Name Manmathan
Meaning Kamadeva
Gender Boy
Religion Hindu
Numerology 4
Length 5
Zodiac Sign Leo

Manmathan Meaning

If you are thinking of naming your child Manmathan, then it is important to know its meaning first. Let us tell you that Manmathan means Kamadeva. Having Kamadeva is considered very good and this is also reflected in the people named Manmathan. For this reason also, before naming the child, its meaning should be known. It is also said in the Vedas that before giving Manmathan to the child, the parents should get complete information about it. It is believed that if your name is Manmathan and its meaning is Kamadeva, then it also has a deep impact on the personality of the person. Further, the zodiac sign of the name Manmathan, the lucky number of Manmathan, and the Kamadeva of this name are briefly explained.

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Manmathan's zodiac Leo Names, Rashi & Horoscope

Name Meaning Religion
Manitha Together, Conversation with God, Honored Hindu
Maniv Anvi Hindu
Maniya A glass bead Hindu
Manjari A bunch Hindu
Manjav Swift as thought Hindu
Manjeera Musical instrument, Ankle bells, Anklet Hindu
Manjeet Conqueror of the mind, Conqueror of knowledge Hindu
Manjima Beauty Hindu
Manjira Musical instrument, Ankle bells, Anklet Hindu
Manjiri Small flower of common Basil, Holy Basil in india Indian Goddess of romance i.e.. Consort of Madan God of romance Hindu
Manjistha Extremely Hindu
Manju Snow, Pleasant, Beautiful Hindu
Manjubala A sweet girl Hindu
Manjughosh Sweet sounding recitation Hindu
Manjul Handsome Hindu
Manjula Melodious, Beautiful, Likeable, A Spring Hindu
Manjulika A sweet girl, Beautiful, Likeable Hindu
Manjunath Snow, Dewdrops, Beautiful Hindu
Manjunatha Lord Shiva, Name of Shiva, Lord of beauty, Charm, Pleasantness Hindu
Manjusha A box Hindu
Manjushree Goddess Lakshmi, Divine beauty, Name for Lakshmi Hindu
Manjushri Sweet luster, Goddess Saraswati Hindu
Manjusree Goddess Lakshmi, Divine beauty, Name for Lakshmi Hindu
Manjusri Sweet luster, Goddess Saraswati Hindu
Manjyot Light of the mind Hindu
Mankan A part of the mind Hindu
Manksh Longing, Desire Hindu
Mankur That which reflect the mind, Amirror Hindu
Manmada Any time young Hindu
Manmatha Cupid Hindu
Manmathan Kamadeva Hindu
Manmayi Sri Radha Hindu
Manmohan Pleasing, Lord Krishna Hindu
Mann Lecturer, Respect, Supernatural power, Lord of mind, Opinion, Devotion, Home, Pride, Respect home Hindu
Mannan Meditate, Thinking, Thought Hindu
Mannath A vow to a deity, Wish Hindu
Mannith Honored, Chosen Hindu
Manobhaav Attitude Hindu
Manogna Beauty Hindu
Manohar One who wins over mind, Loveble, Charming, Another name for Lord Krishna Hindu
Manohara One who wins over mind, Loveble, Charming, Another name for Lord Krishna, An Apsara or celestial nymph Hindu
Manoharan Lord Murugan, Pleasing to mind, Name of a Raaga, Heart ravishing, Captivating, Attractive, Charming, A kind of Jasmine, Name of Krishna or Vishnu Hindu
Manohari Beauty, Loveble, Jasmine, An Apsara Hindu
Manoj Love, Originating in the mind, Born of mind Hindu
Manojavam Lord Hanuman, Speed like wind Hindu
Manojavaya Lord Hanuman, Speed like wind Hindu
Manojna Beautiful, Pleasant, Princess Hindu
Manomay Conqueror of ones heart, Winner of hearts Hindu
Manonith Carried by the mind Hindu
Manorama Attractive, Beautiful, Pleasant Hindu