Name Praanak
Meaning Living, Life giving
Gender Boy
Religion Hindu
Numerology 8
Length 3.5
Zodiac Sign Virgo

Praanak Meaning

Most parents want to name their child Praanak but before that, they do not try to know its meaning. Praanak The meaning of the name is Living, Life giving. The name Praanak has special significance because its meaning is considered very good. For this reason also, before naming the child, its meaning should be known. After knowing the meaning of the name Praanak, you can easily name your child Praanak. It is believed that a person with the name Praanak can have a glimpse of Living, Life giving in his nature. Further, the zodiac sign of the name Praanak, the lucky number of Praanak, and the Living, Life giving of this name are briefly explained.

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Praanak's Lucky Number

Those whose name is Praanak, their ruling planet is Mercury and their lucky number is 5. Despite being careless by nature, people named Praanak become successful without planning. People named Praanak work as per their wish. People with this number have a very good nature and are mentally very sharp. People with the name Praanak always have a desire to gain knowledge. They do not hesitate in doing or thinking anything new and whatever they have to do, they do it with full enthusiasm.

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Praanak Personality

The zodiac sign of people named Praanak is Virgo. People named Praanak like to be perfect in everything. These people are very organized in their personal life also. They have dual personalities and you may get to see their different colors. People named Praanak can be successful in fields like communication, media, blogging, and music. Whatever these people desire, they die only after achieving it. However, this process takes time for them. People named Praanak like to wear different types and bright colored clothes.

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Praanak's zodiac Virgo Names, Rashi & Horoscope

Name Meaning Religion
Pranki Hindu
Prankit Center of attraction Hindu
prannath Lord of life, Husband Hindu
Pranod Driving, Leader Hindu
Pranoti Welcome Hindu
Pranshi Goddess Lakshmi, Of great stature Hindu
Pranshu Tall, Lord Vishnu, High Hindu
Pranshul Name of Lord Shiva Hindu
Pransu Tall, Lord Vishnu, High Hindu
Pransukh Joy of life Hindu
Prantik End Hindu
Prantika End Hindu
Pranto Hindu
Pranusha Prathama Usha - first rays of the morning Sun Hindu
Pranut Praised Hindu
Pranvi Forgiveness, Goddess of life, Maa Parvati Hindu
Pranvuta Praised Hindu
Prapanjan Hindu
Praphul Flowering Hindu
Praphulla Flowering Hindu
Prapthi Achievement, Discovery, Gain, Determination Hindu
Prapti Achievement, Discovery, Gain, Determination Hindu
Prapya Achieving Hindu
Praram Start Hindu
Prarambh Hindu
Praroop Replicate Hindu
Prarthan Prayer Hindu
Prarthana Prayer Hindu
Prasad Offering to God during Pooja, Devotional offering, Purity Hindu
Prasadabhimukhi Emerging to grant boons Hindu
Prasal Winter, Cool, Calm Hindu
Prasana Rising Hindu
Prasang Union, Devotion, Affection Hindu
Prasanna Cheerful, Pleased, Happy, Pleasant Hindu
Prasannakshi Lively eyed Hindu
Prasannatman Cheerful Hindu
Prasannatmane Cheerful Hindu
Prasannjit Who has won happiness, Joy Hindu
Prasansha Happy Hindu
Prasant Calm and composed or cool Hindu
Prasanth Calm and composed or cool Hindu
Prasanthi Highest peace Hindu
Prasanya Hindu
Prasarm Pure, Clear, Brilliant, Peaceful, Pleasant Hindu
Prasata (Father of draupad) Hindu
Prasath (Father of draupad) Hindu
Praseeda Be pleased Hindu
Praseeth Origin, Starting point Hindu
Prasenjeet Champion, A king in the epics Hindu
Prasenjit Champion, A king in the epics Hindu