Name Tejovikas
Meaning Shine with brightness
Gender Boy
Religion Hindu
Numerology 4
Length 5
Zodiac Sign Libra

Tejovikas Meaning

If you are thinking of naming your child Tejovikas, then it is important to know its meaning first. Let us tell you that Tejovikas means Shine with brightness. Having Shine with brightness is considered very good and this is also reflected in the people named Tejovikas. If you name your child Tejovikas then it will be associated with the meaning of this name for the rest of her life. As we told you Tejovikas means Shine with brightness and you can also see the effect of this meaning in the behavior of the person named Tejovikas. It is believed that a person with the name Tejovikas can have a glimpse of Shine with brightness in his nature. Below, the zodiac sign, lucky number, nature, and Shine with brightness of the name Tejovikas are explained in detail.

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Tejovikas's Lucky Number

Tejovikas The lord of the name is Venus and the lucky number is 6. People with the number 6 are very attractive and beautiful. People named Tejovikas like cleanliness. When associated with the field of art, they perform well and become successful. People with the name Tejovikas are fond of traveling. They are patient by nature. People with this number have a lot of money and there is no shortage of anything in their life. People named Tejovikas get a lot of love and they also get full support from their family.

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Tejovikas Personality

The zodiac sign of people with the name Tejovikas is Libra. People of the Libra zodiac sign often think about their benefits, hence they remain unbalanced. People named Tejovikas change according to their needs. People named Tejovikas have logic for everything. They think more about the future. They do not like to take responsibility and, hence never make decisions on their own. Their nature is also humble. People of the Libra zodiac sign always compare themselves with others.

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Tejovikas's zodiac Libra Names, Rashi & Horoscope

Name Meaning Religion
Tarini Saviour, She who frees, She who delivers from sin, Another name for Goddess Durga, Goddess Parvati Hindu
Tarish Raft, Boat, Competent person, The ocean Hindu
Tarishi Seven stars representing seven great saints Hindu
Tarit Lightning Hindu
Tarita Goddess Durga, The fore-finger, A form of Durga Hindu
Tariyal Hindu
Tarjani The first finger Hindu
Tarjni Third finger Hindu
Tarkeshwar Lord Shiva Hindu
Tarkeshwari Goddess Parvati, The consort of Tarkeshwar Hindu
Tarla Honeybee, Nectar Hindu
Tarli A group of stars shining in the sky Hindu
Tarlika Hindu
Tarnija River Yamuna, Surya putri Yamuna Hindu
Tarok Shooting star, Lord Shiva Hindu
Taroosh Heaven, Small boat Hindu
Tarosh Heaven, Small boat Hindu
Tarpan Refreshing, Delightful, Satisfying Hindu
Tarpana Offering made to divine entities Hindu
Tarpani Satisfying, Offering oblations Hindu
Tarpini Offering oblations, Satisfying Hindu
Tarsh Wish, Thirst, Desire, Shapely, Profit, Boat, Ocean, Sun boat Hindu
Tarshit Thirsty, Desirous Hindu
Tarshita Thirsty, Desirous Hindu
Taru Tree Hindu
Tarulata A creeper Hindu
Tarulatha Creeper Hindu
Tarun Connection, Young, Youth, Ageless, Gentle Hindu
Taruna Young girl, Youmg Hindu
Tarundeep Hindu
Tarunesh Young, Youth Hindu
Taruni Young girl, Young woman Hindu
Tarunii Young girl Hindu
Tarunika Young girl Hindu
Tarunima Youth Hindu
Taruntapan Morning Sun Hindu
Tarusa Conqueror Hindu
Tarush Conqueror, Small plant, Victor Hindu
Tarushi Courges, Victory Hindu
Tarushree Goddess Hindu
Tasha Birth Hindu
Tashi Prosperity Hindu
Tashu Horse Hindu
Tashvi Composed, Charming Hindu
Tasmay Hindu
Tasmee Love Hindu
Tasya Hindu
Tataka (Demoness (rakshasi) killed by Rama; mother of Mareecha) Hindu
Tathagat The Buddha, Title of the Buddha Hindu
Tathagata The Buddha, Title of the Buddha Hindu