Does your hair get tangled in the wind or after washing? Are they difficult to solve? If yes, then this article is for you. Whether the hair is long or short, there is more hair fall due to tangled hair. If you want to untangle tangled hair safely, that is, without causing any harm to the hair, then follow the measures mentioned in this article. With the help of these remedies, you will always be able to sort your hair easily.

So let us tell you how to untangle matted hair and the solutions, methods, and tips to untangle matted hair -

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Let us now know in detail how to untangle tangled hair -

Oil for detangling

  • Take oil on your fingers - You can use avocado oil or coconut oil to detangle your hair. Take oil on your fingers and then run your fingers through the matted hair.
  • Use latex gloves - With the help of these gloves, your hands will slip into the hair, which will help in getting out the tangled hair easily. It is a bit difficult to untangle matted hair with bare hands. Latex gloves will save you time and also prevent hair damage.

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Detangle tangled hair with a comb

  • When you want to detangle dry hair, you can use your fingers, a wide comb, or a paddle brush.
  • To detangle the hair, divide the hair into two parts from the middle. Then divide the hair into two parts from the back part of the head. Now tie the hair divided into sections with a rubber band. This will make it easier to comb the hair. If your hair is thick or tangled, you can divide your hair into more than four parts. You can also use hair spray to detangle your hair.
  • After dividing the hair into four parts, untangle them one by one. Hold the hair that seems tangled to you and try to untangle it with your fingers. If even then the hair does not get resolved then gently open the knot in the hair with the help of a thumbnail.
  • Once you have detangled the hair with your fingers, start combing the hair with the help of a wide comb.
  • Then when the work of detangling the hair with the wide comb is finished, use a thin tooth comb.
  • When you have combed one side of the hair properly, then tie it with a hairpin. Continue detangling other hair sections in the same manner as described above.

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How to untangle wet tangled hair

  • Shampoo the hair - Just as we have told you above the method of dividing the hair into four parts, in the same way, divide the hair into four parts. Then wash the hair with shampoo in the same way.
  • Use conditioner - If your hair is dry or normal, then after washing your hair with shampoo, apply a leave-in conditioner (do not use water after applying it on your hair). If your hair is oily then apply conditioner to only two-thirds of your hair before shampooing. Then shampoo the hair.
  • Do not wipe wet hair by rubbing it with a towel - Never wipe wet hair by rubbing it. Rubbing your hair with a towel will make it dry and may even get tangled. Wipe wet hair by pressing it with a towel, this way the water in the hair will be easily absorbed by the towel. After drying the hair, start detangling the hair as per the process mentioned above.

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Here we are telling some solutions to solve tangled hair -

Use a wide comb to detangle hair

Use a wide comb made from natural materials, such as wood. This will reduce the increase in static energy (energy generated by friction of hair and comb) and your hair will always remain soft. Never use a comb on wet hair, this can increase the chances of hair getting tangled.

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Divide your hair into sections to detangle them

To detangle tangled hair, always start from the middle area of the hair and then move toward the ends of the hair. Apart from this, you can also sort your hair by dividing it into four parts.

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Detangle tangled hair with fingers

When your hair is tangled, use your fingers instead of a comb or hair brush. Run your fingers through your matted hair. In this way, you get rid of excess knots in your hair. Be careful not to apply too much force to open the knot.

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Here we are telling some special ways to detangle hair -

Apply thicker conditioner to detangle hair

To detangle your hair, use a cholesterol-based or heavy conditioner that will make the detangling process a little easier. It is advisable to detangle dry, stretchy, and oily hair naturally because after detangling wet hair, it may shrink, causing it to get tangled again after drying.

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Wash your hair by dividing it into sections

If possible, do not wash your hair with your hair loose, rather tie your hair and wash it. This way your hair will not get tangled. Washing hair after tying it is considered to be a very good natural method.

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Use satin pillowcases to prevent hair from tangling

Always use a satin pillow cover for your pillow. In this way, while you are sleeping, static energy in your hair will not increase and your hair will not get tangled. Never lay pillow covers made of cotton cloth.

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Apply conditioner or hair serum after shampooing

Always use leave-in conditioner or hair serum after shampooing your hair. Hair serum is used after toweling the hair and before combing the hair. Apart from this, applying leave-in conditioner on your hair does not make your hair dry and it also does not get tangled.

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There are some more useful tips to solve tangled hair, about which we are telling here -

Apply oil daily

Apply lukewarm oil to your hair regularly. After applying oil, tie the hair with a hot towel. In this way, the oil in your hair will reach the roots. With this remedy, your hair follicles heal and the hair also remains moisturized. Applying oil does not damage your hair and if the hair is not damaged then it will not get tangled too much.

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Use conditioner after shampoo

Keep in mind that after shampooing your hair, always apply conditioner. To get the best results, read the information written on the conditioner bottle carefully. By applying conditioner, your hair does not get tangled and also remains soft.

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Get your hair cut to untangle tangled hair

If you have bad hair then your hair may get tangled very quickly. The only cure for this is that you keep getting your hair cut from time to time. This way your hair will remain soft and will get less tangled. Also, cutting hair does not cause the problem of split ends.

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If tangled hair is not sorted out, it starts breaking. In such a situation, one has to face the problem of hair fall along with tangled hair. Besides, dirt also starts accumulating in the hair, which becomes difficult to clean. Therefore, hair should be detangled as soon as possible. Here in this article, we have told about some such remedies.

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