In today's era, due to polluted environments, irregular routines, and bad eating habits, people have started getting many types of diseases. Diabetes also is becoming the most common disease. This disease occurs due to an increase in the level of blood sugar in the body. Blood sugar or blood glucose is your main source of energy. The pancreas present in the body works to make insulin. Insulin transports glucose from food to your cells for energy.

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Sometimes your body is not able to make the right amount of insulin, which hinders its functioning. In this situation, glucose starts accumulating in your body and it does not reach the cells. After some time, when the glucose in your blood becomes high, then due to this you start having many health problems. Let us tell you that the treatment of diabetes is not available, only after adopting the habit of keeping its level normal, you can live a healthy life by reducing the effects of diabetes. To reduce the side effects of diabetes, you must know what should be the sugar level in the body and what is its normal range.

What should be the sugar level, the normal range, and the chart has been told in this article. Along with this, at which level of sugar you do not need to panic and at which level you need immediate treatment from the doctor, etc. an attempt has also been made to tell some topics.

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  1. Sugar Level - Normal Range, and Chart
  2. Which Level of Sugar is not a Concern?
  3. Takeaway

Sugar levels and charts have been divided based on patients without diabetes and diabetes -

Time of check   Blood sugar levels in people without diabetes (milligrams per deciliter: mg/dl) The level of sugar in the body of people with diabetes (milligrams per deciliter: mg/dl)
Fasting (before breakfast) less than 100 mg/dL 70-130 mg/dL
Before meals (Day or Night) less than 110 mg/dL 70-130 mg/dL
2 hrs after a meal less than 140 mg/dL less than 180 mg/dL
Bedtime less than 120 mg/dL 90 - 150 mg/dL

Some people have to face the condition of diabetes for a short time (such as having diabetes during pregnancy), during this time the sugar level in the body of women can be of low level -

Time of check Blood sugar level in mg/dL
Fasting or before breakfast 60 - 90 mg/dL
Before meals (Day or Night) 60 - 90 mg/dL
1 hour after meal 100 - 120 mg/dL

Know at what level the blood sugar is low or high before eating, which causes problems through the following chart -

Blood sugar level before meals Risk Level and Recommendations
50 mg/dL or less Very low level, in this case, go to the doctor immediately
70 - 90 mg/dL Normally a person can have this much level, in such a situation, if you feel a low sugar level, eat some sugar and see a doctor.
90 - 120 mg/dL Normal level 
120 - 160 mg/dL Medium level, see a doctor
160 - 240 mg/dL High level, adopt measures to reduce blood sugar
240 - 300 mg/dL Higher levels indicate uncontrolled diabetes, in which case medical advice should be sought.
300 mg/dL or above If the level of sugar is very high, then one should go to the doctor immediately.

Note - The level of sugar depends on various factors, as well as different health agencies related to heart health give different views on its normal level. All the sugar levels mentioned above are approximate, which may be slightly higher or lower.

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Depending on the level of diabetes, you may experience mild or severe symptoms related to it. If the sugar level is between 200 to 350 mg/dL in adults and 200 to 240 mg/dL in children, then it is considered to be a mild symptom of a high blood sugar level. There is no need to panic till this level of sugar.

On the other hand, if the sugar level is continuously more than 350 mg/dl in adults and 240 mg/dl in children, then it can be considered as moderate and severe symptoms. At this level of sugar, you should immediately consult a doctor.

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Normal blood sugar levels are essential for good health. The blood sugar levels of a normal and diabetic person can be different. In this article, we have explained in detail through the chart that the blood sugar level can be different in different circumstances. Therefore, it should be checked from time to time, so that if something goes wrong, then contact the doctor as soon as possible.

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