Name Suvi
Meaning Summer
Gender Girl
Religion Hindu
Numerology 8
Length 2
Zodiac Sign Aquarius

Suvi Meaning

Most parents want to name their child Suvi but before that, they do not try to know its meaning. Suvi The meaning of the name is Summer. By keeping the name Suvi, your child also starts behaving like the meaning of this name. For this reason also, before naming the child, its meaning should be known. Because of the meaning of the name, people named Suvi are very much liked in society. People with the name Suvi are exactly like the meaning of their name. Further, the zodiac sign and lucky number of the name Suvi or the Summer of the name Suvi are explained in detail.

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Suvi's Lucky Number

Girls named Suvi have the lucky number 8 and come under the planet Saturn. Girls with name Suvi are adept at saving money, hence they always have money. Girls named Suvi live on their terms. They make their own rules. Girls named Suvi love music. Girls named Suvi do not depend on others' help or luck. They reach the heights of success through their efforts. Girls named Suvi are kind but they get success in their life a little late.

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Suvi Personality

Women named Suvi belong to the Aquarius zodiac sign. Women named Suvi are self-controlled and talented. Girls with the name Suvi are very intelligent and they feel proud of their intelligence. It is not easy to understand girls named Suvi. Although girls named Suvi talk well with everyone, they make friends very carefully. Girls named Suvi help everyone. They are kind by nature.

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Suvi's zodiac Aquarius Names, Rashi & Horoscope

Name Meaning Religion
Savir Leader Hindu
Savit The Sun, Sweet Hindu
Savita The Sun, Bright Hindu
Savitashri Luster of the Sun Hindu
Savitendra The Sun Hindu
Savith The Sun, Sweet Hindu
Savitha The Sun, Bright Hindu
Savithry Another name of Saraswathi Hindu
Savitri A Ray of light, Hymn, A form of the Devi Hindu
Saviya Peace Hindu
Savya Lord Vishnu, Left hand, Southern, Reverse, Name of An aangirasa, An epithet of Vishnu Hindu
Savyasachi Another name of Arjun, Ambidextrous Hindu
Savyamoonth Savyamoonth comes from An Indian word meaning, Defender of people Hindu
Savyasachi Another name of Arjun, Ambidextrous Hindu
Savyashachee Ambidextrous while shooting Hindu
Sawan The fifth month of the Hindu year, One who offers a sacrifice to God, Rain during monsoon season Hindu
Sawant Hindu
Sawera Morning, Goddess of sound, Dawn, Early morning Hindu
Sawini Pertaining to the month of Saavan, One who prepares Soma Hindu
Say Gift Hindu
Saya Shelter, Shade, Influence, Evening, Close of day Hindu
Sayak Weapon, Kind and helpful Hindu
Sayalee It is a name of a flower. it is a white small delicate flower with nice scent Hindu
Sayali It is a name of a flower. it is a white small delicate flower with nice scent Hindu
Sayam Evening Hindu
Sayan Friend, Kind heart Hindu
Sayanika Goddess Hindu
Sayantan Brave Hindu
Sayantani Twilight Hindu
Sayanti Hindu
Sayantika Arising. the raised one Hindu
Sayantini Evening Hindu
Sayantoni Hindu
Sayee Friend Hindu
Sayeesha Shadow of God Hindu
Sayesha Shadow of God Hindu
Sayli A white colour small flower Hindu
Sayona Starting letters of 3 big priest of swaminarayan sampradai, Decorated Hindu
Sayshaa Hindu
Sayshanth Avatar of Lord Vishnu, Good peace Hindu
Sayshika Hindu
Sayukta Hindu
Sayuri Flower Hindu
Scanda Lord Murugan, Leaping, Flowing, Quicksilver, Name of Kartikeya the son of Shiva and God of war, Epithet of Shiva, The bank of a river, A clever or learned Man Hindu
Seanthan Youthful with divine qualities Hindu
Seaya Shadow Hindu
Seejoy Happy Hindu
Seema Boundary, Border Hindu
Seemanta Parting line of hair Hindu
Seemanti Parting line, A white rose Hindu