Name Plava
Gender Girl
Religion Hindu
Numerology 7
Length 3
Zodiac Sign Virgo
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Plava's Lucky Number

Mercury is the ruling planet of the name Plava and its lucky number is 5. Girls named Plava with the number 5 are undisciplined but they become successful without any planning. Girls with name Plava belonging to number 5 make their own goals and work as per their wishes. Women named Plava with the number 5 have a very good nature and are very sharp mentally. Girls with the name Plava always have a desire to gain knowledge. Girls named Plava do not hesitate to do any new work, rather they start and finish any work with full hard work.

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Plava Personality

The zodiac sign of a woman named Plava is Virgo. Women named Plava of this zodiac sign are very organized and they want everything to be perfect. Girls/women named Plava associated with the Virgo zodiac sign have dual personalities and can behave in different ways. Girls named Plava can achieve success in the fields of communication, media, blogging, music, etc. Gradually, these girls named Plava get all the things that they desire. Women/girls named Plava like to wear different types and bright colored clothes.

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Plava's zodiac Virgo Names, Rashi & Horoscope

Name Meaning Religion
Prateep King, Shantanus father Hindu
Prateet Manifested, Confident Hindu
Prateshi Hindu
Prath Arjun, Son of the earth king, Prince, Another name of Arjun, Derived from his mothers name Pritha (Kunti) Hindu
Pratha Trend, Custom Hindu
Pratham Always first Hindu
Prathama It means, The first, Its a name of Goddess Shakti Hindu
Prathamesh Lord God, Lord Ganesh, Lord of the best Hindu
Prathameshwara First among all Hindu
Prathana Wealth Hindu
Prathap Dignity, Majesty Hindu
Prathav Hindu
Pratheesh Hope, Expectation, Pre-eminence Hindu
Prathibha Light, Keen intellect Hindu
Prathik Symbol, First word in a sentence Hindu
Prathika Image, Beautiful, Symbol, Symbolic Hindu
Prathiksha Hope, Waiting for something Hindu
Prathima Beautiful pleasant, Icon, Idol, Statue Hindu
Prathish Hope, Expectation, Pre-eminence Hindu
Prathit Manifested, Confident, Famous Hindu
Prathith Manifested, Confident Hindu
Prathitha Confident Hindu
Prathmesh Lord Ganesh, One(god who is venerated before all other gods Hindu
Prathu Name of a king with blessings of Lord Vishnu Hindu
Prathul Plenty Hindu
Prathulya Incomparable Hindu
Prathusha Saisudha, Early morning, Dawn Hindu
Prathvi Goddess Sita, Princess Hindu
Prathysha Saisudha, Early morning, Dawn Hindu
Prathyumna Victory Hindu
Prathyush Dawn, The Sun Hindu
Prathyusha Saisudha, Early morning, Dawn Hindu
Prati One who appreciates and loves music Hindu
Pratibha Light, Keen intellect Hindu
Pratibodh Knowledge Hindu
Pratichi West Hindu
Pratichii West Hindu
Pratidnya Pledge Hindu
Pratigya Pledge, Vow Hindu
Pratik Symbol, First word in a sentence Hindu
Pratika Image, Beautiful, Symbol, Symbolic Hindu
Pratikriti Hindu
Pratiksh Hindu
Pratiksha Hope, Waiting for something Hindu
Pratikshili Hindu
Pratikshya To wait, Expectation Hindu
Pratim The Sunlight Hindu
Pratima Beautiful pleasant, Icon, Idol, Statue Hindu
Pratish Hope, Expectation, Pre-eminence Hindu
Pratishtha Pre-eminence Hindu