Name Padmaj
Meaning Lord Brahma, Bourn from lotus flower
Gender Boy
Religion Hindu
Numerology 9
Length 3.5
Zodiac Sign Virgo

Padmaj Meaning

If you are thinking of naming your child Padmaj, then it is important to know its meaning first. Let us tell you that Padmaj means Lord Brahma, Bourn from lotus flower. By naming your child Padmaj, you can give a new direction to his/her life. If you name your child Padmaj then it will be associated with the meaning of this name for the rest of her life. It is also said in the Vedas that before giving Padmaj to the child, the parents should get complete information about it. It is believed that if your name is Padmaj and its meaning is Lord Brahma, Bourn from lotus flower, then it also has a deep impact on the personality of the person. Further, the zodiac sign and lucky number of the name Padmaj or the Lord Brahma, Bourn from lotus flower of the name Padmaj are explained in detail.

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Padmaj's Lucky Number

Mercury is the ruling planet of the name Padmaj and its lucky number is 5. They lack discipline, but they do not need to make any plans to achieve success. People with the lucky number 5 like to work as per their wish and decide their own goals. People named Padmaj have amazing mental strength. They are very interesting. People with this number are always ready to gain knowledge. People named Padmaj start every work with full courage and do not hesitate at all.

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Padmaj Personality

The zodiac sign of people named Padmaj is Virgo. Virgo people do not compromise on anything. They want everything perfect. They have dual personalities and you may get to see their different colors. People named Padmaj achieve success in the fields of communication, media, blogging, music, etc. These people gradually achieve all the things they desire. People named Padmaj like to wear new styles and bright-colored clothes.

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Padmaj's zodiac Virgo Names, Rashi & Horoscope

Name Meaning Religion
Prudhvi Earth Hindu
Prushti Hindu
Prutha Daughter of earth Hindu
Pruthal Hindu
Pruthivi Earth Hindu
Pruthuraaj Hindu
Pruthvi Earth Hindu
Pruthviraj Hindu
Pruthvish King of the earth Hindu
Pubi The wind which passes through east Hindu
Puchi Hindu
Pudarjunan This name refers to Lord Shiva according to Hindu mythology Hindu
Pugal Glory, Fame Hindu
Pugalendhi Glorious, Admirable Hindu
Pughul Glory Hindu
Puja Idol worship Hindu
Pujan The ceremony of worshiping Hindu
Pujasatya Hindu
Pujeetha To be worshipped Hindu
Puji Gentle Hindu
Pujit Worshipped, Respected Hindu
Pujita Prayer, Worshipped, Respected, A Goddess Hindu
Pujitha To be worshipped Hindu
Pujya Respectable Hindu
Pukhraj Topaz Hindu
Pulaha Name of a sage Hindu
Pulak Joy, Jewel, Delight Hindu
Pulakesh Joyous Hindu
Pulakit Thrilled Hindu
Pulakitha Shivering with Joy Hindu
Pulasthya Name of a sage, An ancient name Hindu
Pulastya Name of a sage, An ancient name Hindu
Pulin Beautiful, River bank Hindu
Pulish Name of a sage Hindu
Pulkit Happy, Thrilled, Overjoyed Hindu
Pulkita Embraced Hindu
Puloma Delighted (Wife of the sage Bhrigu) Hindu
Puloman Name of a demon, Delighted Hindu
Puma Complete, Content Hindu
Pumima Night of the full Moon Hindu
Punai Achiever, Eastern, Amusicalraagini Hindu
Punam Full Moon Hindu
Punan Clear, Bright, Pure Hindu
Punarnava A star Hindu
Punarvika Star Hindu
Punasvitha Hindu
Punav Full Moon Hindu
Pundalik Lotus Hindu
Pundari Holy Hindu
Pundarik White lotus Hindu