Healthy hair adds to your beauty, but due to today's food and polluted environment, many problems related to hair are arising like hair fall, premature graying, hair thinning, etc. You do not need to go deep into any information to keep hair healthy, because in this article we have given you some simple tips, and home remedies to keep hair healthy. Also, by eating the right diet, you can fulfill your dream of having healthy hair.

So let us tell you the tips, home remedies, and diet to keep hair healthy -

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To keep the hair healthy naturally, you should use these methods, it will be beneficial -

Do not tie tightly before sleeping to keep hair healthy

When you go to sleep at night, do not tie your hair tightly. Braiding tightly can make hair frizzy and dry, a braided braid can be a great option. Sleeping with your hair open can tangle it and because of this, you will have trouble untangling it in the morning. Combing the hair more often also makes the hair dry, so do not use the comb in the hair too much. If you want to make your hair healthy, do not tie it tightly throughout the day, keep it loose and take care of it daily.

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Apply conditioner the right way for healthy hair

Whenever you apply conditioner to your hair, apply it in the right way. Conditioner helps to retain moisture in the hair, but conditioner should not be applied to the scalp. So do not apply conditioner on the scalp. Starting from the middle of the length of the hair, move it to the ends of the hair. Applying conditioner to the scalp can make that area excessively oily.

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Use the right comb to keep hair healthy

Use the right comb to make hair healthy. Harsh combing strips away the natural oils from your hair, thus making your hair weak and prone to breakage. Use paddle brushes to straighten hair. This brush massages the scalp and leaves the hair naturally soft. Bristle brushes are great for those with thin hair. It detangles the hair well and distributes the natural oils throughout the hair. You can also use this comb for wet hair.

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Massage is the way to keep hair healthy

You can massage with Vitamin E oil to make hair healthy. For massaging, first, take a bowl and then cut 7 to 8 capsules of Vitamin E oil and extract the oil from it. Now apply Vitamin E oil before shampooing the hair. Vitamin E oil helps in increasing circulation in the scalp and makes the hair healthy. Now whenever you wash your hair, massage your hair with oil before washing. In this way, your hair will become strong, shiny, and healthy. Apart from Vitamin E oil, you can also use other essential oils like coconut oilalmond oilcastor oilolive oil, etc.

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Minimize the use of tools to keep hair healthy

If you use a blow dryer, hair straightener, or hair curler daily, stop using them from today itself. The heat from these tools takes away the moisture from the hair and thus your hair starts feeling dry and frizzy. Due to excessive heat, the shine of the hair also goes away, due to which the hair starts looking unhealthy. Before using these tools, you can talk to the hairstylist, they will tell you about their use as well as how many times they should be used according to your hair, they will give you all this information.

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Wash hair properly to keep hair healthy

To keep hair healthy, wash them properly with shampoo. To wash hair, first, wet them well, now take some amount of shampoo on your hands. Then apply the shampoo thoroughly to the scalp. Apply the shampoo to the ends of the hair, applying it to the scalp. Now massage the scalp well, but keep in mind that you do not have to rub your hair and scalp too much.

Now wash the hair with cold water and then apply conditioner. Do not apply the conditioner to the scalp and work it from the middle of the length of the hair to the ends of the hair. Now dry the hair gently with a towel, excessive rubbing can make the hair dry.

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To keep hair healthy, you have to make some changes in your diet as well, which are as follows -

Other foods to keep hair healthy

Apart from the above-mentioned foods to make hair healthy, there are other foods that you can include in your diet like eggscarrotsavocado, curd, guavasoybean, lentils, chickensweet potatomangopumpkincinnamonMushrooms, foods rich in vitamin A and proteins, etc.

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Eat whole grains for healthy hair

Whole grains are rich in biotin, as well as iron, zinc, and B vitamins. Biotin is needed for cell growth and plays an important role in the production of amino acids, which are essential for hair growth.

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Eat nuts and omega-3 fatties for healthy hair

Omega 3 fatty acid nourishes the hair and helps in making it thicker. You can include foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids in your diet. Omega 3 fatty acids are found in abundance in almonds and walnuts. Also, flaxseed helps in making hair healthy.

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Citrus fruits are a diet for healthy hair

Your body needs vitamin C to absorb iron, so you must include citrus fruits rich in vitamin C in your diet. Nutritionist advises that if you eat any sour fruit like orangelemon, or sweet lime every day, then the deficiency of Vitamin C in the body is complete. You can also make lemonade by squeezing lemon in a glass of water. Honey and sugar can also be added to make it more palatable. This way your hair will be nourished and will always be healthy.

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Eat green vegetables to keep hair healthy

Iron is an essential mineral that is known to be extremely beneficial for your hair. Due to the lack of blood in the body, the problem of hair loss can start. When iron is deficient, oxygen is in your body, and due to this, nutrients are not able to reach the hair roots and hair follicles in sufficient quantity, due to which the hair does not grow and gradually becomes weak. To keep hair healthy, eat green leafy vegetables like spinachfenugreekbroccoliamaranth, bathua, mustard greens, etc.

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To keep hair strong and healthy, you must also use these home remedies -

Use cold water to keep hair healthy

Use cold water to wash hair. Washing hair with hot water can make it damaged and dry. In this way, the problem of split ends can also start. In winter, if you do not want to wash your hair with cold water, and since hot water is also harmful to your hair, then you can use lukewarm water instead.

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Keep hair healthy by trimming

Trimming the hair does not cause split ends, so trim your hair daily. Trimming will not damage your hair and will always be healthy. If you cannot trim them daily, then definitely trim them once a month.

For the internal strength of the hair, you must take biotin tablets regularly.

Do not wash frequently to keep hair healthy

To keep the hair healthy, do not wash them with shampoo frequently. When you wash them with shampoo daily, the natural oil starts decreasing from the hair. Because of this, the shine of the hair decreases and the hair starts looking unhealthy. To make hair healthy, wash them only 2 to 3 times a week.

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To look beautiful, the hair should be long, dark, and thick. Therefore, special care needs to be taken of the hair. For this, you should use some home remedies. Along with this, there is a need to change your diet as well. By using such tips, you can improve your hair.

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