Name Nimmy
Meaning Friend of fire, Sparkling eyes
Gender Girl
Religion Hindu
Numerology 11
Length 2.5
Zodiac Sign Scorpio

Nimmy Meaning

Most parents want to name their child Nimmy but before that, they do not try to know its meaning. Nimmy The meaning of the name is Friend of fire, Sparkling eyes. Having Friend of fire, Sparkling eyes is considered very good and this is also reflected in the people named Nimmy. Let us tell you that by naming your baby Nimmy, you can increase the positive possibilities in her life. After knowing the meaning of the name Nimmy, you can easily name your child Nimmy. It is believed that if your name is Nimmy and its meaning is Friend of fire, Sparkling eyes, then it also has a deep impact on the personality of the person. Further, the zodiac sign and lucky number of the name Nimmy or the Friend of fire, Sparkling eyes of the name Nimmy are explained in detail.

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Nimmy's Lucky Number

Nimmy The zodiac planet of the name is Mars and the lucky number is 9. Girls with the name Nimmy are full of passion. Every problem is small for them. She never accepts defeat in her life. There are ups and downs in the life of women named Nimmy but they overcome every crisis with their hard work and strong will. Women named Nimmy are full of courage. Women with the name Nimmy are angry by nature. She doesn't listen to anyone. They like to work on their terms. Girls named Nimmy do everything as per their wish.

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Nimmy Personality

The zodiac sign of the girl named Nimmy is Scorpio. Girls named Nimmy have an aggressive nature and always put pressure on others. Women of this zodiac sign always think about themselves first. Girls named Nimmy maintain love relationships very well and help everyone when needed. Girls named Nimmy show complete honesty when they are with someone. She does not trust any person unless she is nearby. Girls named Nimmy prefer to work in aggressive ways instead of talking. Those girls whose name is Nimmy are considered selfish. Although they are not like that.

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Nimmy's zodiac Scorpio Names, Rashi & Horoscope

Name Meaning Religion
Neena Darling, Dear, Little girl, Lovely eyed, Bejewlled, Slender Hindu
Neepa Name of a flower, One who watches over Hindu
Neer Water. one of the five elements of the world. it is the essence of life Hindu
Neera Amrit or nectar or pure water, Part of God, Water, Juice, Liquor Hindu
Neerad Cloud, Given by water Hindu
Neerada Cloud Hindu
Neeraga Goddess Durga, Without passion, Unattached Hindu
Neeraj Lotus flower, To illuminate, Irradiate Hindu
Neeraja Lotus flower, Zarnu, Pure, Another name for Goddess Lakshmi Hindu
Neerali Unique and different from all Hindu
Neeranjana Aarti, Name of a river, Goddess Durga, The night of the full Moon Hindu
Neerav Quiet, Calm, Without sound, Silent Hindu
Neeresh Hindu
Neerja Lotus flower, Zarnu, Pure, Another name for Goddess Lakshmi Hindu
Neeru Light Hindu
Neerudhi Fire Hindu
Neeruj Without any disease Hindu
Neesh By the ash tree, An adventurer Hindu
Neesha Night, Women, Dream Hindu
Neeshik New Hindu
Neeshika Honest, Night, Gold, Pure Hindu
Neeshlin Hindu
Neeta Well-behaved, Guided, Modest, Moral, Carried, Red, Morality Hindu
Neetal There is no ending. ne-no tal-ending, The forehead Hindu
Neethi Truth, Morality, Justice, Good behavior, Policy, Code, Conduct Hindu
Neethika Principled, Moral person, Virtuous Hindu
Neethu Beautiful Hindu
Neeti Truth, Morality, Justice, Good behavior, Policy, Code, Conduct Hindu
Neetika Principled, Moral person, Virtuous, Leader Hindu
Neetimati Name of a Raga Hindu
Neetu Beautiful Hindu
Neev Basic, Foundation Hindu
Neeva One of the 1000 names of river Narmada, The Sun Hindu
Neevetha Soft, Doing things whole heartedly Hindu
Neevishka Hindu
Neha Dew drop, Admired for look, Love, Rain, Bright one, Naughty one, Affectionate Hindu
Nehasree Love, Rain Hindu
Nehal New, Rainy, Handsome, Gratified Hindu
Neharika Dew drops, Bunches of star, Nebula Hindu
Nehasree Love, Rain Hindu
Nehasritha Hindu
Nehitha Ever living Hindu
Nehsat Hindu
Nehshal Hindu
Neil Acquirer, Earner, Blue, Sapphire, The mynah bird, Gaelic, Cloud, Passionate Hindu
Neisha Special, Lovely flower Hindu
Neity Little gift, End less Hindu
Nejal Hindu
Nek Noble person, Virtuous, Lucky Hindu
Neka Virtuous, Good, Beautiful Hindu