Name Nimisha
Meaning Momentary, Twinkling of eye
Gender Girl
Religion Hindu
Numerology 1
Length 3
Zodiac Sign Scorpio

Nimisha Meaning

Nimisha The meaning of the name is Momentary, Twinkling of eye. If you know the meaning of Nimisha before naming your baby, it can make your baby's life better. The name Nimisha has special significance because its meaning is considered very good. Let us tell you that by naming your baby Nimisha, you can increase the positive possibilities in her life. After knowing the meaning of the name Nimisha, you can easily name your child Nimisha. It is believed that if your name is Nimisha and its meaning is Momentary, Twinkling of eye, then it also has a deep impact on the personality of the person. Read further to know the zodiac sign of the name Nimisha, what is its lucky number, and Momentary, Twinkling of eye of the name Nimisha in detail.

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Nimisha's Lucky Number

Nimisha The lord of the name is Mars and its lucky number is 9. Under the influence of Mars, girls named Nimisha with the number 9 never give up in their lives. They dare to face every difficulty boldly. Girls named Nimisha with the number 9 may face a lot of problems at the beginning of their lives, but they make life successful with the strength of their determination and hard work. Girls named Nimisha related to this number are courageous and also have leadership qualities. Women named Nimisha with this number have an angry nature and do not listen to anyone because they like to be independent. Girls named Nimisha are masters of their own will.

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Nimisha Personality

The zodiac sign of the girl named Nimisha is Scorpio. Women named Nimisha dominate others. She only thinks about herself. Girls named Nimisha maintain love relationships very well and help everyone when needed. Women whose name is Nimisha trust a person only as long as they stay with them. When they go away, their trust also ends. Getting your work done by showing anger instead of love is the art of girls named Nimisha. Scorpio women named Nimisha appear selfish to others.

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Nimisha's zodiac Scorpio Names, Rashi & Horoscope

Name Meaning Religion
Nileema A beauty by its blue reflection Hindu
Nileen Surrendered Hindu
Nilesh Lord Krishna, Moon Hindu
Nilima A beauty by its blue reflection, Blue complexioned Hindu
Nilini Perpetuator of the Kuru race Hindu
Nill Battle maiden Hindu
Nilormy Blue wave of sea Hindu
Nilotpal Blue lotus Hindu
Niloufer A celestial Hindu
Niloy Hindu
Nilsa Hindu
Nilshikha Top of the blue mountain Hindu
Nilutha Providing water Hindu
Nima Born to wealthy parents, The mother of Kabir, To adjust, To measure, Younger, Smaller Hindu
Nimal Pure, Blameless, Brilliant Hindu
Nimalan Lord Murugan name Hindu
Nimeelitha Closed Hindu
Nimesh Inside viewer, Spilt second, Transient, Another name for Vishnu Hindu
Nimeya Destiny, A known quantity, Understood Hindu
Nimi Friend of fire, Sparkling eyes Hindu
Nimish Inside viewer, Spilt second, Transient, Another name for Vishnu Hindu
Nimisha Momentary, Twinkling of eye Hindu
Nimit Destiny, Fixed, Determined Hindu
Nimita Fixed, Determined Hindu
Nimitha Fixed, Determined Hindu
Nimmi Friend of fire, Sparkling eyes Hindu
Nimmit Destiny, Fixed, Determined Hindu
Nimmy Friend of fire, Sparkling eyes Hindu
Nimphy Minor deity, Maiden, Of the Goddess Hindu
Nimrit Already decided by God) Hindu
Nina Darling, Dear, Little girl, Lovely eyed, Bejewlled, Slender Hindu
Ninaad Sound of flowing water, Gentle sound of water Hindu
Ninad Sound of flowing water, Gentle sound of water Hindu
Ninarika Misty Hindu
Nineesha Who wants every thing Hindu
Ningappa Another name of Lord mailar lingappa Hindu
Ninnit Created Hindu
Ninny Flowery.blossam, Pure, Brilliant Hindu
Ninu Invaluable Hindu
Nipa Name of a flower, One who watches over Hindu
Nipak Wise, Leader Hindu
Nipeksha Calm Hindu
Nipun Expert, Proficient, Benevolent, Talented, Clever, Perfect Hindu
Nipuna Expert, Skilled Hindu
Niqiles Lord of all Hindu
Nira Amrit or nectar or pure water, Part of God, Water, Juice, Liquor Hindu
Nirad Cloud, Given by water Hindu
Niradhara Without support, Independent Hindu
Niraimadhi Full Moon Hindu
Niraimathi Full Moon Hindu