, Unreality, Compassion, Sympathy, An unreal or illusory image, Name of mother of Buddha, Prakriti, Affection, An epithet of Lakshmi, Art, Wisdom, One of the nine shaktis of Vishnu Hindu
Maayan Water source, Indifferent to wealth Hindu
Maayin Creator of the universe, Creater of the Maya, Illusionary, Wily, Magician, Enchanting, Another name for Brahma, Shiva enchanting Hindu
Maccha Killer Hindu
Madan Cupid, God of Love, Man filled with beauty, Intoxicating, Pleasing, Another name for the Love God Kaama, Spring, Passion Hindu
Madanapal Lord of Love Hindu
Madanika Hindu
Madanmohan Attractive and lovable Hindu
Maderu Worthy of praise Hindu
Madesh Lord Shiva, Lord of intoxication, Name of Shiva Hindu
Madeshwaran Hindu
Madev Hindu