In winter, most people are worried about their hair along dry skin because the dry air in winter makes your hair completely dry. It is challenging to manage them because winter takes away the moisture from the hair due to which the hair becomes brittle. So to keep your hair beautiful in winter, you must keep some things in mind so that you can make your hair stylish even in winter.

So let us tell you how to take care of your hair in winter -

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  1. Moisturize your hair with coconut oil in winter
  2. Control your frizzy hair in winter
  3. Make your hair shiny and smooth in winter
  4. Olive oil for healthy hair in winter
  5. Dry your hair properly after shampooing in winter
  6. Use conditioner after shampooing in winter
  7. Takeaway

During winter, the hair roots become dry and the head starts itching because there is no moisture in the cold air. Due to this, the problem of dandruff and irritation starts developing in your roots, and then gradually hair fall also starts. Most people do not know that the problem of dandruff can be cured with proper care. You just have to try this remedy daily this winter.

Material -

Method -

  • First of all, take coconut oil.
  • Now keep this mixture warm.
  • After heating, add lemon juice to it.
  • Now take this mixture on your fingers and then apply it on the roots.
  • After applying, massage the hair and then leave it for 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Now wash the hair with shampoo and then apply conditioner.

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Due to lack of moisture in winter, the skin of your scalp starts becoming dry and the hair becomes curly. Besides, hair also becomes lifeless and brittle. To take care of your hair, comb it with a wide comb so that the tangled hair gets sorted out. You can try this remedy to give moisture to your hair.

Material -

Method -

  • First of all, take honey and then apply it to the hair from head to tip.
  • Then cover the hair with a shower cap or towel and leave it for half an hour.
  • Now wash the hair with lukewarm water.
  • Honey has moisturizing properties which prevents hair from becoming lifeless and damaged.

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Woolen scarves and caps worn on the head cause your hair to become dry and damaged. To handle these, use a vented hair brush that looks like plastic and you can get it at any store or online. Do not wash your hair with hot water but wash it with lukewarm water. This way your hair's natural oil and moisture will remain intact. Also, use conditioner to keep hair soft.

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After heating 2 spoons of olive oil, apply it to the roots and massage. This oil will penetrate deep into the roots moisturize the scalp in winter and also improve blood circulation. This also prevents breakage of your hair. Apart from this, you can apply oil all over the hair so that the hair can be deeply conditioned.

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Drying your hair after washing seems to be the biggest task especially if you have long hair. But always keep this in mind, never tie wet hair. Keeping hair and scalp wet can cause problems like dandruff, breakage, and split ends.

Along with this, never wipe your hair by rubbing it with a towel. Rubbing can cause further damage to your hair. Dry the hair lightly with a towel and then dry the hair with a dryer at a cool temperature. This is the best way to dry hair. If you want to dry your hair quickly in hot temperatures, then keep in mind that your dryer should be 15 cm away from your hair.

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During winter, your hair needs the most moisture and in such a situation, conditioner takes great care of your hair. Use oil before washing hair once a week and conditioner after washing hair, this will keep your hair healthy. After applying shampoo to your hair, wash them thoroughly with water. Once the hair is washed thoroughly, apply the conditioner thoroughly from the middle to the ends of the hair.

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Pay special attention to the ends of the hair because the hair gets damaged the most at the ends. Leave the conditioner on for a few minutes and then wash them off with cool or lukewarm water. Another thing worth noting is that if you wash your hair with cold water after conditioner, it will be better because this will retain moisture in your hair and your hair will look soft and beautiful.

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