Hair helps you to enhance your personality, so people do not do anything to make hair beautiful daily. On the other hand, problems like weak and thin hair, hair fall, graying of hair and dandruff, etc. do not leave you and you must be taking opinions from people to get rid of these problems. But do you know how true and how false are the myths told by people? If not then definitely read this article. In this article, some myths related to hair are told, after knowing that you will never misbehave with your hair again.

So let us tell you the myths related to hair -

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  1. Myth - Getting a haircut every 6 weeks makes hair grow faster
  2. Myth - Washing hair every day makes hair dry
  3. Myth - Stress can cause hair loss
  4. Myth - Can hair plucking cause hair fall?
  5. Myth - Does washing hair with cold water make hair shiny?
  6. Myth - Dandruff is caused by dry scalp
  7. Myth - The more you comb your hair, the healthier it will be
  8. Myth - Plucking gray hair leads to more gray hairs
  9. Myth - Coloring hair damages hair
  10. Takeaway
Doctors for Hair myths you should stop believing

Fact - Hair grows from your scalp. Hair growth does not depend on how often you get a haircut. You have heard this myth more because regular hair trimming does not cause split ends and does not spoil the hair from below. Therefore, to keep the hair healthy, it can be trimmed between 8 to 12 weeks.

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Fact - You can wash your hair every day without any problem, just use a good conditioner to keep it healthy. Dry hair occurs when you use hot tools to style your hair, which can damage your hair.

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Fact - Excessive stress can affect your hair. This has a bad effect on your hair, but the effect does not start immediately. It takes a few months for the hair to be damaged due to stress.

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Fact - Loose braids are good for hair, but constant tight hair ties can lead to weak and damaged hair, as it increases the tension in your hair follicles and thus leads to hair breakage easily. You can tie the hair but do not keep the rubber band too tight.

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Fact - Most people or hairstylists wash their hair with cold water so that their top layer gets closed and the hair gets shone. However, there are no living cells in the hair, so it does not make any difference whether they are washed with warm or cold water. If you want to make hair shiny then use a good conditioner.

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Fact - Dandruff is usually caused by a type of yeast that thrives in an oily environment. So if you are worried that washing your hair every day can dry your scalp and lead to dandruff, then you can use a medicated shampoo and wash your hair with it.

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Fact - Combing the hair spreads the natural oils throughout the hair, but excessive combing only damages your hair. Rather, the more you comb, the more friction will be created in the hair, which can cause hair fall. Comb the hair only when needed and comb the hair comfortably.

Fact - This myth is heard because people pluck a white hair and then they see more white hairs. However, the truth is that these two things have nothing to do with each other.

Fact - It is a half-truth that hair coloring damages the hair, as it depends on the kind of chemical products and dyes you use. Apart from this, everyone's hair and scalp are different, so the results may also vary on that basis.

Here we have told some special myths related to hair, which we often hear in everyday life. So, along with these myths, we have also told their truth. Along with these myths, you also have to understand that nutritious food should be taken to make the hair strong from the roots, and doing yoga and exercise regularly is also beneficial.

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