Name Vishv
Meaning Universe
Gender Boy
Religion Hindu
Numerology 8
Length 2.5
Zodiac Sign Taurus

Vishv Meaning

Most parents want to name their child Vishv but before that, they do not try to know its meaning. Vishv The meaning of the name is Universe. Due to Universe the name Vishv becomes very beautiful. If you name your child Vishv then it will be associated with the meaning of this name for the rest of her life. After knowing the meaning of the name Vishv, you can easily name your child Vishv. People with the name Vishv are exactly like the meaning of their name. Read further to know the zodiac sign of the name Vishv, what is its lucky number, and Universe of the name Vishv in detail.

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Vishv's Lucky Number

The ruling planet of people named Vishv is Venus and the lucky number is 6. Those whose lucky number is 6, look very beautiful. People named Vishv do not like even the slightest dirt. They are also artistic. People whose lucky number is 6, like to travel. These people are patient. People named Vishv may get a chance to go abroad in the future. They love their parents very much and get a lot of love in return.

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Vishv Personality

The zodiac sign of a person with the name Vishv is Taurus. People named Vishv love their friends and the people around them and are very honest towards their jobs and work. People with the name Vishv like to live a life without any ups and downs. People with the name Vishv associated with the Taurus sign are stubborn because they do not like change. Aries people can be trusted, have a lot of patience, and are always happy. People whose name starts with Vishv can be easily trusted.

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Vishv's zodiac Taurus Names, Rashi & Horoscope

Name Meaning Religion
Vishalaksha Wide-eyed Lord Hindu
Vishalakshi Large eyed Hindu
Vishaleaswar Hindu
Vishali Beautiful, Nymph, Creative, One who loves gossip, Talented, One who has a big heart, Name of An Indian Goddess Hindu
Vishalni Beautiful, Loveable Hindu
Vishalya Painless Hindu
Vishamp Guardian Hindu
Vishan Lord Shiva, Chief or best of a class or kind Hindu
Vishaneika Hindu
Vishank Once who has not fear shank - fear Hindu
Vishant Another name of Lord Vishnu Hindu
Vishantak Lord Shiva, Poison destroying Hindu
Vishanth Another name of Lord Vishnu Hindu
Vishaq Lord Shiva, Having spreading branches, Name of Kartikeya, A solicitor, Name of Shiva Hindu
Visharad Lord Shiva, Learned, Wise, Skilful, Famous, Confident, Bold, Name of Shiva Hindu
Visharada Name of a Raga Hindu
Vishatan Lord Vishnu, Setting free, Delivering, Name of Vishnu Hindu
Vishavam Universal Hindu
Vishaya Subject Hindu
Vishesh Special, Best Hindu
Visheta Self control having complete control on all the senses Hindu
Vishevitha Hindu
Vishika Lamp, Stars Hindu
Vishikh Arrow Hindu
Vishit Free, Released Hindu
Vishlesh Another name of Lord Shiva Hindu
Vishma Goddess Parvati, Very special Hindu
Vishnahpu Lord Vishnu, As pure as Vishnu Hindu
Vishnav Another name of Lord Vishnu Hindu
Vishnu Lord Vishnu, Root, To pervade, The preserver of the Hindu holy Trinity, Has ten incarnations including raam, Krishna and Buddha (Hindu Lord; Rama is considered as eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu) Hindu
Vishnupriya Goddess Lakshmi, The beloved of Vishnu (Wife of Lord Vishnu) Hindu
Vishnudev God Hindu
Vishnudutt Gift of Lord Vishnu Hindu
Vishnuka The true beauty belonging to niroshan Hindu
Vishnumaya Goddess Parvati, Vishnus illusion, Name of Durga, Attached to Vishnu Hindu
VishnuNarayan The Lord Vishnu Hindu
Vishnupad Lotus Hindu
Vishnupadi The river Ganga Hindu
Vishnupatni Consort of Lord Vishnu Hindu
Vishnupriya Goddess Lakshmi, The beloved of Vishnu (Wife of Lord Vishnu) Hindu
Vishnuvakshah Residing in chest of Lord Vishnu Hindu
Vishodhan Lord Vishnu, The act of purifying, Freeing from defect, One who finds own soul and self, Name of Vishnu Hindu
Vishok Happy, Without grief, Free of sorrow Hindu
Vishoka Happy, Without grief, Free of sorrow Hindu
Vishraj King of the world Hindu
Vishram Rest, Calm Hindu
Vishrant Rested, Reposed, Calm, Camposed Hindu
Vishranti Rest, Relaxation Hindu
Vishravan Another name of Kubera Hindu
Vishresh The holy Trinity Hindu