Name Pratish
Meaning Hope, Expectation, Pre-eminence
Gender Boy
Religion Hindu
Numerology 1
Length 3.5
Zodiac Sign Virgo

Pratish Meaning

Pratish The name is considered very beautiful. Not only this, its meaning is also very good. Let us tell you that the meaning of the name Pratish is Hope, Expectation, Pre-eminence. Having Hope, Expectation, Pre-eminence is considered very good and this is also reflected in the people named Pratish. Pratish Before naming a name, it is important to know its meaning. The name Pratish means Hope, Expectation, Pre-eminence and the effect of this meaning is also visible like the person named Pratish. It is also said in the Vedas that before giving Pratish to the child, the parents should get complete information about it. You can see the effect of the meaning of the name Pratish in their nature. Further, the zodiac sign of the name Pratish, the lucky number of Pratish, and the Hope, Expectation, Pre-eminence of this name are briefly explained.

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Pratish's Lucky Number

Mercury is the ruling planet of the name Pratish and its lucky number is 5. These people do not follow discipline and achieve success without any planning. People with the lucky number 5 like to work as per their wish and decide their own goals. People with the number 5 are interesting by nature. Their mental strength is also amazing. People with this number are always ready to gain knowledge. People named Pratish start every work with full courage and do not hesitate at all.

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Pratish Personality

The zodiac sign of people named Pratish is Virgo. People named Pratish like to be perfect in everything. These people are very organized in their personal life also. People with the Virgo zodiac sign have dual personalities and can behave in different ways. People with the name Pratish should try their luck in fields like communication, media, blogging, and music. There are more chances for them to be successful in this. Whatever people named Pratish desire, they get it gradually. People of the Virgo zodiac sign like to wear brightly colored clothes. Besides, they like new clothes very much.

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Pratish's zodiac Virgo Names, Rashi & Horoscope

Name Meaning Religion
Papamma Hindu
Papiha A sweet singing bird Hindu
Para Best, The Goddess who is above the five elements Hindu
Paraa Best, The Goddess who is above the five elements Hindu
Parabrahma The ultimate conscious being Hindu
Parabrahmana The supreme absolute truth Hindu
Parabrahmane Supreme godhead Hindu
Parag Pollen grains, Fame, Fragrant Hindu
Paraga Uplifter of the poor Hindu
Parajika A Raagini Hindu
Parakasha Bright Hindu
Parakram Strength Hindu
Parakshit Hindu
Parali Hindu
Param The best, Pre-eminent Hindu
Paramhans Sadguru Hindu
Parama The best, Knowledge of truth, Foundation Hindu
Paramaa The best, Knowledge of truth, Foundation Hindu
Paramahans Sadguru Hindu
Paramanand Supreme bliss Hindu
Paramananda Superlative Joy Hindu
Paramantra Nirakartre acceptor of ramas Mantra only Hindu
Paramapurusha The supreme Man Hindu
Paramarth Highest, Divine truth Hindu
Paramartha Highest truth, Salvation Hindu
Paramasivam Lord Shiva, Param - supreme, Highest, Most excellent, Chief, Extreme, Distinguished, Name of Vishnu + Shiva - auspicious, Propitious, Prosperous, Fortunate, Thriving, Right Hindu
Paramatma Lord of all beings Hindu
Paramatmane The supreme soul Hindu
Paramatmika Omnipresence Hindu
Paramesh Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu Hindu
Parameshvari Goddess Durga, Supreme ruler, The supreme Goddess, Name of a Raaga composed by Pandit Ravi Shankar, Name of Durga Hindu
Parameshwar Almighty Lord Hindu
Parameshwara Almighty Lord Hindu
Parameshwari Goddess Durga, Supreme ruler, The supreme Goddess, Name of a Raaga composed by Pandit Ravi Shankar, Name of Durga Hindu
Parameswari Goddess Durga, Supreme ruler, The supreme Goddess, Name of a Raaga composed by Pandit Ravi Shankar, Name of Durga (Wife of Lord Shiva) Hindu
Paramhans Sadguru Hindu
Paramhansa The supreme spirit, Supreme soul Hindu
Paramita Wisdom Hindu
Paramjeet Highest success, Supremely victorious, The perfect winner, Ultimate victorious Hindu
Paramjyothi Goddess durga.greatest splendor Hindu
Paramjyoti Goddess durga.greatest splendor Hindu
Parampurush Supreme personality Hindu
Paramvardaan Parmeshwar ka Vardaan Hindu
Paran Beauty, Glory, Ornament Hindu
Parana Pre-eminent, Best Hindu
Parandhama Lord Vishnu, She who is the ultimate resting place (Parandhama - Param - primary + dhama - abode Hindu
Paranitharan Someone who rules the world Hindu
Paranjay Varun, Lord of the sea Hindu
Parantap Conqueror, Name of Arjun Hindu
Parantapa Conqueror, Arjun Hindu