Name Taruna
Meaning Young girl, Youmg
Gender Girl
Religion Hindu
Numerology 3
Length 3
Zodiac Sign Libra

Taruna Meaning

Most parents want to name their child Taruna but before that, they do not try to know its meaning. Taruna The meaning of the name is Young girl, Youmg. By naming your child Taruna, you can give a new direction to his/her life. If you name your child Taruna then it will be associated with the meaning of this name for the rest of her life. After knowing the meaning of the name Taruna, you can easily name your child Taruna. People with the name Taruna are exactly like the meaning of their name. Read further to know the zodiac sign of the name Taruna, what is its lucky number, and Young girl, Youmg of the name Taruna in detail.

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Taruna's Lucky Number

The ruling planet of the name Taruna is Venus and the lucky number is 6. Girls named Taruna are the center of attraction. They are also very beautiful. Women named Taruna take great care of cleanliness and always perform well in the field of art. Girls named Taruna are fond of traveling. They are patient by nature. Women named Taruna with this number have a lot of money and there is no shortage of anything in their life. Girls named Taruna with the number 6 get immense love and support from their families.

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Taruna Personality

The zodiac sign of girls or women whose name is Taruna is Libra. Women whose name is Taruna lack a lot of balance in their lives because they are very selfish and always think about themselves. Girls named Taruna change their personalities according to their needs and desires. Girls named Taruna have logic for everything. She thinks more about the future. Girls named Taruna do not like to take responsibility and, hence never make decisions on their own. Their nature is also soft. It is a habit of girls named Taruna to compare their things and themselves with others.

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Taruna's zodiac Libra Names, Rashi & Horoscope

Name Meaning Religion
Roshith The perfect person Hindu
Roshitha Illuminated Hindu
Roshma Hindu
Roshna Bright Hindu
Roshni Brightness, Light, Brilliance, Law Hindu
Rossini Light, Bright Hindu
Rosy Deep pink Hindu
Rothak The Sun Hindu
Rouble Born during the rainy season, Money Hindu
Rounak Light or happiness Hindu
Rouprita Hindu
Rownak Hindu
Royina Ascending, Growing Hindu
Rua {h}goddess Parvati {m}almost perfect, Invisible Hindu
Ruaan Soft Hindu
Rubal Russian currency Hindu
Ruban Bright Hindu
Rubendran Hindu
Rubesh Hindu
Rubi Red stone, Ruby, Red, Jewel, Precious Hindu
Rubin Bright Hindu
Rubini Cute Hindu
Ruby Red stone, Ruby, Red, Jewel, Precious Hindu
Ruch Radiant, Bright, Brilliant, Good, Attractive Hindu
Rucha Vedic lyrics, Light, Brilliance, Desire, Melodious, The voice of the mynah bird Hindu
Ruchak Large, Aggriable, Goodluck, Pleasant, Melodious, Attractive, Golden Hindu
Ruchee Hobby, Luster, Beauty, Taste, Desire, Joy, Brilliance, An Apsara or celestial nymph Hindu
Rucheta Hindu
Ruchi Hobby, Luster, Beauty, Taste, Desire, Joy, Brilliance, An Apsara or celestial nymph Hindu
Ruchika Shining, Beautiful, Desirous, Brilliance, Attractive Hindu
Ruchir Beautiful, Pleasant, Brilliant, Handsome Hindu
Ruchira Beautiful, Pleasant, Brilliant Hindu
Ruchit Bright, Shining, Pleasant, Brilliant, Happy Hindu
Ruchita Splendorous, Bright, Brilliant, Happy, Pleasant Hindu
Ruchitha Splendorous, Bright, Brilliant, Happy, Pleasant Hindu
Rucira Beautiful, Tasty Hindu
Rudavi Hindu
Ruddrani Hindu
Ruder Hindu
Rudhighsa Hindu
Rudhir Rudra Hindu
Rudhira Hindu
Rudhran (Wife of Lord Shiva (Rudra)) Hindu
Rudhvi Lord Shiva Hindu
Rudr Fearsome, Name of Lord Shiva, The terrible, God of storms, Thunder and lightning Hindu
Rudra Fearsome, Name of Lord Shiva, The terrible, God of storms, Thunder and lightning Hindu
Rudrapriya Goddess Durga, Dear to Rudra, Goddess Parvati Hindu
Rudraaksh Fierce eyed, Auspicious, Fruit dried and used for making rosaries Hindu
Rudrabhiravi Goddess Durga, Rudra - crying, Roaring, Consort of Shiva, Name of a consort of Vasudev, Name of a daughter of raudrashva, Epithet of parvatee, Bhairavi - consort of Bhairav Hindu
Rudradevi Goddess Parvati, Consort of Lord Shiva, Crying Hindu